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Akyu's Untouched Score

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Akyu's Untouched Score
Akyuu's Untouched Score
Years active


No. of Installments

5 CDs

Parent Series

Touhou Project

Yougakudan no Rekishi ~ Akyu's Untouched Score (幺樂団の歴史 ~ Akyu's Untouched Score, lit. "History of Yougakudan") is a collection of official Touhou Project soundtracks by Team Shanghai Alice's ZUN. The music contained on the CDs is from the first 5 Touhou games on the PC-98, which used an FM-based soundchip. Every track included is enhanced - the music on the album uses an additional, sixth sound channel previously dedicated to sound effects in the games, which makes it sound more full and impactful compared to the originals. The soundtrack collection is represented by Hieda no Akyuu, who is intrigued by the history of Yougakudan - an FM Synthesis band which has long since disappeared from Gensokyo.


There are five volumes, from volume 1 up to 5. There is an additional minidisc for Perfect Memento in Strict Sense named Yougakudan. Volume 1 is Hieda no Akyuu's début in the series, and she also appears on the CD jacket on the other four volumes. Reimu Hakurei also appears on the vol.4 and 5 jacket, along with Marisa Kirisame and Mima only appearing on vol.4.






"Yougaku", music that is in danger of disappearing from today's world, the predecessor of Fantasy Music. It refers to FM Synthesis here.

Long ago in Gensokyo, there was a band that preferred to play such music, known as the "Yougakudan".
――Records of the bands' performances remained in history, thanks to a young girl.

The functions that were assigned to sound effects are now released, Gensokyo's FM soundtrack has returned to their original forms.

上海アリス幻樂団(公式HP)音楽CD紹介より From the Music CD Introduction page at Team Shanghai Alice (Official Homepage)

Background comment

This particular comment appears on the back cover of each CD.




"Yougaku" refers to a type of music that is in danger of disappearing from today's world, FM Synthesis.

Many years ago in Gensokyo, there was a band known as the Yougakudan which dearly loved FM synthesis.

Here, I shall record the history of the music the Yougakudan has left us that it forever remain in the Gensokyo Chronicle.

九代目阿礼乙女 阿求 Akyuu, the Ninth Are Maiden