Akyu's Untouched Score vol.3

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History of Yougakudan 3 ~ Akyu's Untouched Score vol.3

History of Yougakudan 3 ~ Akyu's Untouched Score vol.3 album cover


2006-12-31 (Comiket 71)





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History of Yougakudan 3 ~ Akyu's Untouched Score vol.3 (幺樂団の歴史3 Akyu's Untouched Score vol.3 Yougakudan no Rekishi 3 ~ Akyu's Untouched Score vol.3) is an official doujin album by Team Shanghai Alice released on 2006-12-31 (Comiket 71). It is the third volume of the Akyu's Untouched Score collection, presented by Hieda no Akyuu. It contains the full soundtrack from the second PC-98 game Story of Eastern Wonderland, in its arranged FM version heard in Mystic Square's music room.


  • 01. 東方封魔録 ~ 浄土曼荼羅 (03:03)
    • Eastern Demon-Sealing Record ~ Pure Land Mandala
  • 02. 博麗 ~ Eastern Wind (04:05)
    • Hakurei ~ Eastern Wind
  • 03. She's in a temper!! (02:32)
  • 04. End of Daylight (04:14)
  • 05. やみのちから (03:03)
    • Power of Darkness
  • 06. 幻夢界 (04:35)
    • World of Fantasies
  • 07. 死を賭して (02:44)
    • Bet on Death
  • 08. ひもろぎ、むらさきにもえ (03:04)
    • Himorogi, Burn in Violet
  • 09. 恋色マジック (02:14)
    • Love-Colored Magic
  • 10. 東方封魔録 ~ 幽幻乱舞 (03:34)
    • Eastern Demon-Sealing Record ~ Spectral Boisterous Dance
  • 11. Complete Darkness (04:17)
  • 12. エキストララブ (3:16)
    • Extra Love
  • 13. 戦車むすめのみるゆめ (5:04)
    • The Tank Girl's Dream
  • 14. 遠野の森 (01:33)
    • Forest of Tono
  • 15. 昔話わんだーらんど (03:03)
    • Legendary Wonderland
<Bonus Tracks>
  • 16. 博麗神社境内 (04:33)
    • Hakurei Shrine Grounds
  • 17. 陽落ちて (02:54)
    • Sunfall
  • 18. 封魔終演 (04:01)
    • Demon-Sealing Finale


Side Seal

Yougaku — music that is in danger of disappearing from today's world, here it refers to FM Synthesis.
Belonging to Akyuu, who is trying to revive ancient eastern music, the third in her nostalgia collection!
幺樂団の歴史 「東方封魔録 ~ The Story of Eastern Wonderland」 History of Yougakudan "Touhou Fumaroku ~ the Story of Eastern Wonderland"


あとがき Postscript
This is a history of Yougakudan,
from Hieda no Akyuu's collection.

This third volume is the soundtrack from Story of Eastern Wonderland. This is the first game I ever released at the Comic Market. I wonder if anyone even remembers me from around that time. I only had thirty copies, after all.

My favorite FM songs were written about the same time I wrote these, so it's full of great feeling songs.
There isn't a lot of difference between the original songs and this release; the saying
 "humans talk a lot, but don't change as much"
might have something to do with it. Well, who knows.
上海アリス幻樂団 ZUN
Team Shanghai AliceZUN
(I love FM, but I won't go back to 16 color graphics)