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Page 94-95
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The latest Modern Noh of Darkness work!
"Ningyo-yaki In Love" is published♪
面霊気・秦こころ氏は六十六のお面で構成されているが、その中の選りすぐられた四十八のお面で構成されたユニット「KKR48」が、新作の現代暗黒能楽を発表した。その名も「恋する人形焼き」。その一部始終が先日公開の運びとなった。 Ms. Hata no Kokoro, a menreiki, is composed of 66 masks. Now, KKR48[2], a group composed of 48 of those masks selected from the original 66, present their new Modern Noh of Darkness play titled Ningyo-yaki In Love[3]. The complete work was released a few days ago.
「恋する人形焼き」のストーリーは、こうだ。それぞれ個性を持ったお面たちが人間に化けて、それぞれ恋に目覚める。初めての感情に戸惑い、恥ずかしさに頬が熱を帯びていくお面たち。だが、燃え上がる恋心はお面自身をこんがりと焼き上げ、人間としての姿を維持できなくなってしまう。正体が割れて、恋人たちには破局が訪れる……。だが、お面たちに恋した男性は皆、和菓子屋の店先で人形焼きをみるたびに、お面たちのことを思い出すのだった……。 The story of Ningyo-yaki In Love is as follows: The masks, each of which has its own individual personality, transform into humans and awaken to the emotion of love. Their cheeks flush with embarrassment at this first-time feeling, and their hearts burn so hot that their masks are baked brown and can no longer maintain their human shape. When their true forms are found out, their relationships fall apart, but all of the men who were in love with the masks remember them fondly whenever they visit a shop that sells ningyo-yaki.
なんと感動的な物語だろう。これには全幻想郷が泣いた。もちろん本紙記者も泣いた。一見無表情な秦こころ氏が披露したピュアなラブストーリー。無だからこそ全てを吸収し、純粋な形で解き放てるのかもしれない。次回作にも大いに期待が持てそうだ。 What a touching story! All of Gensokyo was in tears -- this reporter included, of course. At first glance, Ms. Hata no Kokoro looks unemotional, and yet it was she who envisioned this pure love story. Maybe it is precisely because she is unemotional that she can absorb every tiny emotion and release it again in a pure form. Her next work is eagerly awaited.


  1. Kokoro's pose is a parody of "Love", the theme song of the successful TV drama in 2016, "Nigeru wa Haji da ga Yaku ni Tatsu" (lit. Escaping is a Shame but It Works). In the promotion video of the song, the distinctive dance is called "love dance" (恋ダンス).
  2. A reference to AKB48, a popular idol group in Japan. Their name is a shorthand version of Akihabara combined with their total of 48 members, and likewise, Kokoro's is shorthand for her own name and the fact that there are 48 of her masks involved.
  3. A pun on one of AKB48's songs titled "Fortune Cookie In Love." Ningyo-yaki is a popular Japanese dessert.