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Page 92-93
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A "guess the human" game has started
Tomorrow's dinner is you!
最近、香霖堂の一角で始まった遊戯が人気だ。その名も「汝は人間なりや?」。主催者は人間ではなく「狼女」の今泉影狼氏だ。この遊びは香霖堂の店主が外来人から聞きかじった内容を幻想郷流にアレンジを施したもので、まさに最新の遊戯と言えるだろう。 A game that started in a corner of Kourindou has been gaining popularity lately. Its name is "Are You a Human?", and the organizer herself is a non-human -- namely, one Ms. Kagerou Imaizumi. She took a game concept from the Outside World that the proprietor of Kourindou had heard about from a visitor from the Outside World, and created a Gensokyo-style arrangement that one could say is an entirely new game.
そして、この遊戯は新しさよりも内容の皮肉さで評判を呼んでいる。ルールはこうだ。複数人で集まった者の中から、あらかじめ妖怪に化けた「人間」役を決め、会話していくうちに誰がその「人間」なのかをあぶり出していくのだ。人間だと疑惑が持たれた者から順にみんなで食べていくという、爽快感あふれるプレイ内容となっている。 But what makes this game so popular, even more than its novelty, is its irony of concept. The rules are as follows: From a group of multiple people, a moderator is selected. The moderator selects in advance one who will play the role of a "human" who is pretending to be a youkai, and through discussion the group tries to uncover who the "human" is. Then, one by one, the players "eat" the player that is most suspected of being a human. The game feels extremely refreshing.
「暇な時に話し相手が欲しかったから香霖堂さんに相談してみたの。そしたらこの遊びを教えてくれて」 "I wanted someone to chat with in my spare time, and asked the owner of Kourindou for advice. He ended up teaching me this game as a way to chat with others."
実際にプレイしてみた者の感想では「すぐ食べられちゃって、ゲームになかなか参加できない」「食料の気持ちがちょっと分かった」「お腹がすいてきちゃった」となかなか好評だ。 We asked some people who have participated in the game for their impressions. "I was eaten straight away, so I couldn't really participate," "I gained some appreciation of what it must be like to be a food item," and "It made me feel hungry" were some positive comments.