Alternative Facts in Eastern Utopia/Article and Interview/Kogasa Tatara, Yoshika Miyako, and Seiga Kaku

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Page 106-107
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The Dread of the Urban Legend Incident!
The mystery of the "3-people photo"
これは命蓮寺を取材した際、墓場で出会った霍青娥氏に撮影をせがまれて撮った一枚だ。なお、多々良小傘氏はたまたまの通りすがりである。フィルムが勿体ないので、折角だからと一緒に被写体になってもらった。だが、このなんということのない行動がとんでもない悲劇を生んでしまった。撮影後、中央の宮古氏は既に亡くなっていたと霍氏から連絡があったのだ。そこでようやく私は気づいた! 「3人で写真に映ると中央の人物が死ぬ」という都市伝説を実践してしまったのだ! After I did my reportage in the Myouren Temple, I decided going to the temple graveyard where I met Ms. Seiga Kaku, who begged me to take a picture of her. By chance, Ms. Kogasa Tatara also happened to be there. Because it'd be a waste of good film, I asked them to take a nice group shot with everyone together. However, this insignificant action lead to a terrible disaster. After I took the picture, I was contacted by Ms. Kaku, who said that Ms. Miyako, in the center of the picture, was already dead. Then it finally hit me! The urban legend that goes: "The one in the middle of a 3-person photograph will die"[1] became real!
いまだに幻想郷を覆い、鎮静化の傾向が見えない奇妙な異変「都市伝説異変」。とても危険なので、くれぐれも皆注意してほしい。 "The Urban Legend Incident", this strange occurrence that still covers Gensokyo with no sign of appeasement is truly a dangerous one. I can only urge every dear reader to take extreme caution.


  1. The urban legend actually goes: "The one in the middle of a 3-person photograph will die early."