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Article 1[edit]

Page 38-39
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First exclusive bamboo forest scoop!

The dangerous "addictiveness" of the moon's dango
and their terrifying "side effects"!
Upon investigation, it was found
that it was known by

the alias "White Devil"!
月の都から幻想郷にやってきた兎――月の兎。その兎が搗き、永遠亭が生活費を得るために販売している「月の団子」だが、その団子に驚くべき危険性が発覚した! なんとまぶされている「きな粉」には、あろうことか多量の「砂糖」が混入されていることが、このたびの鈴仙氏への独占取材で判明したのだ! Rabbits that have come to Gensokyo from the Lunar Capital—moon rabbits. We are referring to the "moon's dango" that is pounded by those rabbits and sold by Eientei for living expenses, but in this dango, an astonishing threat has been discovered! We have found that, in the "soy flour" that is sprinkled on, a large quantity of "sugar" was being mixed in! To confirm, we have an exclusive interview with Ms. Reisen.
「私たちにとって団子を搗くのは義務だったけど、あまりみんなまじめにやろうとはしないんだよね。まあ兎たちの性格が原因っていうのもあるとおもうけど、いつしかおやつを作る感覚で搗いてて、気付いたら砂糖をかけてたわ」(鈴仙氏) "For us, pounding dango was our duty, but nobody really takes it seriously. Well, it could be a result of us rabbits' personalities, but at some point we started pounding like we were making snacks and ended up realizing we had added sugar." (Ms. Reisen)
月の都では砂糖を用いた料理が頻繁に作られているのだろうか。生死を拒絶する世界と砂糖がいまいち結びつかなかったので、もう少し深く訊いてみた。 Are meals that make use of sugar frequently made in the Lunar Capital? It didn't seem like there was any connection between sugar and a world that rejects life and death, so I decided to probe deeper.
「えーと、八意様や姫様、豊姫様や依姫様みたいに位の高い方は桃を食べるのが普通みたいだったよ。でも私たち兎の食事なんて適当なものだったよ。それに、月の都の食生活って全体的にちょっと単調なのよね。だから兎たちはこっそり砂糖を使ってたわ」(同) "Um, for people that come from high places like Lady Yagokoro and the Princess and Lady Toyohime and Lady Yorihime, I guess it was normal for them to eat peaches. But for us rabbits, what we had for meals was pretty much whatever we could get. Not to mention, the eating habits of the Lunar Capital are really a little boring. So that's why we rabbits would secretly add sugar." (same)
砂糖には恐ろしい副作用がある。まず依存性がある。ひとたび口に入れたら、次々と砂糖を求めずにいられなくなる。次に太る。撲滅したはずの肥満体になるのだ。これは実に美しくない。砂糖の依存症にはまってしまったら、もうその後はひたすら砂糖のことだけを考え続けるようになってしまうのだ。 Sugar has a terrifying side effect. First of all, it is addictive. If you put it in your mouth even once, you will not be able to go without asking for more. Second, it will make you fat. It will give you obesity, which should have been eradicated. This is definitely ugly. Once you fall into the addiction of sugar, you will be unable to think about anything but sugar from that point on.
このように数々の恐ろしい副作用をもたらすことから、外の世界では「白い悪魔」という隠語で呼ばれている。軽い気持ちで手を出してしまったら最後、もう一生砂糖なしでの生活には戻れなくなってしまうのだ。仮に一時的に砂糖を絶ったとしても、ふとした瞬間に砂糖を摂取せずにはいられなくなる「フラッシュバック」という現象の恐怖と戦い続けることになる。そうやって人生そのものを蝕んでしまうのが砂糖の恐ろしさなのだ。 For something that brings about these various terrifying side effects, it is referred to by the outside world as the "White Devil". Even casually coming into contact with sugar will end up with being unable to return to a life without it for the rest of your life. Even if you try to abstain from sugar, you will be unable to keep going without inadvertently consuming some sugar at some point, and must continue to live in fear of these occurrences known as "flashbacks". The way a life can be utterly ruined is what makes sugar so terrifying.
あまりにも危険すぎる調味料・砂糖。一時の刺激と快楽に身をゆだねぬよう、重ねて注意だ。砂糖、ダメ、ゼッタイ! Sugar: a flavoring that is just too dangerous. A warning to everyone, to not abandon your body to a temporary stimulus and pleasure. Sugar, No Good, Definitely![1]

<Features of the "Moon's Dango">

- Only freshly pounded mochi
- "Soy flour" is sprinkled on upon purchase
- Sugar is mixed in with the "soy flour"

- There is a possibility that there is some sort of drug administered in the mochi (still under investigation)
実際の「月の団子」のサンプル Sample of the "moon's dango"

Article 2[edit]

Page 40-41
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AFiEU Reisen + Tewi Article 2.jpg
Second exclusive bamboo forest scoop!
Drug seller turns out to be an immigrant!
Humans, don't lower your guard
人間の里に出入りする薬売り。効果が高いわりに安価と評判だが、彼女が永遠亭の手の者だという事実を一体どれだけの里の人間が知っているのだろう。 A drug seller has been coming and going to and from the Human Village. Her drugs are said to combine a high effectiveness with a low price -- but how many of the humans of the village are aware of the truth: that she works for Eientei!
永遠亭といえば、今は大人しくしているが過去に謎の異変「永夜異変」を引き起こしただけでなく、第二次月面戦争においても月の都側として暗躍していたと目されている一派である。彼女らは幻想郷に溶け込まず、積極的に交わることを拒否し続けている。 Regarding Eientei, while they are relatively quiet lately, in the past it not only brought about the enigmatic "Eternal Night Incident", but is also rumored to have carried out secret maneuvers during the Second Genso-Lunar War for the Lunar Capital. These women will not assimilate into Gensokyo and continue to actively refuse contact.
まず「移民」というだけで信頼できないのに、そのような怪しいやつらが販売するモノを口に入れるなんて、どうかしている。家に彼らの薬があれば、即刻捨ててお祓いを呼ぼう。次に彼女らが訪ねてきても、沈黙を以て返すべきだ。 Just the fact that they are "immigrants"[2] already tells us that they cannot be trusted, but to think that someone might put into their mouth the things sold by these suspicious characters... If you've purchased some medicine from them, it's better to throw it away immediately and call an exorcist, and if they visit you again, say nothing and turn them away.


  1. "No Good, Definitely" (ダメ、ゼッタイ!) is a slogan for anti-drug campaign, announced by Drug Abuse Prevention Center.
  2. This malicious choice of word is Donald Trump's hostile attitude to immigrants. He was elected as President of United States in 2016, the previous year before this book was released. He is also made joke for in Miko's article.