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Kourindou's Junk Restocked
Is He Conspiring with the Intruder?
小道具を扱う香霖堂の品揃えが、かつてないほどに充実している。いくつかここで紹介してみよう。 Kourindou now stocks more gadgets than ever before. Let's see if we can introduce a few of them here.
まずは文鎮。いや、店主によれば、本来の用途は別にあるらしいのだが、幻想郷では文鎮以外の使い道が無いらしい。名を「スマホ」という。次は、眼隠し。過労働で疲れた眼球を休めるためのものだという。視界を妨げるだけのものだという。視界を遮るだけのものなのに、妙に重たい。名を「VRゴーグル」という。他にも、小型犬に似た堅いぬいぐるみ「相棒」など、全体的に硬質な商品の在庫が増えているようだ。 First of all, a paperweight. Well, according to the shopkeeper, it originally had a function, but here in Gensokyo that's all it's good for. It is called a "Smartphone". Next we have an eye mask. It is supposed to relax overworked and exhausted eyes. It's said to simply block one's vision. Despite that, it's surprisingly heavy. Its known as a "VR Headset". Aside from those, there are also things like a hard plushie doll of a small dog called "Buddy" (AIBO) .[2] Overall, it seems that more and more of the goods sold here are made of hard materials.
店主のやる気の無さでも評判の同店、経営不振にあえいでいるものとばかり思われているが、仕入れの資金は何処から出ているのだろうか。店主の森近氏を直後訪ねてみた。 Despite the owner's lack of motivation, the store is somewhat famous, but it's often thought to be struggling to stay in business. That being the case, where did he get the funds necessary for adding new inventory? We decided to ask the owner, Mr. Morichika.
「最近になって外からの直接仕入れが可能になったんだよ。珍しい物が増えるってことは楽しみも増すし、マンネリも打破される。しかも仕入れ値を気にしなくていいときだ。良いことばかりさ。ただまあ、売れないというか、結局売らないんだけどね」 "Recently it's become possible for me to acquire products directly from the outside world. The more peculiar items I acquire, the more the anticipation builds too. And it breaks me out of my rut. Not only that, I don't even have to worry about the price. There's no downside. Well, other than the fact that I can't sell them. Or should I say, they're just not selling."
仕入れ値が気にならないとは、どういうことだろうか。これは引き続き調べる必要がありそうだ。 What could he mean when he says he doesn't worry about the price? It seems this matter still requires a more in-depth investigation.


  1. *Rinnosuke's pose, looking like making a cup on the spinning wheel, is a Japanese meme "rokuro". Young entrepreneurs, or people talking about exaggerated big projects, tend to make such gestures during their explanation to get investments.
  2. "Aibou" (brother/buddy. 相棒) is AIBO, a pet robot manufactured by SONY. They announced that they stopped support for it in 2014, three years before the release of Alternative Facts in Eastern Utopia.