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Article 1

Page 84-85
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AFiEU Sagume Article 1.jpg
Exclusive Scoop!
is frequenting pharmaceutical facility
幻想郷随一の薬物組織、永遠亭に謎の人物が出入りしていることが判った。彼女はただ者ならぬ風格と片翼という特徴的な姿をしているが幻想郷では見た事が無い。唯の患者、という訳では無いだろう。だとすると薬物組織に関係あることは明白である。 We have learned that a mysterious character has been visiting Eientei, Gensokyo's only drug organization. She displays fashion uncommon to Gensokyo and a distinctive single-winged appearance, and has not been seen in Gensokyo before. There's surely no way this is just an ordinary patient, in which case it is clear that she has some connection to the organization.
彼女は永遠亭とどんな関わりを持っているのだろうか。永遠亭は月から逃げだした月の民がすんでいる家と言われているが、月の都の幻想郷基地であるとも噂されている。だとすると、彼女は何者なのだろうか。事と次第によっては違法薬物どころか、もっと大きな事件に繋がるスクープかも知れない。引き続き取材を続けたい。 What connection does she have to Eientei? There are rumors abound that Eientei houses Lunarians who fled from the moon or that it is a secret military base for the Lunar Capital. If either of these are true, then just what is this person? Depending on how the situation develops, it could turn out to be a scoop about illegal drugs being manufactured at Eientei, or something much bigger. We will continue to gather information.

Article 2

Page 86-87
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AFiEU Sagume Article 2.jpg
A Secret Conversation Sending The World Into Panic
Is this the "Yagokoro Incident"!?
先の人物は、やはり唯の患者などでは無かったようだ。永遠亭の内部で親密そうに密談を交わしている瞬間を激写した。とすると、謎の怪人物は月の民である可能性すら出てくる。彼女は一体幻想郷に何をもたらすのだろうか。 Indeed, it appears this character was no ordinary patient after all. Here, we captured on camera the moment she engaged in an intimate secret conversation inside Eientei. The only possibility is that this mysterious, shady character is a Lunarian. Just what could she be planning to do in Gensokyo?
永遠亭が幻想郷にとって危険な存在だと訴えてきた本誌だが、その証拠を掴んだのではないだろうか。八意永琳氏の静かなる幻想郷乗っ取り計画が動き始めている。 This magazine has warned in the past that the existence of Eientei is dangerous for Gensokyo, and now we have proof. Ms. Eirin Yagokoro's quiet plan to take over Gensokyo is now in motion.
この事を博麗の巫女にも伝えたが「はあ、ただお茶飲んで団子食べていただけでしょ?」とやる気のない態度だ。幻想郷の危機は巫女の緩みから来ていると言っても過言では無い。 We also brought the matter to the attention of the Hakurei shrine maiden, who only said "Huh? Aren't they just drinking tea and eating dango?" with apathy. It would not be an exaggeration to say that the danger Gensokyo faces stems from the attitude and sloppiness of its shrine maiden.