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Page 88-89
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Even the dango business isn't always cushy?
A fierce turf battle
先日、里の通り沿いに店を構える団子屋の激しい言い争いが目撃された。どうやら売り上げの優劣を巡って競争をしているようだ。現状では右側の鈴瑚屋が一歩リードしていた。店主が味にうるさいらしく、それが店の商品にも反映されているかららしい。一方私としては左側の清蘭屋をプッシュしていきたい。理由は特にないのだが、あえて言うと、私は常に負けている者の味方だからだ。やはり公正をモットーとする新聞記者もとい雑誌記者たるもの、弱者の側に立って物事を見る必要があるからだ。ただし味は保証しない。 In recent days, we've seen an intense quarrel between the dango stands that line the village street. Apparently, they're competing to see who can sell more. Currently, "Ringo's", on the right side, is one step ahead. Supposedly the proprietor is a picky eater, and that has an effect on her products. On the other hand, I would like to promote "Seiran's", on the left. I don't have any particular reason; if I had to say, it's because I always root for the underdog. As a newspaper journalist -- or rather, a magazine journalist -- whose motto is impartiality, I of course have to stand with the weaker side and see things from their perspective. I can't make any guarantees about the taste, though.
鈴瑚屋 三色 四文
ずんだ 四文
Best Taste
Dango Stand Three Color Dango: 4 Mon[1]
Zunda Dango: 4 Mon
清蘭屋 みたらし 四文
黒胡麻 四文
Dango Mitarashi Dango: 4 Mon
Black Sesame Dango: 4 Mon


  1. "Mon" is Japanese currency unit, which was formerly used until Edo Era.