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Page 36-37
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Stange "Smartphone Neck" Disease in Gensokyo!
Residents Advised to Beware Infection[1]

香霖堂に新製品が続々入荷中ということは既報の通りだが、商品だけでなく病気までもが、次々に幻想郷へもたらされているかもしれない。 As mentioned in our previous article, Kourindou gets new arrivals on a daily basis, but among these arrivals are not only products, but also diseases. These diseases could be spread to Gensokyo one after another.
我々の独自調査によると香霖堂の文鎮「スマホ」を使い続けると、頸椎に深刻な損傷を追ったのち、「スマホ首」を発症してしまうという。 According to our independent investigation, continuous usage of Kourindou's "Smartphone" Paperweight can lead to a serious damage to the cervical vertebrae, known as an outbreak of "Smartphone Neck".
どうやら病気自体は既に幻想郷に入り込んでしまった。その動かぬ証拠がこの写真である。このような者を見かけたら、いち早く縁を切るべきだ。可能な限り接触を持つべきではない。もしくは、自分の力に自身のある者であれば、一刻も早く始末していただければと思う。これ以上の被害者を増やさないためにも、すみやかに病原菌を断つべきだ。このままでは、もうひとつの奇病「歩きスマホ」も遠からず幻想郷にやってくるだろう。独りでに歩くというから、付喪神の新種ではないだろうか。見かけたら是非退治しよう。 It appears that the disease has already entered Gensokyo. Our picture here shows the undeniable proof. Should you ever encounter a person with such a neck, you should immediately cut off all contact with them. Avoid physical contact as much as possible. Alternatively, if you are confident in your own abilities, we hope that you can promptly take care of the issue yourself. In order to not cause any more victims, the virus must be eradicated. At this rate, Gensokyo might also soon fall victim to the "Walking Smartphone" disease.[2] As the name implies, it can likely walk on its own. Could it be a new kind of Tsukumogami? If you happen to see one, exterminate it immediately.
「スマホ首」になったと思われる赤蛮奇氏 Sekibanki: Appears to have been infected by "Smartphone Neck".


  1. In Japan "text neck" is often called as "smartphone neck".
  2. Also called "Smartphone Zombie" in the west.