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Article 1[edit]

Page 16
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A Small Challenger to White-Water Rafting!
Cheer for Shinmyoumaru's Success
夏がシーズン本場の急流下りだが、冬にも大会は開かれるのが妖怪の山流だ。このたびの大会で、惜しくも表彰台は逃したが、健闘を見せた少名針妙丸選手の活躍で大会は沸いた。 While summer is the season of white-water rafting, that didn't stop Youkai Mountain from holding a tournament this winter too. Regrettably, Shinmyoumaru Sukuna wasn't able to earn a spot on the winner's podium, but the tiny challenger showed great fighting spirit, winning her a spot in the hearts of the crowd.
ご覧の通り、少名氏は体格に恵まれているといい難い。というかハッキリ言って小さい。当然、身体が小さければそのぶん川の流れの影響を強く受ける。この差はかなり厳しい。小人族というハンデを背負って激流に身を投じる彼女の姿は感動的ですらある。 As you can see, it is difficult to say that Ms. Sukuna has been blessed with her physique. To put it bluntly, she is very small. Naturally, the less you weigh, the more you're at the mercy of the flow of the river, and here there is an extreme difference in size. The sight of the girl throwing herself into the competition despite the handicap of being an inchling was nothing less than moving.
何が彼女を急流下りに駆り立てるのか、その真意を語らぬまま会場を後にした少名氏。その小さくて大きな背中に、エールを送らずにはいられない。 I wanted to ask her what spurred her to take up white-water rafting, but Ms. Sukuna left the venue before I could question her. This reporter cannot stop cheering for the girl with such a small body, yet such a big presence.

Article 2[edit]

Page 90-91
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River Rafting Doubles Division
Shinmyoumaru's Still At It!
以前にお伝えした通り、急流下りで活躍中の少名針妙丸選手が今度はダブルスの部に出場。シングルスよりも好成績を残し、観客を大いに沸かせることとなった。 As reported earlier, Shinmyoumaru Sukuna made her debut in in the Doubles division of white-water rafting today. Her results were much better than the singles tournament, firing up the audience.
妖怪の山の激流を小舟のみで下りきる過酷な急流下りでは、体格に恵まれない針妙丸選手は他の選手より一歩も二歩も不利となる。だがダブルスの部では、その不利な部分を見事に有利へと転換! ペアを組んだわかさぎ姫選手との華麗なタッグで、初優勝を遂げた。 In the harsh conditions of trying to descend the raging rapids of Youkai Mountain with only a raft, Shinmyoumaru's unfortunate physique put her at quite the disadvantage compared to the other contestants. However, in the doubles division, this disadvantage is turned into a fantastic advantage! She achieved her first championship as a duo with the mermaid Wakasagihime.
「これって私一人でやっているのと変わらないのでは……」 "This is no different from me doing it by myself..."
わかさぎ姫選手の疑問は当然だが、ルール的には問題ない。 Wakasagihime's doubts are natural, but there's no rule against it.