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Article 1[edit]

Page 44-45
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Translation of Flag: "Humans First"
Aiming For Humans First
Is she President of the Human Village!?
一度は天下を治めたことのある者は、発言のスケールもビッグだった。普通の妖怪に言えないことを高らかに主張するその姿勢に、人間の里が大いに湧き上がっている――。 A person who once ruled over everything under Heaven is prone to making speeches on a similarly large scale. The Human Village is boiling with excitement for this person who declares, loudly and proudly, what ordinary youkai cannot say.
妖怪は勿論、人間たちの目をも釘づけにしているのが、長き眠りから覚めた聖人、豊聡耳神子(現在は仙人)だ。為政者だったころのクセなのだろうか、近頃の里の人間が直面している危機的状況について、積極的に発言を始めたのだ。 This character, who youkai and humans alike have their eyes fixed on, is Toyosatomimi no Miko (currently a hermit). Maybe it is a habit from her time as a politician, but she has started to make aggressive statements concerning the critical situation the humans of the village are currently facing.
「自分が幻想郷の為政者として選ばれないのは、組織的不正があったからだ! これからは私が大統領として人間たちをより良い未来へと導く!」 "The reason I was not elected as an official in Gensokyo is that the system is corrupt! From now on, as President, I will lead the humans to a better future!"[1]
知っての通り、人間の里に自治はあっても政治は存在しない。それが里の人間の壊滅的な不幸をもたらしているという。人間と妖怪の関係は、かつてない新たな局面を迎えている。 As you know, the Human Village is self-governing and does not have a ruling government. And that, she says, is the cause of its devastating misfortunes. The relationship between humans and youkai is approaching a new stage, completely unlike anything ever seen before.

Article 2[edit]

Page 46-47
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Sign translation: "Speech By Toyosatomimi no Miko"
The Unstopping Miko Whirlwind
大統領就任宣言の豊聡耳神子に対する賛否の渦が、大きなうねりとなって幻想郷全土を巻き込んでいる。いちいち発言が過激だが、的を射た部分があることも否定できないため刺激は強い。ここではそのいくつかを紹介しよう。 Toyosatomimi no Miko's inauguration prompted a whirlpool of debate, dragging everyone in Gensokyo into the roiling waves. Her statements are all extreme, but one cannot deny that some of them hit their mark, which makes them very provocative. Here we present a few of them.
「人間は、妖怪の不法移民に職を奪われている」 "Humans have their jobs stolen by illegal youkai immigrants."
「人間の里周囲に、高い壁を作ってやろう。そして費用は妖怪関係者持ちにさせるんだ」 "I will build a great wall on the border of the Human Village. And I'll make the people with youkai connections pay for it."
「里の外からやってくる妖怪には、ロクなのがいない。ヤツらは山のように問題を抱えて入ってくるんだ。薬物とか、病気とか、×××もいるぞ。時々はまともな奴も居るかもしれないが、そんなのはまれだ」 "The youkai coming from outside the village, they're no good. They are bringing with them a mountain of problems. Drugs, and diseases, and even XXX. And sometimes, there are good ones, but that's rare."
確かに、幻想郷が今現在直面している人間の里問題はかなり深刻だ。妖怪の干渉が長く続くと、里から長寿の人間が居なくなってしまうかも知れない。この仙人なら現状を変えてくれる、そう思わせられる者は多いのではなかろうか。 Certainly, the Human Village problem that Gensokyo now faces is serious. If the youkai meddling continues much longer, long-lived humans might disappear altogether from the village. There may be many who feel that this hermit is the one who can fix this situation.

Fact Check to Article 1[edit]

Page 132-133
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AFiEU Miko FactCheck.jpg
豊聡耳神子氏の記事は、写真は加工して無いが、写真の面白さに比べ元の取材内容が地味であったため、多少週刊誌風に脚色しようと思ったところ、記事は外の世界の週刊誌の大統領関連記事を丸パクリしてしまった。その結果、内容がほぼ創作になってしまっている。刺激的にしようという意思で魔が差してしまった。 The photo in the article about Toyosatomimi no Miko was not manipulated, but compared to the photo the original article text was unexciting, and in order to make it a bit more dramatic and "weekly magazine-like", we ripped off a weekly magazine article about the presidential election in the Outside World. As a result, the contents became almost completely invented. In our desire to make the article exciting, we gave in to temptation.
元々の取材内容はこうだ。人間に対する啓蒙活動の一環で、彼女は定期的に講演会を行っている。今回の講演会のテーマは「仙人による人間のための健康いきいき講座」だった。記事の「大統領」とは「健康大統領」のことで、豊聡耳神子の台詞の「妖怪」とは「とても甘いお菓子」のことだ。 The original text was as follows: As part of an awareness campaign directed towards humans, Toyosatomimi no Miko has been giving regular lectures. The topic of this lecture was "Healthy living for humans explained by a hermit". When the article talks about "President" it really means "Health President", and her quotes about "youkai" really referred to "very sweet sweets".
「人間の里は、妖怪の不法移民に職を奪われている」とは「人間の里は、お菓子に職を奪われている」である。他の台詞も全て、お菓子の食べ過ぎは健康に悪い。高い所において子供の手の届かない所に置こう、的な内容だったが、余りにもつまらなかったので刺激的になるように脚色しすぎて内容が変わってしまったことを反省する。 "Illegal youkai immigrants are stealing our jobs in the Human Village" was "sweets are taking over our food".[3] All her other quotes were also talking about how eating too much sweets is bad for your health. It was something like, you should store sweets in a high place where children can't reach them, but really it was just too boring. In editing the text to make it more exciting and dramatic, we regret to say that changes to the meaning were introduced.


  1. A reference to the campaign style of US President Donald J. Trump.
  2. A reference to Donald J. Trump's campaign slogan, "Make America Great Again".
  3. a pun on 職/食; Both are said as "shoku", but the first means "A job", and the second means "a meal".