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The Birth of Future Stars!
The healing "Two Girls Band" ♪
プリズムリバー楽団解散のニュースは我々を悲しませたが、明るいニュースもある。最近、天女と見まがうルックスの二人による弦楽デュオ「九十九姉妹」が密かに人気を集め始めているのだ。僭越ながら小誌より「女子二楽坊」の名を勝手に送らせて頂きたい。 Although we were all saddened by the news of the Prismriver Ensemble's disbandment, there is some good news as well. The strings duo of the "Tsukumo Sisters", whose looks could be mistaken for heavenly maidens, have started to quietly attract attention and gain popularity. Though it's presumptuous, this humble magazine would like to popularize the name "Two Girls Band"[1] we've chosen for them.
古びた琵琶の付喪神・九十九弁々(自称姉)と、九十九八橋(自称妹)。ともに自ら音を発して演奏できる程度の能力を持つ。先日開催されたライブ「九十九プラス1夜行」も好評だった。次回のライブ開催も、今から待ち遠しいところだ。 The tsukumogami of old biwa, Benben Tsukumo (self-proclaimed older sister), and Yatsuhashi Tsukumo (self-proclaimed younger sister). Both have the ability of performing by producing sounds from themselves. The live performance "Night Parade of Tsukumo Plus One"[2] held the other day was received favorably as well. We are already looking forward to their next performance.


  1. The name "Two Girls Band" comes from the Chinese instrumental band "Twelve Girls Band".
  2. Wordplay on the phrase Hyakki Yagyō, literally "night parade of one hundred demons". The literal meaning of the name 九十九 "Tsukumo" is "ninety-nine", so they can reach one hundred by adding one.