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Essay 1[edit]

Page 120-121
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幻想郷名湯百選・其の一 旧地獄直上の間欠泉
Top 100 Famous Hot Springs of Gensokyo, #1:
Geysers Above Former Hell
As a matter of fact, Gensokyo is full of hot springs of all sorts: famous springs, secret springs, strange springs, dangerous springs, etc. etc. We get coverage on each of them from different reporters. Rumors say that the first reporter even visited the outside world to report on a secret spring and so forth.
幻想郷の秘湯を探訪する、大変意義のある実地リポート。第1回目は、最も新しい温泉のひとつである旧地獄直上の間欠泉です。 Our immensely valuable on-site secret spring exploration report #1 is on one of the newest springs: geysers right above Former Hell.
旧地獄だけあって湯加減はかなり熱めの熱湯地獄並。 As expected from Former Hell, the water temperature is quite hot, an average hot hell water.
先客になんでお風呂の中で帽子を被っているの? と質問したところ「写真を撮られているから」(八雲藍氏)と笑っていました。 We asked one of the visitors: "Why are you wearing your hat in the bath?", to which she (Ms. Ran Yakumo) answered with a smile: "Because you're taking a picture of me".
Spring Properties
* Soothes stiff shoulders
* Helps body retain heat
* Promotes health
* For humans, caution when taking long baths

Essay 2[edit]

Page 126
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Aya Shameimaru's Little Secrets
The secret store that only Tengu know of
この連載でご紹介するのは、天狗たち御用達のお店です。そういったお店は天狗のテリトリー圏内に存在していることが多いので、他の妖怪や人間はほとんど見たことが無いでしょう。 In this series, we'd like to introduce stores of the Tengu society's vendors. Many such stores are within the Tengu territory, so other youkai or humans have probably never seen them before.
さて、初めての週刊誌制作という難行もようやく終わりまで辿り着きました。そこで自分へのご褒美に、訪れたのがこのお店です。ここは主に天狗が日ごろの疲れを癒す場所として親しまれているのです。 Now, the struggle to finish our first weekly magazine has finally come to an end. As a reward to myself, I am going to pay this store a visit. This store is beloved mainly by Tengu as a place to heal their daily fatigues.
温泉と勘違いする方もいるかもしれませんが、ここは旅館ではありませんし、公衆浴場でもありません。呑み屋さんです。我々にとってはこれが「一杯」でなのです。天狗は大酒飲みですから、酒器もスケールが大きいのですよ。 It may be easily mistaken as a hot spring, but this place is neither a ryokan inn nor a public bathhouse. It is a pub. For us, this is "one cup". Since Tengu are big drinkers, our drinkwares are also on a big scale.