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Page 98
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for the Needy
千年食べ飽きない桃? Peaches you won't be sick of after a thousand years?
初めましてこんにちは。お久しぶりの方は忘れたままで居て下さい。私、天人の比那名居天子と言います。天人なので普段は天界で暮らしているのですが、幻想郷の多くの方は天界がどういったところがご存知ないと思うので、その情報の珍しさを有難がってちゃんと読むと良いと思います。 Hello everyone, and nice to meet you. If it's actually "been a while" then please leave that forgotten. I am the celestial, Tenshi Hinanawi. As a celestial, naturally I live in Heaven, but I thought the people of Gensokyo needed to know more about Heaven. I hope the readers will appreciate how rare this information is and read over this carefully.
天界は基本的に全てが豊かな場所です。ただその豊かさは主に心の豊かさのほうに偏っています。こんな他人のスキャンダルばっかの雑誌になんかまるで興味がないくらい、心が豊かなんです。天人たちは心豊かで争いもなく、のんびり暮らしています。もちろん食事だってすごいです。食べる量にも困りません。何故なら天人は基本的に大変美味な桃を主食として暮らしているからです。というかみんな桃ばっか食べます。桃が美味すぎるんです。近所の爺さんなどは千年桃しか食べてないけど飽きないと言ってました。桃もすごいけど爺さんもすごいです。私は飽きました。 Heaven is fundamentally a place where everything is luxurious. However, that luxury leans heavily towards luxury of the spirit. So much so that a magazine like this that deals only in other people's scandals would not be interested in it at all. Celestials are spiritually rich, so they lead a carefree life free of conflict. Naturally, even the food is amazing. And it certainly doesn't lack in portions either. Why? Because the staple food of a celestial is amazingly delicious peaches. Or rather, everyone only eats peaches. The peaches are almost too good. An elderly man in the neighborhood once told me that he's been eating nothing but peaches for a thousand years, and he's still not tired of them. While the peaches are amazing, that man is even more amazing. 'Cause I'm already sick of them.[1]
心が豊かということは、優しいとか寛容とかいうことではありません。欲がなく、満ち足りた状態、「足る」を知っているんです。みんなどいつもこいつも足り過ぎてて、桃しか食ってません。でも私は知ってしまったです。足らないことを。料理にはもっとバリエーションがあることを。生まれてこのかた天界から出たことなかった私が、以前に軽い遊びで幻想郷を訪れてやりました。そしたら、みんな桃以外もたくさん食べてるじゃないですか。私のような高尚な者がせっかく来てやったのだからと、その時に里で食べた料理は忘れられません。天人がお寿司やお肉を食べてもいいじゃないですか。お酒は元から飲みますけど。とりあえず今は桃モッツァレラが食べたいですね。 Luxury of the spirit is not found in kindness or open-mindedness. It's found in abandoning desire and being content with your circumstances, in knowing "satisfaction".[2] Every last one of these people is way too satisfied with nothing but peaches. But I know. I know dissatisfaction. Cuisine should have more variety. Even though I'd never left heaven since the day I was born, one day I visited Gensokyo for some light entertainment. And don't the people there eat plenty of things that aren't peaches? And when someone as noble as me calls upon your town, how could I forget to try some of the local cuisine? What's wrong with a celestial eating meat or sushi? I've always drunk sake though. Anyway, now I want to eat peach mozzarella.


  1. Tenshi abruptly switches tones from polite to casual with this sentence, continuing into the next paragraph.
  2. Quotation from "Laozi" pt.1-33 — "He who is satisfied with his lot is rich". The orthodox interpretation in the original context is "the establishment must not be greedy. It leads him to dissatisfaction, and it won't make his mind satisfied or rich." But Tenshi here is making her own interpretation that our lives will be plentiful or rich when we know how different and how broad the world is.