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「文々春新報」は私、射命丸文が初めて挑戦した「週刊誌」だ。「週刊誌」とは外の世界では、ゴシップを取り扱う雑誌のことを示すという。 I, Aya Shameimaru, wrote this Bunbunharu Weekly as my first attempt at a weekly tabloid. In the outside world, a "tabloid" is a magazine that covers gossip.
とある理由で発売中止にした本であるが、個人的にはよく出来ただけに悔やまれる。雑誌見本と一緒に反省と顛末書を添えて、記録として残しておいた。 For certain reasons, the publication of this magazine had to be suspended. Personally, I feel satisfied with the quality of my work and regret this situation. This specimen volume is presented together with a self-reflection and report as a record of the project.


 Alternative Facts in Eastern Utopia   Foreword >