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Amanojaku (天邪鬼) are oni-like creatures from the Japanese folklore. Amanojaku aren't oni, but just a particularly twisted type of youkai who is able to provoke a person and instigate him to do evil deeds. They're the spirits of contradiction and perversity.

Amanojaku in Touhou Project

Amanojaku like Seija Kijin are said to think and act contrarily. It is unknown if this is a trait to all amanojaku, but Seija will like what others hate, and if she makes someone happy, she will be sad, and so on. This causes her to be disliked, but of course, being disliked only makes her happy. Even when she lost her allies as a result of her actions in Impossible Spell Card, she didn't mind. Her nature is exemplified by her ability to flip anything upside-down.

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