Analogue Reverie

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Analogue Reverie
2017 - 2018 (as Team WishMakers, tentatively); 2018 - present (as Analogue Reverie)
Analogue Reverie official website
Social Media
Analogue Reverie social media
  • WishMakers — Founder, main programmer, maintains engine (Twitter, Twitch)
  • yeashie — Co-founder, sprite artist, lead playtester (Twitter, YouTube)
  • VYCM — Musician, programmer
  • Adam — Pattern designer, programmer, playtester (Twitter)
  • PeppermintCandy — Portrait artist
  • Ramtoi — Portrait artist (Twitter)
  • TrojanHorse711 — Chiptune musician (YouTube)
  • Cepukka — Sound designer, programmer (Twitter)
  • Terraformer9x — Background artist
  • KoishiKo — Effect artist
  • Badz — Exemplary tester, resident sarcasm (Twitter)


Analogue Reverie is a doujin circle creating games in Touhou Danmakufu as well as custom engines. These games are currently exclusively Touhou fangames.

Game Productions