Ancienthood of Scarlet Devil

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Touhou Scarlet Devil Oldness ~ the Ancienthood of Scarlet Devil

Touhou Scarlet Devil Oldness ~ the Ancienthood of Scarlet Devil album cover
Portrayed: Reimu Hakurei in her PC-98 form.


2019-12-28 (Comiket 97)






Chiptune, Instrumental, Electronic

Digital distribution


Touhou Scarlet Devil Oldness ~ the Ancienthood of Scarlet Devil (東方紅魔旧 ~ the Ancienthood of Scarlet Devil Touhou Koumakyuu ~ the Ancienthood of Scarlet Devil) is a doujin album by Silent Sinner in Scarlet released on 2019-12-28 (Comiket 97). It is a remake (sometimes called "demake") of the full Embodiment of Scarlet Devil soundtrack, made with KAJA's Professional Music Driver (PMD98) toolkit[1] together with KAJA's EFFEC.FF FM-synthesized instrument definitions (mostly used by ZUN for the second through fifth Touhou Project games for the PC-9801 platform, although some EFFEC patches not attested to have been used by ZUN were also used here) and ZUN's own custom @023 FM patch (first used in Lotus Land Story for brassy sounds; together with LFO vibrato, it resembles "Zunpets"). It was recorded from a PC-98 computer equipped with a PC-9801-86 soundcard (featuring the Yamaha YM2608 soundchip, also called OPNA); effectively, this soundtrack hypothesizes what Embodiment of Scarlet Devil's soundtrack might have sounded like had ZUN, instead of migrating to Microsoft Windows and WAV-based music, kept the game in the PC-98 platform.

While the PC-98 Touhou games all included two versions of their soundtracks, one each for the PC-9801-26K (SpeakBoard, equipped with Yamaha YM2203/OPN) and PC-9801-86 soundboards, Ancienthood of Scarlet Devil only utilizes the latter. Some tracks were arranged with some degree of backwards compatibility for the channel-limited OPN soundchip such that, when played from PC-9801-26K, they sound like they were arranged for OPN rather than OPNA. The original PMD98 .M files (technically renamed .M2 files) can be downloaded as part of the album download; unlike HertzDevil's PC-98 Perfect Cherry Blossom (a remake of Perfect Cherry Blossom's soundtrack of the same nature), no Music Macro Language (.MML) source files are provided. (By comparison, chair's 幺樂団による 東方紺珠外伝 –an Akyu's Untouched Score-style remake of Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom's OST– includes neither M/M2 files nor MML sources.)[2]


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