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Antinomy of Common Flowers/Spell Cards

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This is a list of spell cards used by playable characters and in the story mode of Antinomy of Common Flowers.

  • Spell Cards are powerful attacks, much like super moves in fighting games. There are two spell card gauges which represent the Master's and Slave's spell cards and fill from left to right starting with the Master's. Declaring the spell cards and using the Master's spell card can be done by pressing B and C simultaneously. To follow up and chain your Slave's spell card you must press 6 (forward) and the Assist key during the time the Master's spell card is being used.
  • Last Word is the most powerful attack every character has. In order to use them, the spell gauge for both mater and slave must be full, and the slave meter must be full. It can be activated by pressing the Assist and Special keys simultaneously.

Each character page contains a character's Spell Cards.