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Antinomy of Common Flowers/Story

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General Story

Reimu & Kasen's Scenario

Some time after the encounter with Reisen Reimu Hakurei wants to know what exactly has happened and who has spread the rumour about the act known as perfect possession. With no other way to find the perpetrators other than using perfect possession herself, she teams up with Kasen Ibaraki as her slave.

First Marisa Kirisame comes to visit the Hakurei Shrine asking for a quick match. Reimu and Kasen see this as the perfect opportunity to test perfect possession. While only heard of it has a rumour, she accepts challenge. However, without her knowing, Marisa was already perfect possessed by Koishi Komeiji, who herself also is confused. After Marisa's and Koishi's defeat, Reimu and Kasen head to the Bamboo Forest of the Lost looking for more answers.

Marisa & Koishi's Scenario

Nitori & Kokoro's Scenario

Mamizou & Mokou's Scenario

Miko & Hijiri's Scenario

Futo & Ichirin's Scenario

Reisen & Doremy's Scenario

Sumireko & Doremy's Scenario

Tenshi & Shinmyoumaru's Scenario

Yukari & Reimu's Scenario

Joon & Shion's Scenario


Reimu & Kasen's Ending

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Marisa & Koishi's Ending

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Nitori & Kokoro's Ending

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Mamizou & Mokou's Ending

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Miko & Hijiri's Ending

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Futo & Ichirin's Ending

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Reisen & Doremy's Ending

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After the events of their route, Reisen is confronted by an upset Kaguya who shows Reisen an article in the tengu newspaper about how she went on a "rampage" through Gensokyo, disturbing the residents of the Myouren Temple and Hall of Dreams' Great Mausoleum. Not realizing it had been "dream" Reisen who had committed the acts, Kaguya places the "real" Reisen under house arrest for her "bad behaviour."

Reisen, not satisfied with being punished for a crime she didn't remember committing, sneaks out and meets up with Fujiwara no Mokou, who seems surprised Reisen isn't as bold as she seemingly was before when they fought. Mokou reveals that the Reisen she fought (dream Reisen) was accompanied by Doremy Sweet, leading Reisen to question Doremi's motives, having remembered her from the events of Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom.

Sumireko & Doremy's Ending

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Tenshi & Shinmyoumaru's Ending

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Yukari & Reimu's Ending

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Joon & Shion's Ending

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