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Autocatalysis of Unrecognizable Katzenjammer

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東方神妙災 (とうほうしんみょうさい)
Autocatalysis of Unrecognizable Katzenjammer





v1.00a: October 10, 2021
v1.01a, v1.02a, v1.03a: October 11, 2021
v1.04a: October 14, 2021
v1.05a: October 15, 2021


Vertical Danmaku Shooting Game


Single-player puzzle Danmaku shooting Game


Windows 7 and onward
DirectX9.0c and onward

Touhou Shinmyousai(Mysterious Calamity) ~ Autocatalysis of Unrecognizable Katzenjammer (東方神妙災 ~ Autocatalysis of Unrecognizable Katzenjammer) is a vertical danmaku shooting fangame developed and published by Ryann1908, developer of games such as Unstable and Unimaginable Power and Champaign of Unfinished Dreams. The full version was released on October 10, 2021. It was originally developed for the Bullet Hell Artistry 4 event in Bullet Hell Engines — a Discord server dedicated to the discussion and development of bullet hell games/engines —, a danmaku contest with the theme of the 4th edition being "create a script featuring your own self-insert, your own OC or an OC of someone you know" before branching out to become a more fully-fledged fangame.


The gameplay of the game features Sanae Kochiya as the protagonist and derives directly from that of Impossible Spell Card — a progressively unlockable act/scene scheme with bring-along items — alongside other components, such as the Quest system and the game's currency mechanic, of which by completing scenes or conquering objectives the player is given Miracle Points, of which they then are able to buy new items in the Shop to be used in the scenes.

Item list and description.  
Item image Item price (MP) Item name Item description Item use
AoUKTrailing Snake.png XX Trailing Snake (available by default) A casually default and handy power of Sanae. With this magical, effervescent, trailing snake, no enemy will miss its path and a nasty bite will surely occur. That is, as long as you are below said enemy. Weak, but gives you a nice cover area. As a passive item, it will be active at all times. Snakes will come out of a Sanae option and will travel upwards until it encounters a valid enemy, which then it will curve towards them and deal low damage. Useful for attacks where you move a lot.
AoUKOmikuji Dice.png XX Omikuji Dice (available by default) An unstable piece of miracle. With the miraculous powers of Sanae Kochiya, spawning an omikuji will surely bring you fathom to its outcome - will it be satisfying, or will it be... disastrous? You have 3 available omikuji once the scene starts. Press X to discharge the omikuji. Three things can happen at random: You give heavy damage to the boss, you turn the boss invincible for a few seconds, or it clears bullets.
AoUKFrog Spread.png 30 Frog Spread As the usual cobalt spread, these cute frogs will give a nice area damage at a decent firing rate. Very casual, so you can just equip this and focus on your dodging. Useful for attacks where a lot of enemies are present. Two options will be present and they'll fire angled frogs. These bounce around the walls, so don't worry a lot about them missing the target. Deals moderate damage.
AoUKTornado Repelling.png 40 Tornado Repelling With a heavy but quick strong gush of wind, Sanae is able to perfectly erase all the obstacles in front of her. With a skill this strong though, the added consequence is an annoying shaking of her grounds. How will you handle this windy beast? You have 2 available uses of this item once the scene starts. Press X to discharge the tornado, which will make its path in front of Sanae deleting the bullets it comes in contact with. It's narrow, but can help you escape tricky situations. The screen keeps shaking for a while once it's fired, though.
AoUKReawekening Miracle.png 30 Reawakening Miracle By the power of gods, Sanae will not instantly die when hit. By channeling this otherworldly power, a reawakening miracle will occur and she will be brought back to life. Just give her some time to recompose herself. This item only allows you to be hit once to then resurrect you, and when brought back to life, Sanae needs a recovery period before shooting again.
AoUKOcean Nexus.png 30 Ocean Nexus Waves of magic originate from a placed source. This nexus will then spawn a myriad of waves that deal damage to enemies. They pierce, so it's nice to get them really high and let them deal damage to the enemies. Because of their lack of stability, they rebel against you once they're done and shoot water bullets at you. You have infinite available uses of this item once the scene starts. The waves last for a given amount of time dealing damage to the enemy, and once they're over, you can place this nexus again. Watch out for water bullets whenever they're done firing, because they will kill you.
AoUKReverse Amulet.png 30 Reverse Amulet As her duty as a Shrine Maiden still persists, sometimes she just can't let go of her glorious amulets. These square helpers will aid her to aim in another direction she usually doesn't look at - her back! As a passive item, it will be active at all times. Amulets will come out of a Sanae option behind her and will travel downwards. Useful for attacks that you stay a long time at the top.
Quest list and description.  
Name Objective Description MP gain
2,500,000 Scotch Orchestration Get at least 2,500,000 score at the end of a scene It's a nice first start! Let's see how long you last~! 30
High Altitude Soldier Stay 20 seconds in total on a scene above Y 150 There is no point of collection in this game, my friend. 15
Natural Speedkiller Clear a scene in under 10 seconds Was it luck, or did you get a blessed strategy to end this conundrum? 20
Thrill Master Accumulate 500 graze on a scene Living your life on this risk, just to get a few miracle points? Well, I don't blame you, you probably need them. 10
Unfriendly Fire Defeat a scene without hitting the boss with your main shot You're sneaky! Such a skill definitely deserves some cool points! Though, why exactly would Sanae be avoiding to do that... 20


  • The following text is the game's prologue:

The Moriya Shrine.

Following the retrograde of the cards incident, Sanae couldn't help but notice something else was at play too. As the beautiful, blossoming explosion in the sky unveiled that its charm was actually maleficent - in her eyes -, Sanae sets out to investigate what sort of unknown fragments were those that scattered around Gensokyo. Guided by Kanako and Suwako, she seeks those who have been in contact with this miraculous jewel to try and retrieve those curious artifacts, while also trying to identify who could possibly be the perpetrator of this newborn incident.

Unbeknownst to her, other people were also trying to take advantage of these strange powers contained inside the fragments. What would it be of Gensokyo if this chaos isn't contained in time? It seems like it's up to the Moriya Shrine shrine maiden to uncover the truth behind all of this...


Autocatalysis of Unrecognizable Katzenjammer features 7 music tracks, some composed by BrownCake and ElianTempest, while other borrowed songs being from Misora/深蒼穹, Gondayu/権太夫, and ISMTUD.

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