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BABy,LoLLiPoP album cover
Cover Art: Cirno

Album by pikapika

2013-05-26 (Reitaisai 10)






Vocal, Pop, Rock



Promotional videos from BABy,LoLLiPoP

BABy,LoLLiPoP banner.jpg

BABy,LoLLiPoP is a doujin album by pikapika released on 2013-05-26 (Reitaisai 10). It features vocal arrangements of themes from Embodiment of Scarlet Devil, Perfect Cherry Blossom, Imperishable Night, Phantasmagoria of Flower View, Mountain of Faith, Scarlet Weather Rhapsody, Subterranean Animism, Undefined Fantastic Object and Ten Desires.


ぶるっくりん (ぶるっくりん☆すてーしょん)
レン (merinorsh)
都屋 (Vorne Schwore)
シンゴ (マッカチン企画)
すぺらんかー (Siestail)
るぅなん (Lunatic Locus)
エリぼん (銀河ドロップス)
一条あかり (ちょこばにら。)
あ~兄 (チームツナギ)
Lyrics & Vocals
nanahamu (ぐらんぷりえ。)
Promotional Video
糸麦くん (そんな感じで平安京)
Bass (Track 09)
冷水リース (Flip Air Sound)
あ~兄 (チームツナギ)


Hika Album Comments

 The theme of this album is "pop and cute." So, even though the songs are all high-spirited, they're cute.
Since a lot of people helped me out, the shouts in "Happy Ice Cream!!" ended up being really lively. Thanks everyone!
There's a game(?) where, if you say the same thing at the same time, the one who says "Happy Ice Cream!" first gets an ice cream from the other.
Even so, I thought up this title based on the idea that ice cream and happiness work as a set.
The lyrics are about someone who gets in a daze over their favourite things (music and live singing).
The title of "Let's play a game" comes from the character Jigsaw from the movie 'SAW', though I think there might be a more appropriate English phrase out there.
I love games, and using my vocabulary I emulated a cute, gamer Flandre.
In "may day," I guessed that Koishi's birthday is in May. It's a song about her celebrating her birthday by herself.
Tracks 7-9 are all about animals (lol). These images are what I had in mind: Momiji, the faithful dog; Chen, who you trust even though she keeps being disobedient; and Tewi, doing things forcefully with confidence in herself.
I tried to write all this album's track titles without using kanji.
"Chen Trick" is just a corrupted form of the phrase 'cheap trick'...
"tensi-on!!' has a dual meaning: 'Tenshi on' and 'tension.'
A lot of the titles contain wordplay. You've got "Rabbit Love it" and "One Chance!"[2] as well...[3]

Translation by Releska


  1. Track 03.Let's play a game would be re-recorded for the album 恋・罠・虹フランドール released in 2017.
  2. 2.0 2.1 ワンちゃんす, pronounced wan chan su literally means 'I'm a puppy!' but is pronounced as 'One chance'
  3. BABy,LoLLiPoP lyrics and comments posted on pikapika's website.