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Screenshot from BEVENTLAED.





January 14, 2011


Puzzle Game


Clear 3 UFOs of all same or all different colors. Single-player.




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BEVENTLAED is a Touhou parody flash creation originally presented by 迷走ポタージュ (, now available at Chibitami. The logo and name suggest a parody of Bejeweled, but it doesn't really play anything like that game. Featuring Sanae Kochiya and the UFOs!.


Use your mouse. Point your cursor to the UFO, hold the left mouse button, drag to the third UFO and let go. To clear them and score points, it must be three of red UFOs, three of blue UFOs, three of green UFOs, or three UFOs of all different color.

After they have been cleared, continue clearing them to score higher points as quick as you can while UFOs are being called, this will delay the call time. When call time expires, UFOs fall in, ending your chain work.

Each color UFO has unique effects. If clearing red UFOs, you increase Life (The crucial thing to watch over, it keeps the game going). If clearing blue UFOs, you get a score multiplier. If clearing green UFOs, you increase Bomb power. If clearing 3 of different colored UFOs, you increase the Call percentage (Another crucial thing. Try not to let glass UFOs take over). During chain work, you will get a higher value of increase.

Glass UFOs can only be removed by clearing colored UFOs adjacent to them, however if you see too many of these, click the Bomb button on the lower left corner to remove them all. You need at least 1.00 to use this as it consumes 1.00 of it's power. The maximum bomb power is 5.00.

Call starts at 100% and decreases continuously. The higher the call percentage, the more colored UFOs that will drop in. The lower the call percentage, the more glass UFOs that will drop in. You must keep the call percentage as high as you can to avoid getting a lot of glass UFOs. Do this by clearing UFOs of all different colors and clearing enough UFOs to level up. When leveling up, Call goes back up by 20%, however, it makes the game more difficult to play than before, because call decreases faster.

The Life starts at 60.00 and decreases as time. If you find the life go below 10.00, you will hear a warning beep telling you the game is about to be over. You will need to hurry and clear as many red UFOs to stay alive. Otherwise, if life reaches zero, the game is over.

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