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Bad Apple!! is a theme song composed by ZUN for the stage 3 theme fourth Touhou Project game Lotus Land Story. The song was created using FM Synthesis, which ZUN is very fond of.

Debut: 1998 (Lotus Land Story)
Image: stage 3 theme


ZUN tried to make the song sound like it was something he created a long time ago. The title is written "BAD Apple!!" at the beginning of Stage 3 ingame.

Music Comments[edit]

Lotus Land Story[edit]

  • 1998/08/14
  • Stage 3 Theme
  • From the Music Room
Comment: "This song feels like my older songs. Well, since it started turning out weird, I did try to make it at least sound like something I might have written long ago ... It's nice to have something this rhythmical(?). And, it's very 3rd-stage-ish(??)..."


Bad Apple!! has become a very popular song in the fanbase, more so than most of its PC-98 counterparts. This is thanks to the Bad Apple!! video by Shadow Art, which would call a second McRoll, attracting thousands of western fans to Touhou. In relation to this, Elly has also quite notably grown in popularity, gaining fans who are technologically incapable of playing the game she's in. There are also those who don't have a clue who Elly is when they see her near the end of the video. Also because of this video, a number of Touhou fans will sometimes get confused whether or not "Bad Apple!!" is Elly's theme due to arrangements associating Elly with it. Many long time Touhou fans find Bad Apple!! a massive sore point and get irritated if somebody thinks the video and Touhou itself is an anime or asks if it is.

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