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Bats (コウモリ, kōmori), scientifically known as Chiroptera are animals mainly active at night, they navigate in the dark through echolocation.

Bats in Touhou

Elis as a bat in HRtP

At this time, no character has been seen or appeared to be a true bat, however some characters are capable of turning into bats. The first appearance of a bat transformation is Elis, Flandre and Remilia Scarlet can also turn into bats. Kurumi, on the other hand, is seen with bat wings on her back just like Remilia, but it is unknown if she can fully turn into a bat. Moreover, because of the unknown species of Elis it is not sure that only vampires can transform into bats as well as the real capacities of such a transformation are unknown.

Flandre as a bat in EoSD

Characters under this Bestiary

Remilia as a bat in EoSD

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