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Beerko as she appears on the 8th Akihabara Beer Fair


Miscellaneous Works

Beerko (ビール子 Bīruko) is a character illustrated by ZUN, who's known to love beer, for "The Akihabara Beer Fair". Beerko has appeared on Akihabara Beer Fair's posters since the third Akihabara Beer Fair that was held in Akihabara, Japan from 25 November to 5 December 2011. It's known that the creator of Beerko is ZUN, but she has no relationships whatsoever to the Touhou Project.

Character Design


Her true name is unknown, but Beerko (ビール子) is a popular name for her among the fanbase. "ビール" (Bīru) means "beer", and "子" (ko) means "child". It's unknown if ZUN has ever used this name. Other fan-made names exist such as "Beer girl" (ビール娘 Bīru musume), "Wheat-brewing child" (麦醸子 mugikamosuko) and "Mugino Junko" (麦野順子), but these aren't as popular.


Beerko is consistently shown with ochre eyes, green cross lace shoes, a pink-white shirt with frills on the sleeves, and a magenta dress. The dress goes from her chest to her kness, the background of it being a ligher shade compared to the lines, and it has frills on the top and bottom sections. Changes in Beerko's design includes the length of her shirt's sleeves, she (not) having white socks, the color of the bow in her chest and waist (either green or magenta), her hair being short and light brown with a green bow (the bow being similar to Rumia's red one), or short and orange with a tail with a magenta bow. In her image for the fifth fair she has insignias and words (in English) despicting beer ingredients (water, yeast, hops, wheat) plus an arrow with the word "Brewing".


Additional Information

  • Beerko has said "Spring has come!" which is very similar to Lily White; whether there's a connection is unknown.