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Bewitching Lotus Flower

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LLS 1st Stage Midboss
Sprite of the midboss in Lotus Land Story



A mountain path(?)

Official Games

This flower-like creature is the first stage midboss of Lotus Land Story that attacked Reimu Hakurei and Marisa Kirisame on a mountain path. It first appear at the bottom of the screen and digs its way to the top underground, overtaking the player. It'll then pop out of the ground as though its blooming and shoot a barrage of danmaku, but its easily defeated. If the midboss is located at the centre of the screen, then it'll self-destruct. Since it's got no dialogue with the player, nothing is known about it.

Character Design


The flower is nameless, but some Japanese fans may call it the "Bewitching Lotus Flower" (妖蓮花 yourenge). It may also be referred to as the "LLS 1st Stage Midboss" (幻想郷一面中ボス) or "Youkai Flower Midboss" by Westerners.


Its sprite shows that it's a large lotus-like flower with two large aerials. Some kind of aura floats around the top of the aerials. After being defeated, there seem to be two creepy red dots ・・ peeping out of the ground that look like eyes. This doesn't hurt the player. It bears a resemblance to a Lotus Flower.


Official Sources

Official sources