Blizzard of Faith & Revenge/Bestiary

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A list of all the monsters in Blizzard of Faith & Revenge, along with their stats, drops and strategies.


File:BoFaR Kedema.png Strategy: If there are many of them, be prepared to go back to camp and heal afterwards. Defeat one at a time to keep your team healthy.

Green Kedema[edit]

File:BoFaR Green Kedema.png Strategy: Same as the original kedema, focus on dealing damage on a single enemy to quickly dissipate their offense.


BoFaR Mokou.png Strategy: Concentrate on dealing damage to Mokou, while healing with Alice until the encounter is over.


File:BoFaR Nekomata.png Strategy: In the early levels, it can wreak havoc to your girls, make sure to remove it from play as quickly as you can.