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Blue Devil in the Belvedere

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Blue Devil in the Belvedere
Blue devil in the Belvedere-jewelcase.png



东方祈华梦制作组, 东游鉴


Demo: May 28, 2020
Full: May 21, 2021


Vertical Danmaku Shooting Game


Single-Player Story Mode

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Dōngfāng qīxiáyuán (Abendrot) ~ Blue Devil in the Belvedere (东方栖霞园 ~ Blue devil in the Belvedere) is a Chinese Touhou Project fangame made by 东方祈华梦制作组, the developers of Elegant Impermanence of Sakura.



Unidentified strange animals popped up all over Gensokyo, they were called "devils". As the devils prowled around Gensokyo, both humans and Youkais' lives were disturbed.

To investigate the devils and solve this incident, there's only one joint point within Gensokyo. Therefore, all experts of solving incidents assembled around Scarlet Devil Mansion...

In the remote alien realm, a voice is roaring. That voice is filled with loneliness, fury and despair. Unfortunately, a great conspiracy has been raised, ready for a desperate gamble at the very moment. However, beyond everyone's imagination, something unexpected happened after that...


Blue Devil in the Belvedere features original music in the style of ZUN, composed by 百灵猫neko.

In the DLC of the OST, an additional story like those of ZUN's Music CDs is included.


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