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Bohemian Archive in Japanese Red/Eternal Night Incident

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Page 84-85
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Illustration by Yuki Usagi.


文責:射命丸 文
Season 119 (2004~2005)

Classification: Special Feature Article Memo

Editor: Aya Shameimaru
The Night Without Dawn
An incident of seldom magnitude leaves tensions running
○月○日未明、原因不明の大異変に幻想郷中に緊張が走った。かなり長い時間夜が明けず、月の進行が止まったままになったのだ。それも満月の夜である。幻想郷で満月の影響を受けない者は少ない。そのため、一時は幻想郷中が狂ってしまうとさえ思われた。 It is early morning of X the Xth. A severe incident of unknown cause has amplified tensions throughout Gensokyo. This considerably long night continues to remain on the verge of dawn, and the moon has stopped its procession across the sky as well. All on the night of a full moon, no less. There are few beings in Gensokyo who are not affected by the full moon. Because of this, madness is thought to be spreading throughout Gensokyo.
全く原因も目的も掴めず一刻を争う事態だったため、巫女の出番を待つ前に私が動こうかと思うほど、幻想郷が緊張しいて[typo]いた。結局は、どの位経ったのだろうか、正確な時間は判らないが暫くの[typo]満月が停止した後突然恐ろしい程の速さで月が沈み、無事に日の出を迎えることが出来た。 The cause and motive are completely unknown, and because of her stubbornness to fight in these situations, I decided to move before waiting for the shrine maiden to do so. That is how concerning Gensokyo's current state was. In the end, after an indeterminate amount of time, the moon suddenly jerked forward with frightening speed and disappeared beyond the horizon. The sun has finally returned.
誰が何の目的で夜を止め、そしてどうして解決したのか全てが謎のままである。今回も巫女が暴れ回っていたという噂は聞いたが、異変が突然すぎて巫女の動向を観察する事が出来なかったのが悔やまれる。ただ、今回の異変は一つ気になることがある。月の進行を止めて得をする妖怪が居るとは考えにくいと言うことだ。妖怪以外の何者かがおこした異変か、もしかしたら人間が起こしたという事も考えられる。 What anyone would gain from stopping time during the night, as well as how this problem was resolved, will remain a mystery. I heard rumors that the shrine maiden went on the warpath again, and due to her sudden willingness to resolve the incident, I regret that I was unable to observe her actions. However, there is still one issue weighing on my mind. Is there a youkai that would benefit from stopping the moon in its tracks? Is there anyone other than youkai who would do something like this, such as a human? That seems to be the more likely theory.
秋の夜長と言うには長すぎた夜。如何なる状況下でもそれを愉しむ事をモットーとしている妖怪を焦らせるほどの大異変。この異変を起こした犯人は何を考え、そしてどのような力を持っていたのだろうか。これからも深く追求[typo]していく必要があるだろう。 It is said that nights are long during the fall, but that night was too long. Even the youkai whose motto is that fun can be found in any kind of situation were irritated by this dire incident. However, when it comes to who would cause such a thing, much less how much power they would need to be able to do so, my mind is blank. But is there any need to actively pursue the answers?
また、取材の途中非常に興味深い噂を耳にした。それは、夜が明けた次の日の月と、夜が止まった日の月は別物であるという噂だ。ほんの僅かだが、色も光も異なり、そして何よりも降り注ぐ月のエネルギーの質が違うという。 I heard another especially interesting rumor while I was interviewing others. The moon on the Endless Night and the moon on the night after were completely different. Although slight, the color and the light reflected were both different, as well as the energy that it radiated.
もしかしたら、あの日、月は生まれ変わったのかも知れない。その転生の儀式に時間を要し、月は夜を止める必要があった。そう考えても不思議ではない。だとしたら、今回の異変は妖怪の仕業ではなく、月本体が起こした自然現象と言えるのかも知れない。確かに、月の影響を受けやすい妖怪達が、簡単に月を止められるとは思わない。月を止められるのは月の影響を受けにくい者か、月本体の仕業と考えられる。 Perhaps, on that night, the moon may have been reborn. The ceremony of reincarnation required sufficient time, so the moon needed to be stopped. Taking that angle into consideration, it's no wonder. If that's the case, that incident wasn't the doings of youkai, but perhaps a natural phenomenon. Certainly, it is unlikely that the youkai who are easily influenced by the moon would be able to think to stop it so easily. I should have considered it to be an act of the moon itself, and not of those who are influenced by it.
ただ、夜が止まる前から巫女が暴れ回っていたという噂もあり、そう決め付けるのは早計である。このような大きくて危険な異変が簡単に起こせる者がいるとしたらそれは非常に危険である。原因究明を急ぐ必要がある。 Still, if the rumors of the shrine maiden's rampage are true, I find her arbitrary actions to be rather rash, just like during the other incidents. To handle a dangerous incident on that scale in the same simple manner as before was extremely hazardous. It is necessary to quickly investigate the root of the problem first.
(射命丸 文) (Aya Shameimaru)

Game profile

東方永夜抄 ~ Imperishable Night. Touhou Eiyashou ~ Imperishable Night.
中秋の名月を迎えようという秋、満月になるべき月がわずかに欠けていた。月の力に負うところが大きい妖怪たちは事態の深刻さに焦り、異変に気づかないのんきな人間と共に月の欠片を探すことにした。例え夜を止めてでも、幻想郷に真の満月を取り戻すまでは――。 Many were hoping to welcome the harvest moon in autumn, but the actual full moon was slightly different. The major youkai were troubled by this moon that had lost its power, and they worked together with humans, who weren't aware of the incident at all, to find the missing real moon. The night was stopped until the true full moon is returned to Gensokyo...

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