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Bohemian Archive in Japanese Red/Hakurei Shrine

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Guide to Notable Locales in Gensokyo
Hakurei Shrine
博麗神社。人里離れた山奥、幻想郷と外の世界の境に存在する幻想郷唯一の有人神社である。 ただ、この神社の有る場所は幻想郷と繋がってはいるが、厳密には幻想郷ではない。外の世界でも無く、あくまでもその境界線上に位置するのである。 The Hakurei Shrine. Deep within the mountains, separated from the Human Village, Gensokyo's only occupied shrine can be found situated on the border between Gensokyo and the outside world. Though this shrine does have a connection to Gensokyo, it's not a particularly close one. It doesn't have a close connection with the outside world either. This shrine's location is on the very border.
春には桜の花が咲き、多くの人を魅了する。ただここに住む巫女の性格により、この神社は妖怪や魑魅魍魎が集まり、いつも誰かしらたむろしている有様だ。その所為もあって、神社には殆ど普通の人間は訪れない。巫女の人を引き寄せる性格が、妖怪をも引き寄せ結果として人間が寄りつかなくなるとは皮肉な物である。 Many people are fascinated by the cherry blossoms that bloom here in the spring. But because of the personality of the shrine maiden that lives here, many youkai and evil spirits gather at the shrine, and there are always at least a few in its vicinity. For this reason, very few normal humans visit the shrine. The shrine maiden seems to attract youkai to the shrine, and as a result of this, the humans stay away. Quite ironic.
勿論、我々妖怪にとってもここほど落ち着く場所はない。ここには適度に強い人間が居るので張り合いもある。その上この神社は、既に幻想郷と外の世界の境界という役割でしかなく、神を祀る場所では無くなっていた為、神聖な物が苦手な者でも平気だったのだ。 Of course, this isn't a place where we youkai can entirely relax either. One of the few moderately strong human rivals lives here. Fortunately, the shrine has no role other than maintaining the border between Gensokyo and the outside world. This is no longer a place to worship the gods, so those who find sacred areas difficult to endure have no problem here.
ここの神社を訪れるときは、お賽銭ではなく何か食べ物かお酒を持っていくと良い。そうすれば、巫女は文句を言いながら桜の花の下を貸してくれるだろう。何時行っても誰かしら居るので、静かに呑みたいときには向かないが。 Visitors to the shrine should not bring monetary offerings, but food or alcohol. Speaking of which, the shrine maiden will likely ask to borrow some during the cherry blossom season despite complaining about the youkai. There will always be someone there no matter the time, so going there to drink in peace is not recommended.
幻想郷が今のように外の世界と完全に遮断される前から博麗神社はあった。ただ、その頃の神社は今のような色鮮やかな神社ではなく、とても機能しているとは思えないような小さく色あせた神社で有ったことを記憶している。恐らく外の世界から見ると、博麗神社は昔のまま小さく色あせた神社なのだろう。ここに訪れる妖怪達は、今の色鮮やかな神社を楽しむと同時に、その頃の記憶を懐かしんでいるのかも知れない。 As of now, Gensokyo and the outside world are completely cut off from each other because of the Hakurei Shrine. However, the shrine back when Gensokyo was formed was not the cheerful shrine it is now. It was a rather small and dull shrine that did not seem able to perform its functions in the least. Perhaps the Hakurei Shrine is still seen as such on the outside world. The youkai who visit the shrine now enjoy the colorful shrine, but at the same time, they might miss the good old days.
(射命丸 文) (Aya Shameimaru)

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Guide to Notable Locales in Gensokyo: Eientei 
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