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Bohemian Archive in Japanese Red/Night Parade of One Hundred Oni Every Four Days

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Illustration by TOBI.


文責:射命丸 文
Season 119 (2004~2005)

Classification: Special Feature Article Memo

Editor: Aya Shameimaru
Three-Day Pandemonium
The shrine, infested with youkai
最近、博麗神社の巫女の動向がおかしいと言う報告を受け神社までやってきた。神社では宴会が行われており、大勢の妖怪達で盛り上がっていた。その時はこれといった異常には見えなかったが、よく観察すると様子がおかしいことが判った。 There have been recent reports of the Hakurei shrine maiden acting in a strange manner. She has permitted a great number of youkai to hold wide-scale parties at the shrine. While it was difficult to discern at first, after close observation, I have come to the conclusion that something strange could very well be going on.
参加者全員に少々疲れが見え、全員が他の人の動向を訝しんでいる様に見えたのだ。まるで、隔離された山荘で殺人事件が起きたかのような雰囲気に、ちょっと宴会とは思えないただならぬ雰囲気を感じた。 The party-goers showed signs of slight fatigue, and they appeared to treat each other in a doubtful manner. The atmosphere was not unlike that of a murder case at an isolated mountain cottage, which is not normal for most parties.
私は隠れて様子を伺ったが、何事もなく宴会は終了し皆帰って行った。何かおかしいと思いそのまま観察を続けると、実はこの様な宴会は今日に始まったことではなく、三日起きに断続的に続いていると言う事が判った。 I hid myself to observe the proceedings, but nothing happened and everyone left after the party was over. I still thought there was something strange so I continued my observation, but the fact is that the party had not started that day, but had lasted intermittently over the span of three days.
今年は冬が圧倒的に長く、春が異常に遅れた年である。ついこないだ春を迎えたばかりだと思ったらあっという間に夏だ。その為急激な気温の変化に頭をやられたのかも知れない。 The length of this year's winter was overwhelmingly long, delaying the arrival of spring. When spring finally came around, it was just in time for summer. The radical changes in temperature might have messed up their heads.
ただ、巫女だけならそういう事もあり得るが、なぜ大勢の妖怪達も集まるのかは不明である。それに、裏に何かありそうな宴会の光景も気になる所だ。私の眼には、宴会中に何かを賭けて勝負をしている様に映った。 However, while it would seem plausible for the shrine maiden to be affected, it is unclear why a great number of youkai have joined in the merrymaking at the shrine. I am also concerned about what could be conspiring behind the scenes. To my eyes, it seemed as if they were all wagering something over the course of the party.
想像では、巫女が浮かれて宴会連続記録に挑戦しようとか言い始めて、引くに引けない状態になってしまったのではないかと思う。妖怪のみんなも、霊夢だけが連続記録の偉業を成し遂げたと言われるのが悔しくて、疲れても毎回宴会に来てしまうとか、あり得そうな話である。誰が一番最初に挫折するのか、そういった様子で宴会に参加する余り、只ならぬ雰囲気だったのかもしれない。 My guess is that perhaps the shrine maiden decided to set a record for most consecutive parties, which eventually resulted in a situation where she'd invested too much to consider pulling out. It's also possible that all the youkai felt vexed at the thought of Reimu alone succeeding at such a record, and came back day after day to participate despite their fatigue. The uneasy atmosphere may have been a result of the weary party-goers waiting to see who would give up first.
何にしても、大きなニュースの無い時は平和な時である。今年は、ついこないだ迄春が来ないと言う大きな異変が起きた年でもあるので、その反動として平和が続いているのかもしれない。このような平和な時は喜ぶべき時である。 There has been no other major news in this time of peace. As there was already the big incident where spring didn't come this year, after this reactionary period, peace may continue. Harmonious times like these are to be enjoyed.
ただ、気づいている者が居るかどうか気になるところだが、神社の周りは非常に薄い妖気で包まれていた。宴会にうつつを抜かしている巫女は、その異変に気が付いて居るのだろうか。私の思い違いならば好いのだが、この妖気は少々やっかいな気であるかも知れない。と言うのもこの妖気は、すでに幻想郷から無くなって久しい力のような感じがするのである。 However, though I'm unsure how many paid notice to it, a very thin eerie mist has spread around the shrine's perimeter. If the shrine maiden had not been distracted by the party, I wonder if she would have noticed that incident. I can only hope my expectations are wrong, but this mist might be slightly troubling. It feels something like a power that Gensokyo hasn't felt in a long time.
(射命丸 文) (Aya Shameimaru)

Game profile

東方萃夢想 ~ Immaterial and Missing Power. Touhou Suimusou ~ Immaterial and Missing Power.
長かった冬が明け、ようやく春を迎えた幻想郷。春にやることと言えば人間も妖怪もただ一つ、そう花見である。だが今年の宴会は多すぎた。なにせ三日に一度は催されるのだから。しかも宴会のたびに、幻想郷中に得体の知れない妖気が漂いはじめ…。 The long winter had ended, and Gensokyo finally greeted spring. When it comes to spring, both humans and youkai have one thing in mind -- flower-viewing parties. But this year, it was too much. There was one very long party held for three days. And with each day, a mysterious mist was spreading throughout Gensokyo...

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