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Illustration by TOBI.


文責:射命丸 文
Season 118 (2003~2004)

Classification: Special Feature Article Memo

Editor: Aya Shameimaru
Mysterious Scarlet Mist over Gensokyo
The first major incident in a long time finally caused the shrine maiden to take action
ご存じの通り、現在、幻想郷は紅い霧に覆われている。霧の濃度は非常に濃く日光も殆ど遮断されている為、夏だというのに肌寒い。既にこの霧に覆われてから数日経っているが、その濃度は増す一方であり全く晴れる気配がない。 As many of those reading this are aware, currently Gensokyo is enshrouded by a scarlet mist. The unusual density of the fog has blocked out almost all sunlight, and as a result, summer has felt more like fall. Though it has only been a few days since the fog descended, its density has continued to increase with no signs of dispersing.
この紅い霧が自然現象ではない事は明らかだ。原因を見つけ元凶を潰さないと、いつまで経っても日の光は地上に届かないだろう。こうした大異変を解決する役は決まって人間の巫女である。我々妖怪は巫女の行動を面白おかしく観察するだけである。 It is obvious that this scarlet mist was not caused by natural phenomena. If the culprit behind the problem is not stopped, it is likely to believe that no one on the ground would ever see the light of day again. An incident on such a massive scale could only be handled by the human shrine maiden. However, we youkai found the shrine maiden's actions to be rather comical to observe.
○月○日、ようやく巫女が動き始めた。巫女には目的地が判っているのか、迷いのない行動で途中出くわした妖怪達を蹴散らしている。私も迂闊に近づくと巫女に攻撃されるかも知れない。 On X the Xth, the shrine maiden finally took action. The shrine maiden seemed to know her destination, and did not lose her way even when kicking around other youkai en route. She may have even attacked me had I been careless enough to get too close.
巫女は湖の法を目指しているようだった。まんべんなく霧に覆われ薄暗い幻想郷で、如何にして目標を定めたのかは判らない。それが巫女の勘なのだろう。巫女はそのまま湖の上に消えていった。犯人は湖に住む者なのだろうか、それとも湖はただの通過地点なのだろうか。湖の上は姿を隠せる物も無く、霧も深いためすぐに見失ってしまった。残念ながら追跡はここで断念した。 The shrine maiden seems to be heading towards the lake. Because the mist had been spread to every corner of Gensokyo, I still do not know how she was able to gain her bearings in this low visibility. I guess that's the shrine maiden's intuition. The shrine maiden disappeared over the lake. It seemed that the offender lived in the lake, or maybe it was just on the way to her real goal. I can't see anything above the lake, and the fog is so thick, I quickly lost sight of her. Unfortunately, I must abandon any further pursuit here.
巫女が動いたと言うことは、もうすぐ異変は解決に向かうのだろう。そうしたら霧が晴れ、日の光が地上に届き、この寒い夏ともおさらばである。 Whenever people say the shrine maiden is on the move, it seems that the incident at hand will be solved soon enough. If that is the case, the fog will soon cleared up, the sunlight will reach the ground, and we will be able to say goodbye to the cold summer.
我々妖怪のモットーは、如何なる状況下でもそれを愉しむ事である。この紅い霧がもうすぐ解決に向かうと言うのであれば、この異変を愉しめる機会は今しかない。そこで私はこの異変を起こした者の身になって考え、霧を出した理由を想像し、自分も異変を愉しむ事にした。 The motto of us youkai is that fun can be found in any kind of situation. If the scarlet mist incident was heading towards resolution, it wouldn't be possible to enjoy the incident for much longer. So, in order to get the most out of the incident, I decided to determine who caused it, and their reason for bring about the fog.
この霧の最大の特徴は紅色という事である。何故霧を紅色に染める必要があったのか、その切り口から考えると答えは非常に簡単である。 The most striking feature of the mist is its scarlet color. Why did the fog need to be dyed scarlet? Once I thought about it, the answer was very simple.
紅い灯りのもとでは、紅い花も色が無いように見える。つまり紅が色の無い白色と区別が無くなる光なのだ。この紅い霧の狙いは、紅と白の区別を失わせ、紅と白の境界を奪う事だ。これはなんて不吉な事なのかすぐに想像できると思う。恐らく犯人は、自分だけ霧の影響下に無い場所で紅白を独り占めし、その目出度さにせせら笑っているに違いない。 When placed under a scarlet glow, the scarlet flowers appear to have no color. That means that under that kind of light, it would be impossible to tell the difference between scarlet and white flowers. The goal of the scarlet mist was to remove the distinction between scarlet and white, to remove the border between them. I'm sure that many people would be able to imagine why that would be a bad omen. It was likely that the offender did not live under the mist, and wanted to monopolize the two colors for themselves to bring an end to all celebrations, which those two colors signify.
だが我々妖怪は、この状況下でも異変を愉しむ事は簡単である。紅が色を失うと同時に、幻想郷の光の位相は大きくずれる。こういう時は、普段は波長が合わず見えない世界が姿を見せるのだ。自分の視界を紅にして、ゆっくりと幻想郷を散歩して見よう。いつもと少し違う世界が愉しめるのである。出来ることなら、異変に焦るばかりではなくその位の余裕を持って生活したい所だ。 However, it is easy for us youkai to enjoy the unique situation of this incident. At the same time when scarlet lost all its color, this cast Gensokyo in a new light vastly different from the old. It is now possible to see things that couldn't be seen under the normal wavelength. With our field of visions tinted scarlet, we took a leisurely stroll through Gensokyo. We enjoyed a world that was slightly different from the usual. If incidents must be resolved, then they shouldn't be resolved in a hurry, but until we've gotten our fill of the our lifestyle under the new conditions.
(射命丸 文) (Aya Shameimaru)

Game profile

東方紅魔郷 ~ the Embodiment of Scarlet Devil. Touhou Koumakyou ~ the Embodiment of Scarlet Devil.
ある夏の日、不穏な妖霧が音もなく幻想郷を包み込んだ。霧の勢力は幻想郷を超えて人間界に干渉しそうなほどに拡大、この異常事態に対して幻想郷の秩序を守る巫女がついに腰を上げる。勘を頼りに湖方面へと向かった霊夢は、赤い悪魔が棲む館へとたどり着き…。 One summer day, Gensokyo was silently veiled in a disturbing, evil mist. The power of the mist would have even exceeded Gensokyo's boundaries into the human world if it continued to expand, so the shrine maiden who preserves the order in Gensokyo finally stood up to face the one behind this abnormal situation. Relying on her intuition, Reimu headed towards the lake, finally arriving at the mansion where a red devil resides...

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