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Bohemian Archive in Japanese Red/The Sixty Year Cycle Great Barrier Incident

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Page 86-87
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Illustration by TOBI.


文責:射命丸 文
Season 120 (2005~2006)

Classification: Special Feature Article Memo

Editor: Aya Shameimaru
Peak Flower-Viewing Time Continues in Gensokyo
Sunflowers, irises, and cherry blossoms all blooming without regard to season
現在、幻想郷中の花が咲いている事は既にご存じの事だと思う。すぐに気が着くと思うが、ありとあらゆる花が同時に咲き不思議な季節感を醸し出しているのである。 Presently, I imagine everyone is already aware of the flowers blooming throughout Gensokyo. Each and every flower blooming at the same time makes this sensation of a mysterious new season instantly noticeable.
理由は今のところ不明だが、花を見ているだけで気分が高揚し全く危険さを感じさせない。誰かの悪戯なのかそれとも自然現象なのか、それすらも判らないのだ。ただ、変わったことを好む幻想郷の妖怪と人間の間では、この現象は幻想郷からの贈り物として花と不思議な壮観を愉しんでいる。 The reason for this is unclear at the moment, but seeing all the flowers has lifted everyone's spirits so it doesn't feel dangerous at all. No one knows if this is someone up to mischief or merely a naturally-occurring phenomenon. However, in this ever-changing land, this phenomenon is seen as a gift from Gensokyo itself by youkai and humans and they are enjoying the spectacle.
この現象は近年起きた異変の中では不思議な性質を持っている。それはまず、この現象を起こす方法が見当もつかない事だ。四季全ての花が咲いているというのに、気温や日の角度、日の入りの時間、雨の量、全て例年の春のままである。この時点で花が咲くように季節を弄った訳ではないことが判る。また、全ての花に力をかけて咲かせることは、数が多すぎて非現実的である。 Like other incidents in recent years, this phenomenon has a strange nature as well. First, no one has any idea as to how this phenomenon came about. Despite flowers of all seasons being in bloom, this is an otherwise normal spring. The temperature, angle of the sun, time of sunset and rainfall show no deviation whatsoever. At this point in time, we only know that the seasons have not been tampered with. Also, one can make any flower bloom by giving it power, but there are too many flowers for this to be realistic possibility.
そしてもう一つ不思議な性質とは、これだけの力を使って花を咲かせたと言うのに、何の危険も感じさせないところだ。それどころか、力強さではなくどこか儚さすら感じさせるのだ。花から感じるのは今にも消え入りそうなか細い力。そのようなか細い力で、どうしてこの様な大事が行えるのか、全く見当がつかない。 And there is one more unusual characteristic. If someone were to be giving power to the flowers to make them bloom, no one has felt any danger from this anyway. That is, no one feels any strong power at work. The flowers only give off a faint energy. It is a power so thin that it feels as if it could vanish at any moment. There is no explanation for how such a thin power could cause something so widespread.
今回の現象は、妖怪のみではなく人間であろうと花を愉しんでいる。巫女も幻想郷中を駆け回っているが、本気でこの現象を元に戻そうとしているのか判らない。と言うのも、いつもなら目的地に向けてまっしぐらな巫女の足が、今回はあちこちをふらついているのである。恐らく、花と不思議な壮観を見て愉しんでいるのだろう。巫女だけでなく、陽気な人間や妖怪たちが同じようにあちこち飛んでいるようである。みんな花に浮かれている様子であり、ばったり会ってしまうとちょっとしたバカ騒ぎが始まってしまうこともある。それなりの用心はしておいた方が良い。 This time, it's not just the youkai, but the humans who are also enjoying this phenomenon. The shrine maiden is also running around Gensokyo, but no one knows if she will truly return everything back to normal. Meaning that while she usually headed for a single destination in the past, she's just meandering here and there this time. Perhaps she is also enjoying the flowery spectacle. But it's not just the shrine maiden. The humans and youkai alike are cheerfully flying around with no real purpose. With everyone floating among the flowers, I'm sure that some danmaku horseplay will happen whenever they unexpectedly run into one another. Therefore, everyone should be alert.
ただ、私はこの現象を愉しんでいるうちに、花に隠れてもう一つの異常が起きていることを発見した。こちらの方は異変と呼んでも良いくらいの代物である。これは花が異常に咲いた原因と繋がっていると私は見ているが、確証が取れるまで記事にはしない。こちらの方は現在調査中である。追って報告していきたい。 I have also been enjoying this phenomenon, but while I was hiding among the flowers, I discovered another abnormal event. I think it's fair enough to call this an incident. What I saw is likely connected to the cause of the unusually blooming flowers, but I won't report anything until I can confirm it. I am presently in the middle of my investigation. Later on, I want to write a full report.
(射命丸 文) (Aya Shameimaru)

Game profile

東方花映塚 ~ Phantasmagoria of Flower View. Touhou Kaeidzuka ~ Phantasmagoria of Flower View.
冬を耐え忍んだ彩の力が解放され、命芽吹く季節、春。花は咲き乱れ、妖精たちは騒ぎ立てる。――しかし、まだ春だというのに一年中全ての花が咲き出していたら、それは異変でしかない。霊夢はいつものように、あてど無く神社を飛び出すのだった。 The power of colors that had endured the winter had been released. It was now the season of budding life, spring. The flowers were in full bloom, and the fairies were causing a racket. However, it wasn't just spring flowers, but flowers from every season that had bloomed, yet that was not the real incident. Reimu went about her usual routine, and flew out from the shrine with no goal in mind.

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