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Book of Star Mythology/Characters

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Most of the characters in Book of Star Mythology are original and non-existent in the Touhou Project. The following three are, however, officially part of the Touhou Project and are playable characters in Book of Star Mythology, each with two different shot types. With exceptions, the rest below are the originals.

Playable Characters

Reimu Hakurei
Shrine Maiden of Virgo

Reimu Hakurei
Playable Character





Species: Human
Ability: Flying in the sky

The now familiar shrine maiden of the Hakurei Shrine.

Although she had no interest in stars or constellations, or the damp rain,
she won't let her business rivals, the Moriya Shrine, do as they please.
As such, she's gotten serious about flooring the Moriyas this time.
Just as the religion fad was thought to subside, a religious civil war broke out.
(Although in her case, 'getting serious' means she'll just forget about it in half a day.)

Marisa Kirisame
Magician of Sagittarius

Marisa Kirisame
Playable Character





Species: Human
Ability: Using magic

An ordinary magician living in Gensokyo. She also has a mania for collecting things.

She didn't care about the damp rain or the Moriya Shrine's thriving business,
but her research into star magic meant she had a great interest in the out-of-season Tanabata.
While Reimu was rampaging at the Moriya Shrine, she secretly climbed the Youkai Mountain
to observe the shining Summer Triangle from a location closer to heaven.
She's only flashy when it comes to danmaku battles. During times of peace, she's a plain and dedicated field worker.

Sanae Kochiya
Shrine Maiden of Ophiuchus

Sanae Kochiya
Playable Character





Species: Human
Ability: Causing miracles

The shrine maiden living in the Moriya Shrine on the Youkai Mountain. She's used to youkai hunting, too.

As part of Kanako Yasaka and Suwako Moriya's strategy, she took the morning glories she had raised as a hobby
and leisurely propagated them in the Human Village. It was then that the power of the villagers' desires
came to dwell within the flowers, inadvertently opening the Bridge of Heaven dividing Orihime and Hikoboshi.
Under the influence of Gensokyo's gradual modernization, the people came to know many more things,
and embraced many more desires as a result.
Sanae's hunch told her that this was bad, so she decided to head out and resolve the situation
without waiting for instructions.

Fabritis and Iphonea

Fabritis and Iphonea
Fabritis and Iphonea
Fabritis (Left) Iphonea (Right)
Violet Flowers Blooming in a Crowd
More Character Titles



Adaptive evolution

Music Themes

妖花乱麻 ~ Warning Glory!

Fabritis (ファブリティス) and Iphonea (イフォーニア) are the stage 1 bosses, and one of the two being the stage 1 midboss (depending on which shot type you choose).



Fabritis derives her name from the pharbitis nil, another name for the Japanese morning glory.
Iphonea derives her name from the Ipomoea genus of flowers, which includes the morning glory.


<add here>


A pair of fairies who work to piggyback on the popularity of morning glory flowers every year during Tanabata.
Since the current incident had brought about an abundance of morning glories, their power had increased exponentially as to be life-threatening (since neither of them were actually morning glory fairies).

The heroine was able to prevent this outcome, thankfully, though it's implied they'll attempt this same trick again next year.

Spell Cards


Name Translated Comments Games Stage
Total: 8
符葉「ソーサームクゲ」 Hibiscusign "Saucer Hibiscus" BoSM St. 1: E/N
符葉「ローズオブシャロン」 Hibiscusign "Rose of Sharon" BoSM St. 1: H
虹花「フラワーナイズドガール」 Rainbow Flower "Flowernized Girl" BoSM St. 1: L
「モーフィンググローリー」 "Morphing Glory" Co-owner with Iphonea BoSM St. 1: H/L
「フェアリーズトランペット」 "Fairies' Trumpet" Co-owner with Iphonea BoSM St. 1: E/N
「メンデルサンクチュアリ」 "Mendel's Sanctuary" Co-owner with Iphonea BoSM St. 1: H/L
花茶「ファブリティー」 Flower Tea "Fabri Tea" TF St. 1
「ヘブンリーブルーム」 "Heavenly Bloom" Co-owner with Iphonea TF St. 1


Name Translated Comments Games Stage
Total: 8
瓢弾「ミサイルゴード」 Calabashot "Missile Gourd" BoSM St. 1: E/N
瓢弾「ボルテックゴード」 Calabashot "Voltec Gourd" BoSM St. 1: H
金瓢「ゴールデンゴード」 Gold Gourd "Golden Gourd" BoSM St. 1: L
「モーフィンググローリー」 "Morphing Glory" Co-owner with Fabritis BoSM St. 1: H/L
「フェアリーズトランペット」 "Fairies' Trumpet" Co-owner with Fabritis BoSM St. 1: E/N
「メンデルサンクチュアリ」 "Mendel's Sanctuary" Co-owner with Fabritis BoSM St. 1: H/L
乾瓢「バインディングゴード」 Dried Gourd "Binding Gourd" TF St. 1
「ヘブンリーブルーム」 "Heavenly Bloom" Co-owner with Iphonea TF St. 1

Official Profiles

Book of Star Mythology - Fabritis and Iphonea's Profile




Species: Fairies

Ability: Adaptive evolution

The two of them appear along with the morning glories' summer bloom.
...but, Fabritis is a hibiscus fairy, and Iphonia is a gourd fairy.
Morning glories look similar enough that they're often confused for them.
As such, each year they cooperate to piggyback on the morning glories and steal their popularity.
They're as close as siblings, but are not actually related.

Truthfully, their scheme to replace the morning glories would result in their deaths as hibiscus and gourd fairies.
With the morning glories blooming en masse due to the incident, their power rose to the point of self-destruction as well.
In spite of the incident-resolver having stopped this from happening, they don't offer a single word of thanks,
and will probably attempt the same life-threatening trick again next year too. That's fairies for you.

Tobiko Takatou

鷹藤 鳶子 (たかとう とびこ)
Tobiko Takatou

Tobiko Takatou
Nameless Youkai Magician
More Character Titles


Crow Tengu


Manipulating sense of presence


Youkai Mountain

Music Themes


Tobiko Takatou (鷹藤 鳶子 Takatou Tobiko) is a stage 2 boss as well as the stage 2 midboss.


Tobiko is based on the famed 16th century ninja master Danzo Kato during the Sengoku period Japan who was also known as Tobi (flying) Katō.


Tobiko (鳶子) means "black kite child".
Takatou (鷹藤) contains kanji for "hawk" () and "wisteria" (). The latter kanji is the same one used in the "Katou" (加藤) of Danzou Katou's name.


<add here>


One of the crow Tengu living on Youkai Mountain, and a member of the Tengu Information Corps.
Her ability to manipulate presence allows her to hide like a ninja unlike her fellow crow Tengu, making her incredibly cunning and versatile,
but her ego is terribly inflated as a result, so she isn't regarded too highly by them. (She doesn't mind this, however)

She was headed out to report on the out-of-season Tanabata on orders from her superiors, when the heroine had engaged her in a danmaku battle.
After her defeat, she directs the heroine to the River of Heaven.

Spell Cards

Name Translated Comments Games Stage
Total: 18
剣術「景綱の長刀」 Swordplay "Kagetsuna's Long Sword" BoSM St. 2: E/N
幻術「槍野衾」 Illusion Art "Nobusuma Spear Line" BoSM St. 2: H
一閃「怪盗乱麻を断つ」 Sword Flash "Cut the Kléftian Knot" BoSM St. 2: L
草符「ソーンバラッジ」 Grass Sign "Thorn Barrage" BoSM St. 2: E/N
花符「落花流星」 Flower Sign "Falling Flowers, Shooting Stars" BoSM St. 2: H
奇術「種も仕掛けも無い手品」 Conjuring "Stage Magic Without Any Tricks or Gimmicks" BoSM St. 2: L
曲写「天狗のインスタント写真機」 High-Angle Shot "Tengu's Instant Camera" BoSM St. 2: E/N
号外「天狗速報感想求む」 Extra Issue "Tengu News Flash, Seeking Review" BoSM St. 2: H
無限遠「ホークアイシューティング」 Infinite "Hawk Eye Shooting" BoSM St. 2: L
「ブラックマジックカイト」 "Black Magic Kite" BoSM St. 2: E/N
「神風怪盗トビコ」 "Kamikaze Bandit Tobiko" BoSM St. 2: H
「ハイスピード半天狗アクション」 "High-Speed Half-Tengu Action" BoSM St. 2: L
「鷹藤鳶子の完全犯罪事件簿」 "Tobiko Takatou's Perfect-Crime Casebook" BoSM St. 2: E/N
「逢魔時の大凶鳥」 "Great Evil Bird of Ōmagatoki" BoSM St. 2: H/L
手品「呑獣の術」 Conjuring "Beast-Swallowing Art" TF St. 4
変写「天狗のバグシャッター」 Transforming Photo "Tengu's Bug Shutter" TF St. 4
三連写「トライフォーカサー」 Triple Rapid Shot "Tri Focuser" TF St. 4
複製「インスタントデュプリケーション」 Duplication "Instant Duplication" TF St. Ex

Official Profiles

Book of Star Mythology - Tobiko Takatou's Profile




Species: Crow tengu

Ability: Manipulating sense of presence

A member of the now-familiar tengu information corps.
Unlike some other tengu who resort to pushy, forceful interviews, she hides like a ninja to do her work.
At times she takes artistic shots from the shadows, or performs magic tricks to put her human subjects at ease.
Her skills are as versatile as they are cunning. However, as this behavior may lead one to expect,
she's a hopeless narcissist. As such, her allies and the Great Tengu don't value her highly as a journalist.
(She doesn't mind at all, though, since she's convinced that they're all just jealous of her talent.)

Like the other crow tengu, she headed out to report on the out-of-season Tanabata on orders from her Great Tengu superiors.
Then, she spotted the ridiculously-strong human that her allies had once mentioned flying around.
Naturally, there was nothing to do but fight.

Shelia Lyrac

Shelia Lyrac

Shelia Lyrac
Second Star of the Vega System
More Character Titles


Shelia the Great Star Spirit (大星霊 (だいせいれい) シェリア)


Star spirit


Performing harmoniously

Music Themes


Shelia Lyrac, also known as Shelia the Great Star Spirit (大星霊シェリア Dai-seirei Shelia), is the stage 3 boss as well as the stage 3 midboss.


Shelia is based on the binary star system, β Lyrae or Sheliak, in the constellation of Lyra.


"Shelia" is likely a variant spelling of "Sheila" (meaning "Heavenly"), which in turn is derived from the latin "Caelia".
Her name is also derived from "Sheliak", the official name for the Beta Lyrae star system.


<add here>


A servant of Orihime, who uses the magic harp she carries with her to perform her duties with ease.

Thanks to the Moriyas' scheme to gather more faith via rebranding the the old August Tanabata as their own,
the morning glories used as props for the event ended up gaining enough power through human wishes that the River of Heaven reopened prematurely.
Fearing that the Heavenly Emperor would get mad at her for this, she had summoned a heavy downpour to prematurely end the Tanabata.

The heroine had engaged her in a battle after taking the rain as a sign of a new incident.
She was defeated, but the other half of the incident had yet to be taken care of, leading the heroine to the Bamboo Forest.

Spell Cards

Name Translated Comments Games Stage
Total: 19
琴符「メロディアスハープ」 Lyre Sign "Melodious Harp" BoSM St. 3: E/N
琴符「オルフェウスハープ」 Lyre Sign "Orpheus Harp" BoSM St. 3: H
「幻奏一夜物語(シェリアハザード)」 "Fantasy Performance of One Single Night (Shelierazade)" BoSM St. 3: L
神器「天星弓フェイルノート」 Divine Treasure "Heavenly Star Bow: Failnaught" BoSM St. 3: E/N
七夕「ササノハランサー」 Tanabata "Bamboo Leaf Lancer" BoSM St. 3: H
光条「アルテミスメガレイ」 Ray System "Artemis Mega Ray" BoSM St. 3: L
星弾「ティンクルスタースピリッツ」 Star Shot "Twinkle Star Spirits" BoSM St. 3: E/N
星魂「バーニングソウルスピリッツ」 Star Soul "Burning Soul Spirits" BoSM St. 3: H
星霊「ビッグマジックスピリッツ」 Star Spirits "Big Magic Spirits" BoSM St. 3: L
涙琴「雨の空の七線譜」 Tearful Harp "Rainy Sky's Seven-Lined Score" BoSM St. 3: E/N
星詩「アステリズムライナー」 Star Poem "Asterism Liner" BoSM St. 3: H
境界「天と海を分かつ雨の音」 Boundary "Sound of Rain that Splits Sky and Sea" BoSM St. 3: L
「オーガストリリッズ」 "August Lyrids" BoSM St. 3: N/H
「年中無休のエイプリルリリッズ」 "April Lyrids Through Every Day of the Year" BoSM St. 3: L
「蒼炎星光波シェリアバーン」 "Blue Flame Starlight Wave: Sheliaburne" BoSM St. 3: E/N
「神獣雷光波シェリアーク」 "Divine Beast Lightning Wave: Sheliark" BoSM St. 3: H/L
星符「ダズルダブルスター」 Star Sign "Dazzle Double Star" TF St. 5
冬星「リゲルは足だが役に立つ」 Winter Star "Rigel, Despite Being A Leg, Comes In Quite Handy" TF St. 5
「ギャラクシーエターナルレクイエム」 "Galaxy Eternal Requiem" TF St. 5

Official Profiles

Book of Star Mythology - Shelia Lyrac's Profile








Species: Star spirit

Ability: Performing harmoniously

A servant of the star known for her role in the Tanabata legend, Alpha Lyrae (or more simply Orihime).
As her appearance indicates, though, she's a Western star spirit... the heavens' human(?) relations are hard to understand.
With the sound of her harmony-manipulating harp, she takes care of all the hassles surrounding Orihime
without having to lift a finger. ...but that's just because she hates having to do work.
Those around her consider her to be very capable, but she thinks of herself as quite lazy.

The traditional lunar calendar has already fallen into disuse even in Gensokyo.
July 7th in the old calendar falls under August in the new one.
A certain pair of divine spirits noticed that the old August date is better for viewing the stars than the July one,
thanks to the end of the rainy season. Knowing the people's desires well, they took advantage of this to gather faith.
The morning glories used as props for the event originally symbolized a happy ending to the Tanabata legend.
Due to the flowers collecting too much energy from the people's wishes, the bridge over the River of Heaven
opened up again, despite having been closed after that year's regular Tanabata.

Which is all well and good for Orihime and Hikoboshi, the disgustingly-happy couple that they are.
Shelia, though, was seriously troubled by this, since the Heavenly Emperor would get mad at her.
She hurriedly summoned a downpour to signal a premature end to Tanabata.
Then, a human came flying up from the ground. Naturally, there was nothing to do but fight,
but defeating her obviously did nothing to resolve the incident.

A new enemy awaits, planning to use the opportunity the Moriyas created and take advantage of the stars' amplified power.
Just who is she, lurking in the depths of the Bamboo Forest of the Lost...? To be continued in the full version!

Fujiwara no Mokou

藤原 (ふじわら)   () 妹紅 (もこう)
Huziwara no Mokou
Fujiwara no Mokou
Fujiwara no Mokou
Fujiwara no Mokou in Book of Star Mythology
Immortal Phoenix Flying in the Sky
More Character Titles

Human (Person of Hourai)


Guide of the Bamboo Forest of the Lost

Fujiwara no Mokou (藤原 妹紅 Huziwara no Mokou) is the stage 4 midboss. Keep in mind that while she is an official Touhou Project character, only information relating to her role in this fangame will be noted here.


(See official profile)


(See official profile)


(See official profile)


An immortal living in the Bamboo Forest.

In an effort to keep the peace, she before the heroine in an effort to drive them out before she could meet with Ichiyou and start any trouble.
She ends up defeated, however.

Spell Cards

Name Translated Comments Games Stage
Total: 6
茶毘「転生の炎」 Cremation "Flames of Reincarnation" BoSM St. 4: E/N
葬火「ただ我も汝れも紅となれ」 Funeral Pyre "Yet Thou and I Shall Become Scarlet" BoSM St. 4: H
霊鳥「蒼鸞の歓待」 Spirit Bird "Blue Luán's Warm Reception" BoSM St. 4: L
*こんな世は燃え尽きてしまえ!* *Let This Whole World Burn Away to Nothing!* BoSM Spell Practice E/N
*こんな世は燃え尽きてしまえ!*参の型 *Let This Whole World Burn Away to Nothing!* -Third Form- BoSM Spell Practice H
*こんな世は燃え尽きてしまえ!*拾の型 *Let This Whole World Burn Away to Nothing!* -Tenth Form- BoSM Spell Practice L

Official Profiles

Book of Star Mythology - Fujiwara no Mokou's Profile



Species: Human (Person of Hourai)

Ability: Guide of the Bamboo Forest

There is a strange legend in the Bamboo Forest.
A group of youkai extermination specialists live hidden there, separate from the Human Village.
They're said to move at high speed without a sound, use mystic arts just like the youkai themselves, and live while
searching for particularly powerful and dangerous youkai to exterminate. However, their presence is denied even now.
To think that a member of that group would be acting so overtly after all this time...!
Naturally, Fujiwara no Mokou knew of them, having lived in the forest for many years, but since a rampage
through the forest would be a pain to deal with later, she first went to drive out the shrine maiden or whoever.

Ichiyou Mochizuki

望月 (もちづき) 一曜 (いちよう)
Ichiyou Mochizuki
Itiyou Mochizuki

More Alternative Spellings

Ichiyou Mochizuki
Invisible Shrine Maiden Walking in the Sky
More Character Titles




Using ninjutsu

Music Themes

九曜天照 ~ Sunlight Reburst

Ichiyou Mochizuki (望月 一曜 Mochizuki Ichiyou) is the stage 4 boss.


Ichiyou is based on the ninjas of feudal Japan's Mochizuki clan, particularly the kunoichi, Chiyome Mochizuki. Chiyome Mochizuki led a network of female ninjas in service of Takeda Shingen, mainly recruited from female entertainers, prostitutes and travelling or "walking" shrine maidens.


Her surname Mochizuki (望月) means "awaited moon". It is one of several terms used for both the night of a full moon and the full moon itself, and is still used as a surname today.

Her given name Ichiyou comprises kanji for "one" () and "luminary" () in reference to the Mochizuki clan's "nine luminaries" crest (九曜紋). The design used by this and other similar crests was adopted by Japan from the Navagraha of Hindu cosmology, which include the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and the ascending and descending lunar nodes. "Ichiyou" is also phonetically similar to "Chiyo," another given name ascribed to Chiyome Mochizuki.


<add here>


A travelling shrine maiden from the Outside World who descended from a clan of ninjas.

She had sensed that, under the guise of the out-of-season Tanabata having amplified the stars' power, that another magic power was being developed,
caused by the power of the Fuuma clan's magic book. Wanting to revive her clan's power, she chased after the relic in an effort to utilize its magic, engaging the heroine in battle in the process.

Spell Cards

Name Translated Comments Games Stage
Total: 18
影符「分身の術」 Shadow Sign "Doppelganger Jutsu" BoSM St. 4: E/N
闇遁「カトゥーンの術」 Dark Escape "Cartoon Jutsu" BoSM St. 4: H
火遁「九重の陽炎」 Fire Escape "Nine-Layered Heat Haze" BoSM St. 4: L
土遁「地に潜む不気味な巫女」 Earth Escape "Unsettling Shrine Maiden Lurking in the Earth" BoSM St. 4: E/N
葉隠「忍道と言ふは消ゆ事と見付たり」 Leaf Veiling "Nindou is Known to be the Act of Vanishing" BoSM St. 4: H
暗躍「-NINJA- 歴史の闇の支配者」 Covert Activity "-NINJA- The Overlords of History's Darkness" BoSM St. 4: L
防弾「畳返の術」 Bulletproof "Tatami-Flipping Jutsu" BoSM St. 4: E/N
儚月「望月の身代九曜」 Ephemeral Moon "Mochizuki's Decoy Nine Luminaries" BoSM St. 4: H
火遁「ファイヤーウォール(物理)」 Fire Escape "Firewall (Physical)" BoSM St. 4: L
大鎌「アンチェインドクサリガマ」 Giant Scythe "Unchained Kusari-gama" BoSM St. 4: E/N
水遁「甲賀大水手裏剣陣」 Water Escape "Kōga Flood and Shuriken Formation" BoSM St. 4: H
大蝦蟇「究極召喚ジライヤ」 Giant Toad "Ultimate Summon: Jiraiya" BoSM St. 4: L
「十四日月のセレナーデ」 "Serenade of the 14th Day's Moon" BoSM St. 4: E/N
「望月忍法帖奥義・鏡花水月」 "Mochizuki Ninja Scroll Arcanum: Mirrored Flowers, Moon on Water" BoSM St. 4: H/L
神霊「餅つき一曜」 Divine Spirit "Mochi-tsuki Ichiyou" TF St. 3
一曜奥義「六属性遁術輪廻」 Ichiyou Arcanum "Six-Elemental Tonjutsu Cycle" TF St. 3
絆奥義「一曜月光蛙」 Bond Arcanum "Ichiyou's Gekkou-gaeru" TF St. 3
地蔵変化「忍スタントボーディ」 Jizo Transformation "Nin-stant Bodhi" TF St. Ex

Official Profiles

Book of Star Mythology - Ichiyou Mochizuki's Profile




Species: Human

Ability: Using ninjutsu

She is a descendant of ninjas.
A mistaken idea of ninjas who use nonsensical magic is widespread in the outside world,
but she, inheriting the historical name of Mochizuki, uses far flashier ninjutsu than such fakes.
People all lead different lives, and so do ninjas. Some even use a style where they don't conceal themselves at all.
As a result, her clan has suffered many hardships; each time they encountered difficulty, they used up one of the suns
on their family crest as a decoy. Now, they're down to their last one. The crest of the nine luminaries on their various
ninja tools is now a mere remnant of the past, though that's a digression from our story.

Her ninja's intuition told her that, under the cover of the stars' amplified power in the Tanabata uproar,
some other magic power was developing. The records left by her ancestors explained that power's true nature.
It was that of a magic relic-- concealed and kept unknown by a particular faction, but said to hold overwhelming
magical power. Many shinobi had sought it, but never found it: such was the legend once passed down in the world of ninjas.
Her family couldn't use up the suns on their crest any longer. She intended to revive her clan's power here and now.
Trusting in the ancient legend, she joined in with the relic-claiming battle that so many ninjas had once dominated.
Of course, she never noticed that she was playing right into the hands of the magic relic's owner.

Nezu Akitsu

明津 (あきつ) 禰津 (ねづ)
Nezu Akitsu

Nezu Akitsu
The Devilish Houjou Inari
More Character Titles


Youkai Kitsune


Disguising things and herself
Killing with curses

Music Themes


Nezu Akitsu (明津 禰津 Akitsu Nezu) is the stage 5 midboss, stage 5 boss and stage 6 midboss.


She is based on a Youkai Kitsune in a folk tale related to the famed Daimyo Ujiyasu Hojo in Sengoku period Japan.


<add here>


<add here>


A kitsune who became able to shapeshift after living for a long enough time.

Long ago, she would use her ability to commit wicked acts, but through taming efforts by certain members of the Fuuma clan, her power ended up being suppressed as she was turned into a mere servant for them.

Taking notice of the Summer Triangle's amplified power, and the Vulpecula constellation placed in the center of that, she had crafted a plan.
She would manipulate Fuma Mishandra (who had been born from the Fuuma clan's magic relic/grimoire) into undoing the seal placed on her power, by convincing Fuma to complete an
unfinished summoning ritual, creating a large illusory castle for her in this process. Should the plan succeed, she could then control the Vulpecula constellation and all the stars
within it to raise her power level to an exponential degree.

However, the heroines ended up getting in her way, so her plan ultimately failed.

Spell Cards

Name Translated Comments Games Stage
Total: 24
火符「清め火の巫女」 Fire Sign "Shrine Maiden of Cleansing Fire" BoSM St. 5A: E/N
神霊「幻光追駆」 Divine Spirit "Fantasy Light Pursuit" BoSM St. 5A: H/L
氷魔「アイススケイル」 Ice Magic "Ice Scale" BoSM St. 5B: E/N
悲恋「オーレリーズフリーザー」 Tragic Love "Orreries Freezer" BoSM St. 5B: H/L
科戸「風神の風袋」 Shinato "Wind God's Wind-Filled Bag" BoSM St. 5C: E/N
逆鱗「風神の堪忍袋大決壊」 Wrath "Wind God's Bag of Patience Collapsing" BoSM St. 5C: H/L
狐火「電弧石火」 Fox Fire "Like Lightning and Fox-Fire" BoSM St. 5: E/N
狐火「嫁入り行列オールナイト」 Fox Fire "Wedding Parade All-Night" BoSM St. 5: H
霊火「赤い狐火と紺の狐火」 Spirit Fire "Red Fox-Fire and Ultramarine Fox-Fire" BoSM St. 5: L
変化「人の威を借る狐」 Transformation "Fox Borrowing a Human's Authority" BoSM St. 5: E/N
変化「ミラーマッチ売りの妖狐」 Transformation "The Youkai Fox who Sold Mirror-Matches" BoSM St. 5: H/L
宙狐「関八州の王女稲荷」 Sky Fox "Queen Inari of Kantou's Eight Provinces" BoSM St. 5: E/N
操神「ダーキニーコントロール」 Control God "Dakini Control" BoSM St. 5: H
操神「ダーキニーネクロマンティカ」 Control God "Dakini Necromantica" BoSM St. 5: L
「殺生石の生贄」 "Live Sacrifice of Sesshoseki" BoSM St. 5: E/N
「イルネスイリュージョナー」 "Illness Illusioner" BoSM St. 5: H
「純粋なる悪意の結晶」 "Crystals of Pure Malice" BoSM St. 5: L
「ナインテイルインフェルノ」 "Nine Tail Inferno" BoSM St. 5: E/N
「ダークテイルインフェルノ」 "Dark Tail Inferno" BoSM St. 5: H/L
九火「ナインテイルスパーク」 Nine Fires "Nine Tail Spark" BoSM St. 6: E/N/H/L
狂符「ミラクルアヤツリウム」 Madness Sign "Miracle Manipulatorium" TF St. 8
星狐「アキツネビュラ」 Star Fox "Akitsu Nebula" TF St. 8
操神「正一位蛙石大明神」 Control God "Kawazu-Ishi Daimyoujin of Senior First Rank" TF St. 8
尾先「夏狐の弾幕憑き」 Osaki "Summer Foxes' Danmaku Possession" TF St. Ex

Official Profiles

Book of Star Mythology - Nezu Akitsu's Profile







Species: Youkai Kitsune

Ability: Disguising things and herself
   Killing with curses

A youkai fox who became able to take human form after living for many years. A real nusiance who's mastered various youkai arts such as curses, in addition to her species' standard transformation abilities.

Long ago, she used that power of hers to do evil deeds, but there came a time when her power was stolen by a knowledgeable and resourceful feudal lord. Ever since then, she resided in an ordinary shrine and was tamed on a diet of fried tofu. While understandably dissatisfied, she had no choice but to serve her new master.
Incidentally, her name "Nezu Akitsu" (明津禰津) originated around this time; before then, "Akitsu" was written with the kanji "悪津" (meaning 'wicked' rather than 'bright'). It seems that a servant of the feudal lord renamed her in order to control her power, since he was aware of the surprising amount of power that resides in words and writing. Ironically enough, though, his clan is known by the ominous name of "Fuuma" even today.

She planned to escape during the confusion when the feudal lord's clan-- the Houjou-- fell, but the Fuuma took her reins again, and her power remained suppressed.
She spent 400 years' worth of unsatisfying (though not unfortunate) days, eventually entering Genskoyo without even realizing it. With this incident, though, she saw her chance to turn on her masters.

Nezu took notice of two facts. One, that the stars of Tanabata-- the "Summer Triangle"-- were harbouring more power than on the original Tanabata thanks to the Moriyas' plan. Two, that the small fox constellation Vulpecula was located in the center of that giant triangle.
Her youkai power normally had a limiter on it, put there by the Fuuma clan. But if she could get a Fuuma clansman to release her, her already-formidable status as a youkai fox would let her use Vulpecula as a stepping-stone to control the entire Summer Triangle, and all the power of the stars within it.
The Fuuma clan were masters of using the power of language that names hold. Nezu, in her cunning, had not been lazing around as a mere pet. She had been stealing their know-how for herself the whole time.

All she had to do was feed her master a pack of lies, get them to release her power, and take over. It would have gone perfectly...
if she hadn't run into the shrine maiden and friends before her power was released, that is.
To be honest, there was never any real hope of her revenge being successful.

Fuma Mishandra

Fuma Mishandra

Fuma Mishandra
The Godmother in Search of Her Own Name
More Character Titles


Divine spirit


Using black magic
Gathering information

Music Themes
  • 言ノ葉ノ大魔法 ~ Starry Wisdom
  • 風な恨みそ花の春 ~ Eternal Wind

Fuma Mishandra (フーマ・ミシャンドラ) is the stage 6 boss and extra stage midboss.



Her surname name, "Fuma", is based on the ninja Fuma Clan in Sengoku period Japan who serves the Hojo Clan of Odawara.

Her "given" name, "Mishandra", is the name of the Key of Solomon's alleged 73rd demon, who secretly rules over all the others and it is something completely made-up by 2chan. Fuma knew that it was made-up but picked the name for herself anyway, since it was fitting.

She herself is based on, on the other hand, the Lesser Key of Solomon or Lemegeton, the anonymous grimoire (or spell book) on demonology, which is the origin of King Solomon's 72 Demons.


<add here>


A divine spirit born from the Fuuma clan's grimoire, Lemegeton.
She was born from the relic's magic, combined with the dying wishes of her master as the Fuuma clan had fallen in battle.

Due to the influence of the seal that had been placed on her grimoire to protect her, her memory was incomplete.
Nezu wished to take advantage of that, and claimed to want to revive the fallen Fuuma clan, so she pushed her to take advantage of powered-up stars of Tanabata and complete an unfinished summoning ritual.
The seal had been broken, leading Fuma to remember her master's intention, and so she secretly plotted to use the ritual to completely seal away Nezu.
However, due to the heroines getting in her way, Nezu ended up escaping from her.

Since the incident, she had settled in Gensokyo, seeking to befriend the ninjas that had been chasing after the grimoire she embodied.

Spell Cards

Name Translated Comments Games Stage
Total: 26
儀式「レーザーキーオブソロモン」 Ritual "Laser Key of Solomon" BoSM St. 6: E/N
魔錠「ゲートオブソロモン」 Magic Lock "Gate of Solomon" BoSM St. 6: H
宝具「リングオブソロモン」 Treasured Tool "Ring of Solomon" BoSM St. 6: L
魔本「グリモワールバタフライ」 Magic Book "Grimoire Butterfly" BoSM St. 6: E/N
魔本「スーパーグリモワールド」 Magic Book "Super Grimworld" BoSM St. 6: H
神秘「天使が与え賜うた禁書」 Arcane "Forbidden Tome Granted by an Angel" BoSM St. 6: L
風花「フーマシュリケーン」 Wind Flower "Fuuma Shurricane" BoSM St. 6: E/N
宝剣「スターエメラルドシュリケーン」 Treasured Sword "Star Emerald Shurricane" BoSM St. 6: H
心花「篝火の冠」 Heart Flower "Crown of Bonfires" BoSM St. 6: L
大魔神「バアルのような者」 Great Demon God "A Baal-like Entity" BoSM St. 6: E/N
異神「パズズ&ドラゴンズ」 Other Gods "Pazuzu & Dragons" BoSM St. 6: H
大悪魔「顕現する七つの大罪」 Great Demons "Seven Deadly Sins Manifesting" BoSM St. 6: L
呪文「ギガノ・ミシャルド」 Incantation "Gigano Misharudo" BoSM St. 6: E
禁呪「ディオガ・ミシャルドン」 Forbidden Spell "Dioga Misharudon" BoSM St. 6: N/H
「シン・ミシャル・セウノウス」 "Shin Misharu Seunousu" BoSM St. 6: L
「神々の巨大三角」 "Giant Triangle of the Gods" BoSM St. 6: E/N
「スターライトプリンセス」 "Starlight Princess" BoSM St. 6: H
「レジェンドオブデルタ」 "Legend of Delta" BoSM St. 6: L
「フーマ・ミシャンドラ」 "Fuma Mishandra" BoSM St. 6: E/N/H/L
魔奏「ナルコラップトラップ」 Demon Performance "Naruklap Trap" BoSM St. Ex
非人道兵器「ホーミングマキビット」 Inhumane Weapon "Homing Makibit" BoSM St. Ex
魔神「魔法陣フルフル」 Demon God "Magic Circle Furfur" BoSM St. Ex
悪魔「デカラビアンローズ」 Demon "Decaravian Rose" TF St. 9
禁呪「ギルミシャル・バルスルク」 Forbidden Spell "Girumisharu Barusuruk" TF St. 9
「マジンベネフィット」 "Majin Benefit" TF St. 9
混沌「ゴエティック・コール」 Chaos "Goetic Call" TF St. Ex

Official Profiles

Book of Star Mythology - Fuma Mishandra's Profile











Species: Divine spirit

Ability: Using black magic
   Gathering information

She is a divine spirit born from a magic relic.
The relic in question is a book containing a massive magic power. Perhaps for that reason, she can receive information written in books all over the world without moving an inch.

Long ago, when the Houjou clan fell during the Sengoku era, it also spelled doom for the ninja clan that served them: the Fuuma, who skillfully controlled the power of words and names.
The final master of the Fuuma clan accepted his own death. However, he had one piece of unfinished business.

The Houjou family crest is a fractal shape combining a rightside-up and upside-down triangle. (Also known as Sierpinski's Gasket.) (Apparently it's also called a Triforce these days.)
See the connection yet...? This shape, the Summer Triangle, and the smaller triangle of constellations within it-- Sagitta, Vulpecula, and Delphinus. If you draw lines between those constellations in the sky, and expand the smaller triangle within the larger one, you can draw a giant hexagram.
The Fuuma's magic relic, known as "Lemegeton" or "Goetia" in the outside world, was a lost magic item from a foreign land. It held the power to summon inhuman demons by gathering a large amount of magic power within a hexagram-shaped magic circle. The Houjou clan's Trifor three-scaled family crest was the perfect camouflage for the Fuuma clan's heretical power, as well as their ill-fated birthplace.

During the final battle that decided the fate of the Houjou, the Fuuma leader had a secret plan to turn the tide of battle all at once. Just like the current incident, he would use the old calendar's Tanabata to gather power in the Summer Triangle's stars, and use it to summon a legion of great demons.

But, alas! Cruel fate! The battle came to an end with the fall of the Houjou, right before Tanabata was to arrive.
The final master of the Fuuma clan accepted his own death. However, he had one piece of unfinished business.

He entrusted his will (and control over Nezu) to the magic relic, and sealed it away in a place that none could find.
Eventually, the two powers of his wish and the magic relic fused with each other, creating a divine spirit.
"Who am I?" she thought. Thanks to the seal's influence, her memories were incomplete. However, she found the word "Fuma" in the far recesses of her mind, and assumed it to be her own name.

400 years later.
A youkai fox approached her, claiming to have been searching for Fuma and the magic relic in order to break their seal. Nezu created an illusionary castle, lifted Fuma up into it, and passionately implored her to complete the once-unfinished summoning ritual, so that they could revive their clan.
That night, it just so happened that the power of the stars on Tanabata had been strengthened thanks to the morning glories that Sanae had grown.
---Actually, in the first place... had it been a coincidence that the Moriyas grew those morning glories so conveniently?
The seal was broken. Fuma remembered her master's intentions, and at the same time, understood the sly old fox's ulterior motive.
And above all else, she became strongly aware that today's world had no need for power that would bring the devastation of war.

She began the ritual all the same, but actually intended to use it to completely seal away the evil fox's power. (Although since Reimu and co. got in her way, Nezu escaped by a hair's breadth...)
She hadn't considered anything that would come after. Such concepts were beyond the reason for her existence. However, she came to learn that the descendants of other ninja clans were trying to contact her, drawn in by her magic power.
Having felt a slight sadness from being by herself, Fuma decided that it'd be nice if one of those ninjas could be friends with her for starters. ---So did she wish upon the stars of Tanabata.

Also, the name "Mishandra" comes from that of the unknown "73rd demon," called forth by the magic relic said to summon the preceding 72.
...but, to tell the truth, that's nothing but an urban legend. It's an imaginary being, entirely made up and spread as a rumor by humans seized with a desire for fame.
Fuma herself was aware of this, but she saw that arming oneself with urban legends was popular as of late. She thought that it couldn't hurt to have that card up her sleeve, and incorporated the name into her own.

Sengo Sanada

宝刀 真田丸 (ほうけん さなだまる)
(真田 千子) (さなだ せんご)

Sengo Sanada

Sengo Sanada
Demon Sword that Fights Against Peace
More Character Titles


Tsukumogami (Demon Blade)


Summoning the Ten Braves

Music Themes
  • 堕ちた英雄の剣 ~ Legend of Sanada

Sengo Sanada (真田 千子 Sanada Sengo), also identified by her title Treasured Sword 'Sanadamaru' (宝刀 真田丸 Houken Sanadamaru) is the extra stage boss.



She is based on the famed samurai warrior in Sengoku period Japan, Yukimura Sanada, who was especially known as the leading general on the defending side of the Siege of Osaka, and the tale of Sanada Ten Braves. Her surname "Sanada" comes from Yukimura Sanada.

She herself is Yukimura's blade, which is believed to be made by and named after the famous swordsmith Sengo Muramasa. Her given name "Sengo" comes from this.


<add here>


A tsukumogami born from a demon sword wielded by Yukimura Sanada.

When he died, Yukimura had offered up his sword to the ferryman of the Sanzu River to cover the remaining money required to cross the river.
However, since the sword would curse members of the Tokugawa clan who'd killed Yukimura in battle, the ferryman had tossed the sword into the river.

The sword itself ended up becoming a tsukumogami, and she was unsatisfied with how peaceful the current era was, and desired to bring about an era of war so she could be of use again.
She took notice of the flow of magic coming from Fuma's grimoire, and concluded that the time of uprising had come once again, so she summoned the Sanada Ten Braves and rushed to Mahoujou
to join the battle. However, the information was based on a mere hunch, so she ended up being beaten in battle by the heroine.

Since then, she'd live on as Fuma's personal sword and a companion of hers. Though she wouldn't be used in war battles like she wanted, she was still satisfied with the outcome.

Spell Cards

Name Translated Comments Games Stage
Total: 15
一騎「千子村正の一番槍」 Single Horseman "Sengo Muramasa's Opening Spear" BoSM St. Ex
召喚「十勇士出陣の儀」 Summon "Ritual of the Ten Braves' Deployment" BoSM St. Ex
影武者「黄泉比良坂夏の陣」 Shadow Decoy "Summer Siege of Yomotsu-Hirasaka" BoSM St. Ex
由利「アンルリーノーブルテザー」 Yuri "Unruly Noble Tether" BoSM St. Ex
三好「挟撃!ダブル破戒入道!」 Miyoshi "Pincer Attack! Double Sacrilegious Nyuudou!" BoSM St. Ex
水計「ヒガンガワデリュージュ」 Water Stratagem "Higan River Deluge" BoSM St. Ex
根津「三途戦艦『真田丸』」 Nezu "Sanzu Battleship: Sanada Maru" BoSM St. Ex
才蔵「キリガクレ・シンカー」 Saizō "Kirigakure Sinker" BoSM St. Ex
佐助「戦国忍者No.1決定戦」 Sasuke "Sengoku Ninja No.1 Playoffs" BoSM St. Ex
「真田幸村の幻想入り伝説」 "The Legend of Sanada Yukimura Passing into Fantasy" BoSM St. Ex
「武将転生」 "General Transmigration" BoSM St. Ex
朱槍「スピア・ザ・ジュウモンジ」 Vermillion Spear "Spear the Juumonji" TF St. 7
「スカイサーファー『真田丸』」 "Sky Surfer: Sanada Maru" TF St. 7
武将合技「戦国氷炎無双斬」 Generals' Combo Move "Sengoku Ice-Fire Peerless Slash" TF St. 7
菱紋剣「インヘリテッドキャリバー」 Hollyhock Crest Sword "Inherited Calibur" TF St. Ex

Official Profiles

Book of Star Mythology - Sengo Sanada's Profile





  「これは! 風魔一族も再び乱世を望み、仲間を集結させたに違いない!」



Species: Tsukumogami (Demon Blade)

Ability: Summoning the Ten Braves

A tsukumogami. Her true body is a sword that was once carried by a hero of the era of war.
Upon dying and crossing the Sanzu River, the six coins he'd brought with him weren't enough payment, so he offered his sword to the ferryman of that time. Even afterwards, due to harboring its owner's lingering resentment, the sword brought down terrible scourges on the Tokugawa clan who had emerged as the victors of the era. Thanks to this, even the ferryman became sick of it and sank the sword into the riverbed, but that's a story for another time.

Her owner-- Sanada Yukimura-- is most well-recognized as a peerless spear-thrower. However, he also secretly specialized in ninjutsu; specifically, jutsu that could summon inhuman beings, the same type as Fuuma's. These beings' amazing feats later became part of the stereotypical image of fictional ninjas, even leading to the creation of an imaginary superhuman army known as the Sanada Ten Braves. (Also a story for another time.)

Now, it was all well and good that her owner had passed on to Nirvana, but she was nothing but unsatisfied after being left behind. Her master had tossed nothing but spears around and never really used her, and they never actually succeeded in conquering the era in the end-- and on top of everything else, there was no way that someone would use such a wild, violent sword in the current era of peace!

She wanted to bring the era of war back to this world. However, she simply didn't have enough power. Just as she had begun to think that there wasn't a chance left in her life, she grabbed hold of the flow of magic from the 400-year spell Fuma was using. And she sensed the shinobi gradually gathering towards it---!
"Aha! There's no doubt! The Fuuma clan, too, must desire war once again, and are calling out to their allies!"
The time for the uprising had come. She summoned the Sanada Ten Braves, and rushed to the Mahoujou to join in the battle. Naturally, she too could use her master's summoning jutsu. Hooray! How nice.
However, since she was hardly a ninja or a general, she failed to confirm her information moved out based on mere conjecture. As such, all that awaited her was being pummeled with danmaku by the incident-resolver. Not very nice after all.

In the end, somehow or another, she decided to live on as Fuma's personal sword for a while. She made a very good partner for Fuma, who was both a user of arcane powers and pretty lonely. Her new owner had absolutely no intention of bringing about war, but since she at least had a new owner, it wasn't all bad for Sanadamaru.
In time, she would be influenced by Fuma's temperament and lose her demonic aura, unknowingly losing her identity as a demon sword of wartime, but that, too, was surely fate.

The era when ninjas would fight in the darkness, and champions would fight to the death for the sake of their faith, is long over.
In Gensokyo, the only wars taking place are beautiful danmaku battles that serve as maidens' games.