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Music List[edit]

Title screen
幻想一夜物語 ~ Asterhyshm Line
Gensō ichiya monogatari
Fantastic Tale of One Night ~ Asterhyshm Line Mace



This is the title screen theme.

While keeping starry skies and rain in mind, I feel like it settled down to a pretty familiar feeling. It's got a 'making preparations to move out' atmosphere. Yes. Doesn't the sound of rain calm you down? Maybe it varies between people.

Stage 1 theme
Flowering Passage Shower



This is the stage 1 theme.

This song represents the initial expectation of "what's going to happen?" mixed with a suspicious atmosphere and the joy of flowers in bloom. I really like the 'wide spreading' feel of the main melody. Although it's just petals that are spreading.

Stage 1 Boss - Fabritis and Iphonea's theme
妖花乱麻 ~ Warning Glory!
Yōka ranma
A Tangle of Mystic Flowers ~ Warning Glory! Nana Yakayama and Ouka Shinomura



This is Fabritis and Iphonea's theme.

We tried representing a friendly joint struggle with the main melody's follow-up. Energetic fairies sure are great. They're just so, y'know... great! How's that for a sibling sandwich-- or rather, a stranger sandwich.

Stage 2 theme
Yūyake tonbi o otte
Chase Black Kites Over the Sunset Yoiyami



This is the stage 2 theme.

In keeping with the title, I envisioned the principled feeling of twilight; also, while it's rather simple, I added the cry of a kite to fit the gameplay. This is unrelated, but recently I was pooped on by a crow. On my head.

Stage 2 Boss - Tobiko Takatou's theme
Kaze kaminari no tobikatō
The Tobi Katou[1] of Wind and Thunder Ryuuou

鷹藤 鳶子のテーマです。


This is Tobiko Takatou's theme.

T'was merely an afterimage! She seems strong at first glance, but perhaps because of her aloof personality, she reeks of a small-fry character that you'd want to beat up. Very speedy and mysterious. But, well, it's only a Stage 2 theme in the end.

Stage 3 theme
Tenkawakeme no hoshi kekkai
Star Barrier of the Decisive Moment Under Heaven HAMRIKU



This is the stage 3 theme.

The vast starry sky, far more boisterous than imagined... we're only halfway through the story, but I tried to enliven the music as much as I could. This is the turning point. Truly a 'decisive moment under heaven'.

Stage 3 Boss - Shelia Lyrac's theme
Rain Tear Cage Minatsuki



This is Shelia Lyrac's theme.

This track really does sound somehow suspicious. The rain shines brightly when light hits it. Almost like stars. I composed this with that shining feeling in mind.

Stage 4 theme
Kagayakuyoru o okasu mono
Those Who Raid the Glimmering Night Monday



This is the stage 4 theme.

I made this while imagining a swift crossing through the Bamboo Forest. Though lost, one gradually proceeds forward... that sort of feeling. I also added some small homages to music from the official series; what do you think?

Stage 4 Boss - Ichiyou Mochizuki's theme
九曜天照 ~ Sunlight Reburst
Kuyō Amaterasu
Amaterasu of the Nine Luminaries ~ Sunlight Reburst Francium

望月 一曜のテーマです。


This is Ichiyou Mochizuki's theme.

She's a super-flashy ninja who uses various jutsu. She has sort of a "why aren't you hiding more if you're a ninja?" feel, but that's the trend nowadays. My intention with this track was to give somewhat of a classical Japanese feeling and somewhat of an intimidating feeling.

Stage 5 theme
Shingeki no Soushuu Rappa
Attack on Soushuu Rappa [2] [3] KAI



This is the stage 5 theme.

A jaunty feeling that gradually increases as you take one step after another, and just a little bit of terror. That's the mental image I put into this track. It's got a powerful melody themed around trumpets and an advancing march, but I hope it somehow expresses the beauty and dubious allure of a dark night as well.

Stage 5 Boss - Nezu Akitsu's theme
Irunesu iryūjonā
Illness Illusioner Yoko Yasha

明津 禰津のテーマです。


This is Nezu Akitsu's theme.

While viewing the character's backstory materials, I tried to express traditional Japan and youkai in my own way. She's a wonderful character, so it'd be great if the track lives up to that... *sweating*

Stage 6 theme
Hikatokage no mahōjō
The Mahoujou of Light and Shadow Io-kun



This is the stage 6 theme.

The world of shinobi is certainly deep. If they live in a world of shadow, you'd think they'd be pretty weak to sunlight, right? I composed the track with a short structure so that it'd be easy to lead into the boss music. I hope it's easy to listen to (^^ ; )

Stage 6 Boss - Fuma Mishandra's theme
言ノ葉ノ大魔法 ~ Starry Wisdom
Kotonoha no dai mahō
Great Magic of the Power of Words ~ Starry Wisdom Wanwan



This is Fuma Mishandra's theme.

Using words to express your emotions and understand each other might, in a way, be a sort of magic itself. As for the track, I composed it in my typical 'final boss' style, and made it somehow antiquated-sounding.

Stage 6 Boss - Fuma Mishandra's Last Spell theme
風な恨みそ花の春 ~ Eternal Wind
Kazena urami-so hana no haru
Hate not the Wind, Spring Blossoms ~ Eternal Wind [4] 古山智之(khirio)



This is ???'s theme.

I took the feeling of the official series' final boss music, and added even more of a space-ish feel to it. It's like a small, tranquil light gradually getting bigger and bigger... I suppose? One's mind is a universe inside one's heart, or something.

Extra Stage theme
Akerōn higan ryokō
Acheron Higan Voyage Prism


This is the Extra Stage theme.
I tried to shoot for as much of an 'extra story' feeling as I could.
It's got a slightly dark atmosphere drifting about. Since it's the Sanzu River, I thought that maybe a lighter feeling could be good... but, well, it's close to the Netherworld nonetheless, so.

Extra Stage Boss - Sengo Sanada's theme
堕ちた英雄の剣 ~ Legend of Sanada
Ochita eiyū no ken
Sword of the Fallen Hero ~ Legend of Sanada Misora

真田 千子のテーマです。

This is Sengo Sanada's theme.
I kind of get the feeling that I made a similar song some time before, but... nah, it's your imagination. It's your imagination!
I was somewhat puzzled as to what feeling to compose it with, but I think it turned out pretty me-ish like always. Here's hoping it sounds cool!

Ending theme
Koto no ne to koto no e
The Sound of a Harp and the Sound of Words Koshian




This is the ending theme.

Words take on meaning when they're said out loud. "Blah blah, yadda yadda"... like, the feeling of when the words and sounds overlap.

You say the track has kind of a festival feeling...? That's your imagination talking. Let's just finish up work for now, and then take a rest. Just a short one, okay...?

Staff Roll theme
天下統一ヒストリー ~ New Age Dream
Tenka tōitsu hisutorī
History of Uniting All Under Heaven ~ New Age Dream ido



This is the staff roll theme.

A refreshing track that gives a feeling of both antiquity and a new era. I was really hard-pressed with this one, since it crowns the finale of the game. It's not a gloomy song... right?

Score theme
Player's Score Shower


  1. Katou Danzou (加藤 段蔵, Danzō Katō) was a famed 16th century ninja master during the Sengoku Period who was also known as "Tobi Katō" (飛び加藤, flying Katou), due to his alleged ability to fly. According to legend, he was a practitioner of sorcery and preformed amazing feats such as swallowng a bull whole in front of a crowd of 20 people, which is rather fitting if you consider Tobiko's personality and backstory.
  2. Likely a play on the manga Attack on Titan (進撃の巨人).
  3. 'Soushuu Rappa' (相州乱破) was one of Fuuma Kotarou's titles. 'Soushuu' was another name for Fuuma's birthplace of Sagami province, and 'Rappa' was another term for ninja. The Japanese word for 'trumpet' is also 'rappa', spelled either with katakana (ラッパ) or with the kanji 喇叭 as in the song title.
  4. Taken from the final line of Houjou Ujimasa's death poem: 吹きとふく 風な恨みそ 花の春 紅葉も残る 秋あらばこそ (Hate not the blowing wind, spring blossoms, for neither is there an autumn where the red leaves last).