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博霊神社 The Hakurei Shrine.
異変は解決したが、勿論参拝客が増えたりはしない。 The incident was resolved, but as always, the shrine saw no resulting increase in visitors.
霊夢「って! なんでよ! なんでいつもそうなのよ!」 Reimu: "HEY! Why's that, huh?! Why is that always what happens?!"
Fuma: "It's only natural. Your youkai-filled shrine is famously known as an occult spot by everyone in the village down below."
霊夢「そして何勝手に上り込んでる!?」 Reimu: "And what are YOU doing in my shrine?!"
Fuma: "Books are a source of magic, and a font of wisdom. I've made sure to read up on modern Gensokyo traditions. After an incident, you visit the shrine maiden's abode and drink sake."
霊夢「無い無い! そんなしきたり無い!」 Reimu: "Nope! Nuh-uh! There's no such tradition!"
Fuma: "Also, Fuma's urban legend is Mishandra. With this online urban legend that symbolizes our new era, I shall hereby take your Occult Ball."
霊夢「それももう終わってるから!」 Reimu: "That was ages ago!"
"Mishandra," the name that Fuma had adopted, was the name of the unknown 73rd demon of Solomon's 72.
Their existence isn't mentioned in records or documents of any kind, but that's because they curse their summoner to be unable to remember them or write anything down.
...That's their "backstory," as it were. They're actually an imaginary demon that became an urban legend via the Internet. In other words, they're somebody's OC.
Fuma: "But that matters not. Even Satan, Belial and so on could be described as having originated in a similar way. I lost my master and my goal, and forgot what sort of being I was originally meant to be."
Fuma: "But by assuming its name, I, Fuma, can definitively manifest here as that 73rd demon."
Though someone's form may change from era to era, as long as they remain in someone's memory-- as long as their tale continues to be handed down-- their soul is immortal.
The idea to arm oneself with weaponized oral folklore, which Reimu and co. had made use of in the past.
In Fuma's eyes, this was a secret method by which one could shine light upon nameless beings like herself.
彼女は本ならではの豊富な知識と、風魔ならではの名付けの特技を活かし幻想郷各地の消え行く妖怪や神様を、新しい存在として昇華させて回る。 With the bountiful knowledge she held as a book, and the special name-granting techniques she held as one of the Fuuma, she proceeded to go on a journey around Gensokyo, elevating fading youkai and gods from every corner of the land into new beings.
The Human Village thus became filled with new urban legends, and all-new varieties of Occult Ball unlike those of the previous incident began to appear throughout Gensokyo.
Reimu would have her hands full with incident-resolution duties yet again, but that's a story for another time.
Ending.01 深秘は続くよどこまでも Ending No.01: The Legends in Limbo Continue, No Matter How Far [1]
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  1. A play on the Japanese translation of "I've Been Working on the Railroad" (線路は続くよどこまでも, lit. "The Railroad Goes On, However Long"), in the same vein as the first stage title of Reimu's final scenario in Urban Legend in Limbo.