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早苗「私はこれ程努力したのに! 神奈子様、諏訪子様も
Sanae: "I did my best, and yet...! As Ladies Kanako and Suwako are my witness, I flew! I fought! I taxed my powers to the utmost! And yet!"[1]
満身創痍の早苗。思わず魔宝城から竹林まで撤退したが、天を仰いで悔し泣きに泣き出した。 Sanae, grievously injured, had retreated from the Mahoujou to the Bamboo Forest without even fully processing that she'd done so. She roared to the heavens, and began to cry tears of bitter defeat.
早苗「お許し下さい! 私は不信の徒ではない。 Sanae: "I beg thy forgiveness! I am not an unfaithful shrine maiden."
Sanae: "Ah, could I but cut open this breast that you might see the crimson of my heart, whose very lifeblood is love and truth!"
Alas! As Sanae lay with arms and legs flung out on the ground, sleep began to overcome her. But then...
イフォーニア「あっ! あそこに居ました!」 Iphonea: "Ah! There she is!"
ファブリティス「小学生先輩!」 Fabritis: "Miss Elementary Schooler!"
Why, what's this?
A pair of twin fairies, clad in brand-new uniforms and rucksacks!
ファブリティス「私達ももっと朝顔を極める為に小学生になる!」 Fabritis: "To heighten our mastery of morning glories, we too shall become elementary schoolers!"
イフォーニア「朝顔のこと、たくさん教えてもらいたいのです!」 Iphonea: "We'd love it if you could tell us lots and lots about morning glories!"
当然困惑した早苗だったが、すぐに偶然をチャンスに変えるアイデアが去来した。 Sanae was naturally bewildered by this, but was visited moments later by an idea that could turn this coincidence into an opportunity.
この七夕異変が続く限り、朝顔は人の願いを集めて力を生み出す筈。 As long as this Tanabata Incident went on, the morning glories ought to continue collecting people's wishes and producing power.
禰津によって細工された邪悪朝顔を新しい物に入れ替え魔宝城へ流れているその力を、自身の武装に変えてしまえば良い! All she had to do was replace the evil morning glories that Nezu crafted with ones her own, thus converting the power flowing to the Mahoujou into her personal weapon!
早苗「素晴らしい! これは素晴らしいですよ!
Sanae: "Wonderful! Truly wonderful!
Come along, you two! Let us embark on a long-term campaign of selective breeding, and step forth into the depths of the dominant-gene barrier (Mendel's Zone)!"
こうして欲霊の収集効率に優れた新種の開発に取り掛かるのであるが当然そんな事を悠長にやっている間に、異変は霊夢・魔理沙によって無事解決されていた。 Thus did the three of them begin developing a cultivar bred for peak desire-spirit collection efficiency... but as one might expect, during the leisurely course of their efforts, Reimu and Marisa went off and safely resolved the incident on their own.
Her adorable twin disciples, too, were only easily-bored fairies in the end.
Once the Tanabata mood ended, they promptly disappeared off to somewhere else.
"This can't be happening!"
Sanae's embittered wail became a desire spirit of its own, and rewound the flow of time!
がんばれ早苗! 負けるな早苗!
Fight on, Sanae! Don't lose, Sanae!
Things will surely work out better next time!
Ending.06 無限ループって怖いよね Ending No.06: Infinite Loops Sure Are Scary
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  1. Sanae's lines up to Fabritis & Iphonea's arrival parody several lines from Osamu Dazai's short story Run, Melos! (走れメロス). The translation here is likewise based on Ralph F. McCarthy's 1988 translation thereof.