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守矢神社 The Moriya Shrine.
外の世界から魔宝を追って来たものの、帰る方法の分からない望月一曜が滞在している。 Despite having come from the Outside World in pursuit of the magic relic, Ichiyou Mochizuki didn't know how to get back, and was thus residing at the shrine.
一曜「今だ! 火遁! 火の玉アタック!」 Ichiyou: "Now's my chance! Fire Escape! Fireball Attack!"
 炎を貫き防ぎ、そのまま攻撃! 勝負あり…」
Sanae: "Activate Wind Wall!
Blow through her flames, and attack in one fell swoop! Victory is mine...!"
一曜「危ない所だった…これぞ身代わりの術!」 Ichiyou: "That was a close one... behold the power of my Body Double Jutsu!"
早苗「何ですって!? では私も、守矢忍法・水遁の術!」 Sanae: "What's this?! Well, two can play at that game! Moriya Ninja Art: Water Escape Jutsu!"
一曜「ただの雨! ただの雨ですよそれは!」 Ichiyou: "That's just rain! You're just making a bunch of rain fall!"
Being around the same age, Ichiyou and Sanae hit it off well.
The two of them began eagerly training together, in the name of overthrowing Reimu Hakurei.
The two gods of the Moriya Shrine watched over them warmly, interested to see how long Sanae (who was every bit as easily bored as a fairy) could keep this up.
無論、一曜の火遁で時折飛んで来る炎の流れ弾を、神社に直撃せぬよう逸らしながら。 Of course, they also made sure to redirect the occasional stray fire bullets from Ichiyou's tonjutsu away from the shrine.
諏訪子「これ神奈子、あれは何なんじゃ」 [1] Suwako: "'Ey, Kanako, what's that over there?"
神奈子「おや諏訪子、あれは忍者じゃ」 Kanako: "Why, Suwako, it's a ninja over there!"
諏訪子「なんか私の知ってる忍者とずいぶん違うのだが」 Suwako: "She looks pretty different from the ninjas I'm familiar with."
Kanako: "Both gods and ninjas assume new forms to match the current era, I'll have you know.
Much like myself."
諏訪子「神奈子はただ小狡いだけだ」 Suwako: "Pretty sure that's just you being weaselly."
You may have begun to realize this already, but for a pair of gods who breached Gensokyo's barrier on their own, breaching the barrier in the other direction is also quite easy.
They could've actually returned Ichiyou to the Outside World and been back before breakfast.
しかし、もはや現代の外界は、煌びやかな五色の忍者が合体ロボを操ったり、戦に負けた忍者が爆発したりする末法の世界。 But today's modern world is a fearsome Latter-Day era, where gaudy five-colored ninjas pilot fusion robots, ninjas who fall in battle will dramatically explode, and so on.
Ichiyou was descended from an ancient, honorable lineage of proper ninjas.
Perhaps her becoming accidentally stranded in Gensokyo was preordained by fate, rather than being a mere accident.
Which side would bring her the most happiness, in the end?
As they mulled this over, neither Kanako nor Suwako could bring themselves to broach the topic.
しかし数日後、外の世界で通っている学校のテストが迫って来たと言われ、結局一曜は外の世界へ送還されて行く。 But several days later, Ichiyou told them that she had a test coming up at her school in the Outside World, so they shipped her back outside in the end.
High-school girls.
They may be the ultimate, most powerful species the Outside World has to offer, but they can't afford to let their grades slip.
彼女は、完全に外の世界への未練を捨てた早苗とは違ったのだ。 In that sense, Ichiyou was different from Sanae, who had completely abandoned her lingering connections to the outside.
早苗と一曜は、以後もときおり神奈子・諏訪子の力を通して連絡を交わした。 From then on, the two of them also exchanged correspondences via Kanako and Suwako's power from time to time.
その後一曜は大学へ進学し、次第に忍者の跡継ぎを諦めて、普通の現代人として大人になって行く。 Eventually, Ichiyou would proceed onward to college, gradually give up on inheriting her ninja legacy, and live her life as a regular, modern-day adult.
Had Sanae really made the right choice, by contrast?
She looked at herself-- still young no matter how many years passed, gradually becoming a god-- and thought.
Then she stopped thinking.
She chose this path by herself. It was the polar opposite of Ichiyou's choice, but both were equally "correct". Neither could be described as wrong.
Sanae: "I'll always remember your ninjutsu...
Now, it's time for another incident this year! There's no way I'll lose to Reimu!"
The young god of Moriya radiated a sense of presence that couldn't be any further from the word "shinobu" (to hide).
And this year, once again, she would set out to resolve incidents with her amazingly flashy techniques...
Sanae had come to fully acknowledge Ichiyou's path in life, and held pride in her own path as well.
Ending.03 ところでその時霊夢って何歳だろう Ending No.03: By the way, how old was Reimu around then?
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  1. あれは何なんじゃ (are wa nan nanja): borrowed from the lyrics of Ninja Sentai Kakuranger's opening song, Secret Kakuranger?