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The English transcript of Book of Star Mythology for your reading pleasure.

The Japanese transcript has also been included in order to encourage fellow translators to chip in and make our translations more accurate/helpful.



In-Game Dialogue[edit]


Other Translations[edit]

Spell Cards[edit]

A list of translations of the spell cards appearing in Book of Star Mythology.


Intro Screen[edit]

This game is fan made.
This game is a derivative work of fiction. Characters and organizations that appear may be passing into fantasy.

Game Modes[edit]

伝説の勇者モード Legendary Hero Mode


Take advantage of the power collecting in the Summer Triangle

and gain boundless wisdom, power and courage in this mode.
Even if you get hit, you'll revive on the spot.

レガシーモード Legacy Mode


Humbly challenge the incident as usual in this mode.

You can play this even if you're not an expert.

Difficulty Levels[edit]

Like most of the other Windows games, each of the difficulty levels has a special name and a short summary.

薄曇級 Easy Mode 傘をもって行く必要はないでしょう。初心者向け。
Thin Cloud Level Easy Mode You probably won't need an umbrella. For beginners.
曇天級 Normal Mode 気温は上がらず過ごし易い一日となるでしょう。全年齢向け。
Cloudy Sky Level Normal Mode It'll probably be a cool and lovely day. For all ages.
本曇級 Hard Mode ところにより弾幕が厚くなります。上級者向け。
Overcast Level Hard Mode The danmaku gets denser here and there. For experts.
大雨級 Lunatic Mode 涙を催します。遊ぶな。
Downpour Level Lunatic Mode You'll be moved to tears. Don't play this.
叢雲級 Extra Mode 不安の雲が空を覆っています。
Gathering Clouds Level Extra Mode Clouds of unease enveloped the sky.

Stage Titles[edit]

The full version of the game includes six stages and an extra stage.

Stage 1 「槿花一朝の幻想」 Fantasy of One Morning's Glory
Stage 2 「闇路の大道芸人」 Street Performer on the Dark Road
Stage 3 「幻想の天獄」 Heavenly Prison of Fantasy
Stage 4 「小望月の妖傑」 Mystic Hero of Mochizuki Eve
Stage 5 「狐橋の戦い」 Battle of Kitsunebashi
Stage 6 「乱世に吹いた魔の風」 A Demonic Wind Blown Across the Era of War
Extra Stage 「全ての魔を従えろ!」 Subdue All The Demons!

Playable Characters[edit]

Reimu Hakurei[edit]

Shrine Maiden of Virgo
Reimu Hakurei


Who cares about Tanabata or the constellations?!

"I won't stand for such damp weather or for the Moriya Shrine prospering!"

Marisa Kirisame[edit]

霧雨 魔理沙
Magician of Sagittarius
Marisa Kirisame


Who cares about the damp weather or the Moriya Shrine prospering?!

"I'm gonna get front-row seats to this out-of-season Tanabata!"

Sanae Kochiya[edit]

東風谷 早苗
Shrine Maiden of Ophiuchus
Sanae Kochiya


The morning glories have caused the River of Heaven's bridge to open!

"I need to go do some damage control, fast!"

Score Ranking[edit]


  1. "Hamaru" is both the Japanese pronunciation of the name "Hamal" and a verb that can mean "to get hooked on something".
  2. Meraboshi (布良星) is a Japanese name for Canopus. "Mera mera" is onomatopoeia for the sound of fire.