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A boundary between moonlight and daylight created by Yukari Yakumo
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A boundary is the border between two things, such as land by land, life & death, or day & night. Taken to its most extreme conclusion, a boundary defines something as otherwise, there would be no difference between anything. Thus anything that exists by definition has a boundary, whether it is a tangible physical object or an intangible esoteric concept. Gensokyo is protected by a boundary called the Great Hakurei Barrier in order to keep it isolated from the outside world. Yukari Yakumo is a youkai notable for her ability to manipulate any boundary.

Types of Boundaries

These boundaries include:

  • Gensokyo-outside World, the Great Hakurei Barrier keeps these two seperated, making it very hard to to cross apart from Yukari, although it's easy to cross without realising.
  • Gensokyo-Netherworld is a weak boundary with a door that isn't very effective because anyone can fly over it.[1]
  • Gensokyo-Makai, although this one's questionable. In the PC-98, the border has a space appearance guarded by Sara that's easy to cross, but in the Windows canon, this wasn't shown and the Palanquin Ship was used because it's hard to get to Makai due to miasma.
  • Gensokyo-Higan, separated by the natural border River Sanzu.

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