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文花盤 (ぶんかばん)







Party Board Game


4 - 6 players, go to a numbers of specific spots, then head to goal.



  • Map board
  • 2 Scene boards
  • Indication board
  • 9 Scene cards
  • 60 Indication cards
  • Reporter card equal to number of player
  • 24 - 36 Chip counters (6 for each player)
  • Dice

Bunkaban! (文花盤, lit. "Sentence Flower Edition") is a fan-made Touhou Project board game that lets players take the role of characters, who participate in tengu's newspaper convention, running around Gensokyo, collecting news articles and head to tengu residence before opponents.


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The game objective is to be the first one who complete a set of news article and reach the goal, tengu residence. First, each player randomly select character, then randomly select 6 scene cards and place on 2 scene boards, 3 for each board. Next, pick 6 indication cards that have game logo on the bottom left and place each card on indication board, one for each dice face, thus end the game set up.

In each player turn, he/she pick the top card from indication cards pile and replace one of indication card on the board, however there must be at least one and not more than three cards for each type of move method, indicate on card bottom right. Then the player roll a dice, check the dice result on indication board and move as state on the indication card, next to that result, however, he/she can't use the same road that he just pass for that turn. (e.g. move forward then move backward using the same road in the same turn). When player stop at the place indicate on scene card he/she put one of his/her chip counter below that scene card, which indicate that he/she collected that article, but doesn't mean it lock out that article from other players.

The first player who reach tengu residence with his/her chip counter below all of the scene cards in either one of scene board is the winner.

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