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Canal of Willows

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(やなぎ) 運河 (うんが)
Canal of Willows
ja̠na̠ɡ̃i no̞ ɯ̃ᵝŋɡ̃a̠
The Canal of Willows in Double Dealing Character

Very near to the Human Village

Official Games

The Canal of Willows (柳の運河 Yanagi no Unga) is a canal near the Human Village, where willow trees can be found. It is presented as a vaguely ominous location, though in actuality, the heroine seems genuinely surprised to find that there are actually youkai running rampant there after so many years, implying that it is supposedly intended to be peaceful.

General Information

As the name implies, it is a water canal strewn with willows, and due to its close proximity to the Human Village, as well as the in-game assumption that rampaging youkai wouldn't be near it, it can be safely assumed that it serves a regular purpose for the village and that humans visit it frequently. In spite of the heroines' assumptions, however, Sekibanki implies that several youkai do in fact come to the canal as well, and that like herself, some even reside in the Human Village, presenting themselves as humans. The title of Double Dealing Character Stage 2's theme song, "Humans and Youkai, Coming and Going at the Canal", seems to corroborate this assertion.

Sekibanki herself, of course, can also be found roaming about here now and then. Marisa Kirisame does also state that "the seats under the the willows" have a reputation as being the homes of phantoms.

Canal of Willows's Appearances


Double Dealing Character

In Double Dealing Character, the canal was used as the location for Stage 2. The heroine continues to investigate the rampaging youkai after coming from the Misty Lake, and is surprised to find them so close to the village. An irritable Sekibanki then approaches, seeming miffed that humans are getting "big heads" lately because the youkai have been quiet for a while, and attacks. However, she's quick to second-guess her attempts when it turns out that the heroine was far more powerful than she expected. After here, the heroine will travel to the Bamboo Forest of the Lost on Stage 3.