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Category:Arrange CDs navigational templates

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These templates are (partially) managed by a bot called DemoGuy (contribs). You can read more about how it works on its user page.

When you're creating a new article about arrangement album, it's a good idea to update the template, too. If you forget to do that, the template will be updated sometime when WGH runs the bot (unless someone else updates template manually first).

|type = music
|name = {{subst:PAGENAME}}
|title = [[%group_name%]]'s albums
|image = [[File:IOSYS_logo.jpg|120px]]

|group1 = 2001
|list1 = [[Album 1]]

|group2 = 2012
|list2 = [[Album 2]] • [[Album 3]] • [[Album 4]]


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