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Celestials (天人 tennin, literally "sky person", "heaven person" or "deva") are former humans, a type of hermit that live in Heaven.

Lifestyle and General Characteristics

Celestials can be divided in two classes: those who gained immortality and ascended to Heaven, and those who attained enlightenment and entered Nirvana after death; the latter lack physical bodies and must possess others to re-enter the world. An earthly hermit can undergo training to qualify for promotion to celestial, but most celestials are transformed from normal humans on a case-by-case basis.

Unlike humans who have daily hard lives on earth, celestials live in a carefree manner enjoying music, fishing, and playing games, without any need for work. They usually descend to earth to say absurd things that trouble normal humans and then return to heaven. Since celestials have such dream-like lives, many people naturally would want to become one. However, because a celestial must be free of worldly desires, one of the requirements is not to want to be a celestial, making most people unsuited for this position.[1]

Unlike that of a normal hermit, a celestial's flesh is toxic to youkai, meaning they are almost never attacked by youkai. A celestial can also fly, tame even the most ferocious beasts simply by holding out a hand, and ride the clouds in a frightening, godlike manner.

According to Komachi Onozuka, celestials are not truly immortal. Instead, they continually extend their lifespans by defeating the shinigami that regularly come for them.[2]. In this regards, celestials fear the "five appointed weakeners". One of these weakeners are shinigami, who have the ability to wither the celestials' flower crowns.[2][3] Komachi explains to Kasen Ibaraki that shinigami being sent to end lives is a widespread lie, and that the killer is actually a kishin[4], but it's unknown how this relates to the celestials' general fear of the five weakeners. It's known, however, that Tenshi has fought off other shinigami before Komachi. [2]

As shown in the case of Tenshi, who was made to leave Heaven when she consumed the elixir that was prepared for a banquet (an elixir that she mistook for bad-tasting dumplings),[5] [6] it seems that a celestial can be banished from Heaven if there is reason to do so.

Celestials' Items


Celestials are known to be granted veils by the lord of Heaven, and legends say a celestial maiden whose veil is stolen must remain on Earth and marry the thief. In recent times some have started "losing" their veils on purpose and waiting for a man to pick it up, staying with him if he's attractive and taking it back if he isn't.[7] This has caused humans to become wary, and nowadays someone who finds a veil is more likely to sell it to a collector. According to Eirin Yagokoro the Lunarians also have veils, but those are noticeably different since they have no mass, are filled with moonlight, and allow travel between the Earth and the Moon.[8]


According to Kasen Ibaraki, what Tenshi Hinanawi consumed prior to her banishment from Heaven is a celestials' elixir that makes it possible for anyone eating it to become a hermit. Allegedly, it also makes someone's flesh harder than steel, and lets them cast "all sorts of spells".[6]

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