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Changeability of Strange Dream/Story

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A moon rabbit and a lunar exploration vehicle―
Is it an illusion or reality; a pleasant dream or a nightmare?

童祭 ~ Innocent Treasures

#01 童祭 ~ Innocent Treasures Kid's Festival ~ Innocent Treasures
Dream changing, the memory of a world of illusionary morning mist.
This present world, sitting atop a crumbling foundation of sand.
A fabricated dream's history, telling of an ancient profound world.
In bright sunshine, a city sinks.


(Dawn is breaking. Within the illusionary morning mist, dawn is breaking.
I played with the children in the phantasmal world.
The children were all having fun. They were all smiling.)

Is it an illusion, or a tower built on sand?
This dream, till daybreak, is a butterfly dream.


(...When was the last time I had seen children smiling so?
Mysterious songs that I had never listened to; mysterious dances that I had never seen. It seems like there's a festival today.
I wished that I, too, could someday live in a land where children smiled like this.)

Dream changing, the conspicuous color of an illusory scarlet mansion.
This present world, sitting atop a heartless foundation of stone.
A fabricated dream's fairy tale, telling of an ancient beautiful capital.
In bright sunshine, a city is defiled.


#02 華胥の夢 Dream of Huaxu
"Paradisaical Daydream"


"...And that's what happened. I had a dream like that yesterday."
"...so you're going on about your dreams again?"
"Naturally. I invited you here because I wanted to talk to you about them."


My name is Maribel Hearn. I'm part of an occult club in this gloomy city. Though, unlike a usual occult club, we don't carry out any of the sensible spiritual activities one might expect. It's what you might call a defective club... even before you add that this "club" has only two members.


"Hey, is the stuff that happens in your dreams really something you should be pestering other people with?"



But putting that aside, I have an incredible power. Since ancient times, members of my family lineage have had a sort of spiritual sensitivity...

I can see borders - in other words, boundaries - throughout the world. The objective of our club is to seek out rifts in those boundaries, places where one can dive into another world. One might call it something like "spiriting away"?



...However, that sort of thing is forbidden.

But recently, I've started to see all sorts of other worlds in my dreams...


"Please, if I don't talk to you about the things in these dreams and get your advice, I'm not sure I'll be able to tell which me is real."

上海紅茶館 ~ Chinese Tea

#03 上海紅茶館 ~ Chinese Tea Shanghai Scarlet Teahouse ~ Chinese Tea


Beyond the walls of green was a great mansion in deep red.
Around the mansion were a deep green forest and a sparkling white lake...
Such a lovely view, isn't it?
For something so red, it manages to blend with its surroundings perfectly.
The bold color does look childish in a way, but... I love it.


Could I perhaps take a look inside, just for a minute or two?
But wouldn't it be rude to just show up unannounced?
Moreover, would a mansion like this even allow me in?
Wait, losing my nerve in a dream, of all things? Gracious me.


...Oh my, a maid came out.
Perhaps I should ask her?
I'd like to greet the owner of such a lovely mansion.


#04 ヴォヤージュ1969 Voyage 1969
"1969, from Cape Canaveral"


The scenery was the same no matter how far I walked.
The sun had already set, and I couldn't even see the ground beneath my own feet...

どうしましょう? 困ったわ。
それとも、妖怪に喰べられちゃうのかしら? まだやり残した事色々あったんだけどなぁ。

At night, a bamboo forest is terribly easy to lose one's way in.
From time to time, I heard strange cries in the distance. Were they coming from animals, or maybe...
What to do now? This was hopeless.
Was I going to walk in circles in this bamboo grove until I starved to death?
Or perhaps would I be eaten by a youkai? Ah, but there were so many things I had left to do...


I wandered around aimlessly.
A voice in the back of my mind said that I probably wouldn't starve, because I could survive by eating bamboo shoots.
...But in the first place, this was a dream, wasn't it?
But then I realized that I had no idea what sort of thing natural bamboo shoots even were.
I'd only seen synthetic ones. All I knew about them was the taste...


At a loss for anything else, I looked up at the sky.
The whole of it was filled with stars.
For the first time, I envied your eyes.
If it were you, you'd know exactly where you were in no time; you'd never get lost, would you?


As soon as I thought that, I heard an uncanny laugh from right behind me!


#05 科学世紀の少年少女 Boys and Girls of the Age of Science
"21st Century Boy and Girl"

「うん? 夢の話じゃなかったの? メリー」

"Here are the cookies I got at the scarlet mansion, and the natural bamboo shoots from the bamboo forest."
"Huh? I thought you were talking about a dream, Merry?"
The girl listening to me talk about my dreams is Renko Usami: the other member of our little club of two, and the one who comes up with most of our activities. Renko can tell where she is and what time of day it is just by looking at the sky. Creepy.


Also, Renko calls me Merry. People in this country seem to have trouble pronouncing my name, to the point where I wonder if anyone even remembers it anymore.


"I am talking about my dreams. I told you that from the start, didn't I?"
"...But if those were dreams, then how do you have those things here in reality?"
"That's precisely why I wanted to consult you."


It's becoming hard for me to tell what's a dream and what's reality. The dreams usually end when I'm being chased by a youkai. They're nightmares worthy of being called nightmares, but...
If I keep bringing things along from my dreams without realizing it, then maybe even the conversation I'm having now is just a dream...


"Alright, here's my first piece of advice for you, Merry. These aren't bamboo shoots anymore. By the time they get to this size they're too tough to eat."
But if I could change them from nightmares to good dreams, I might prefer them to my present reality...
"Natural bamboo shoots hide underground, to protect themselves while they're soft and tasty."

永夜の報い ~ Imperishable Night

#06 永夜の報い ~ Imperishable Night Retribution for the Eternal Night ~ Imperishable Night


I ran for dear life, even though I was in a dream.
I didn't know why it was, but the laughter that I heard sounded like something that clearly wasn't human.
My instincts were telling me "Run for it!"



But the bamboo forest was sloped at a slight angle, which made me lose my sense of balance.

I tried to run in a straight line, but what really happened, I wonder?


Although it felt like I'd run quite a lot, there was nothing to see but the same scenery as before.
Did this forest continue on for eternity, or was I running around in circles?
...But I suppose either would have the same result.


To think in such a way that "from an objective point of view, there exists a definite truth" like Renko does really is old-fashioned.


The truth exists within subjectivity.
If I can only see the same sights over and over again... then that's the kind of place this is.


And that's why I'm running.
Because dreams are nothing like the antonym of reality.
By today's common knowledge, the two are synonyms.
Even in dreams, one must flee from things of unknown nature. That is the truth.

蓮子は超統一物理学だったわよね。最近はひも (・・) の研究、順調かしら?

My major is relativistic psychology.
Renko's is super-unified physics. I wonder if her recent study of strings is going well?

夜が降りてくる ~ Evening Star

#07 夜が降りてくる ~ Evening Star Night Falls ~ Evening Star


But... it's strange.
Even though there are an awful lot of old-fashioned people like you who consider dreams and reality to be direct opposites, I heard that people much, much longer ago didn't draw a distinction between dreams and reality.



And now, we draw a distinction between dream and reality, but they are the same.

The truth of reality and the truth of dreams, the me of reality and the me of dreams, they each exist.



A butterfly of night or a human of the day...

According to current common knowledge, both are me.


まるで空を飛んでいる様に移動していたから? 私は胡蝶になっていたのかしら?

I felt that I ran away a considerable distance, but I didn't feel fatigued at all.

Was it because I moved as if I was flying in the sky? Did I become a butterfly, I wonder?

でも、そんな夜のとびっくら (・・・・・) もついにゴールのテープが見えて――。

But I could see the finish line for this kind of midnight marathon...


...I stopped running.
Because a little further through the bamboo forest ahead of me, there was a scarlet red shining light.
It had an ominous glow, as if it was not real.
To compare it to something you'd understand...
Its color might have been closest to that of the flame test of rubidium, perhaps?



It was certainly nothing like a glowing bamboo stalk.

Remaining cautious of what may have been behind me, I stealthily peeked in the direction of the light.

人形裁判 ~ 人の形弄びし少女

#08 人形裁判 ~ 人の形弄びし少女 Doll Judgement ~ The Girl who Played with People's Shapes
"Doll Master"


But, oh, what I saw with my own eyes!
Nowadays, it is the era when you can see things like extinct Japanese wolves or kappa in 3D CG...
Even so, I had never seen such a creature as the one in front of me.

――いや、兎だったかな? 目が赤かったし。


Bigger than a Japanese wolf, it was a mouse-like black thing. Only its eyes were shining red.
...No, was it a rabbit? Its eyes were red, after all.

But the position of the eyes looked odd for a rabbit.
It had two eyes right in the front of its head, just like your own.
Although I guess most humans' eyes are like that.

というか人間の顔だったかしら? そう言えば人間の顔だったわね。顔だったのよ。きっと。

The size of its face was same as that of a human.
Or maybe it was a human face? Come to think of it, it was a human face. It was a face. Definitely.
Have you heard of a beast like a large mouse with a human face?


...At that moment, the big mouse let out a familiar, eerie voice.
Just as I thought, the big mouse was the thing that was chasing me.
But it was not looking at me anymore. Instead, it had turned to face the scarlet light.


Indeed, it wasn't the big mouse's eyes that were bathing the area in scarlet!
To my amazement, the eerie big mouse was frightened by that scarlet light.
I turned my face towards the shining scarlet...


#09 夢と現の境界 Border Between Dream and Reality
"Wake Up Mysterious Girl"


"And, this is the scrap of paper that I found on the ground after the big mouse and the girl left."
"Hey, are you actually talking about a dream?"


The origin of the scarlet light that confronted the big mouse was somehow a girl. That girl was shining with a scarlet light. As for the reason why she was shining scarlet, it is very simply that the girl's body was entirely engulfed in flames.


No, that description is not entirely correct. It's more accurate to say that she was emitting flames from her body. The deep scarlet flames spread out diagonally upward, like a bird spreading its wings...


Yes, that was how it was. She was ominous— incomparably more so than the big mouse with the human face. The big mouse was terrified and fled as soon as the girl raised her hands.

私にしてみれば、貴方と会っている今が夢の現実かもしれないし ――」
結局、その女の子は何者だったの? その後どうなったの?」
大鼠を追っ払って貰ったのにどうして隠れてたの、だって? まぁ――」

"I keep telling youuu... Dreams and reality are the same thing. I've told you time and time again, haven't I?
To me, talking to you now could be a dream, or it could be reality..."
"Hey, listen, Merry, I'll hear you out about the dream world, so just calm down a bit.
In the end, who was that girl? What happened afterwards?"
"I don't know. After that, the big mouse ran away... and the girl left, too.
I stayed hidden the whole time so the large mouse and the girl wouldn't see me.
Why did I still hide even after she chased the mouse away for me? It's because..."


I gazed into the girl's eyes, a red far more scarlet than the big mouse's...
"...You could not call that human."

幻想機械 ~ Phantom Factory

#10 幻想機械 ~ Phantom Factory Fantasy Machine ~ Phantom Factory


In the end, Merry talked about nothing but the world in her dreams before leaving by herself, satisfied.
I considered what she said while I was looking over the small number of objects that she left me. Merry kept saying that dreams and reality are the same thing, but that can't be so. Even utilizing the common sense of modern relativistic psychology, the field only deals in matters of the mind, and if objects from a dream were to show up in the real world, it would still be just as troubling as always. It invalidates the law of conservation of mass. What would that do to entropy?
I have a firm belief. Merry crossed a boundary without realizing it, and believed that she was dreaming. She may be in a place unusually close to a boundary right now. Did Merry's ability go from being able to see boundaries to being able to manipulate them? No, there's no way that's possible. Maybe we've been doing too many proper club activities lately.
If I let things continue like they are, she might be eaten by a youkai in a dream. Or she might even be spirited away. Her mind is wavering between many different worlds. When she is in another world, if she realizes that she's not in a dream, she might possibly not be able to return from it. She might come to think that this world is the dream. Even though she herself does not realize it, she's in grave danger.





:メリーにはどっちが良い? 私にとってはどちらが一般解?
If she's asking for my help, then I have two options:

:The first method would be to throw the stuff away and convince her that it was all a dream — an illusion.
:By doing this, there will never be a reality within her dreams again. Dream and reality are different things.

And the other method is...

:Strongly convince her that she was not dreaming, that she actually was in another world, and awaken her from the dream.
:That way, she wouldn’t die in that dream world because she didn't understand the situation.
:But… if I did that, there is the possibility that she would not be able to return to this world.

: Which is the best for Merry? Which is the general solution for me?
:...Isn't it obvious?

幽玄の槭樹 ~ Eternal Dream

#11 幽玄の槭樹 ~ Eternal Dream Mystic Maple ~ Eternal Dream

「惜しいって何? というか、今日は何の用かしら?」

"Honestly, you're always late, Renko, even though you're the one who always invites me."
"Merry, I was just 3 minutes and 15 seconds late. Almost, right?"
"What do you mean, 'almost'? Or should I say, what did you want today?"
"Club activites, of course. Since all the members are here, we can't miss this opportunity."
"There are only the two of us, though... so, did you find some sort of entrance again?"


There is but only one conclusion. The dream world that Merry spoke of.
Its beautiful nature and its hint of the mysterious.


A shrine in the deep mountains far from human habitation.
Children frolicking and making merry.
A deep green forest, and a sparkling white lake.
A scarlet mansion, with tea time under the sunshine filtering through the trees.
A huge bamboo forest that makes you lose your way, and natural bamboo shoots.
The full moon that drives people mad.
Inhuman creatures wearing human faces.
And the ominous phoenix...
...It's not fair if Merry is the only one who gets to see them!


"Of course I've found a way to get to another world.
See here? I have all these clues."
"Clues...? These are the things I got in my dream world, Renko."
"That's right, that's the world we're looking for today.
You know, doesn't it seem like the children of this country never seem happy?
Do you know why that is, Merry?"



主観が真実だって? 貴方の言っている事は矛盾している。その学説は間違っている。

"They learned to think that dream and reality are the same thing,
because of the scientists who think as you do.
As mere virtual images seen within the mind, they have incorporated them into reality as a physiological phenomenon.
Outside of subjectivity, there is a believable objectivity. There is absolute truth.
You say subjectivity is the truth? Your words contradict themselves. That theory is mistaken.
As evidence, you dreamed without recognizing your experiences as subjective, didn't you?
Dreams and reality are different. That's why it's possible to make dreams into reality with hard work.
And that's why kids used to be able to smile.
Open your eyes! Dreams are things to be made into reality.
Let's make the world of dreams into reality!"


初めてかもしれない、ZUNです。神主だけで構成されたバンドやってます。勿論嘘です。博麗神社で細々と神主やってます。 It may be the first time meeting you. I'm ZUN. I perform in a band comprised solely of kannushi. Of course that's a lie. I'm a kannushi, handling all of the fine details at the Hakurei Shrine.
The release of this kind CD was rather unexpected. Wait, is this already my third one?
This CD is all sorts of creepy. C'mon, cross your fingers at it and just disregard it entirely.
聴くもんじゃないですよ? だから別のストーリー(意味)を与えてあるわけですし。
But seriously, the songs I chose are those composed for my many previous releases. But most of the tracks are basically made for shooting games, so they're so intense, it can get tiring.
They're all songs that you would never listen to by themselves, yeah?
You wouldn't, right? That's why I gave them another story (meaning), because the games have their own story. Balance is everything.
The first track "Children's Festival" was my own entry theme for a panel some time ago. I've composed plenty of theme songs for many kinds of characters, but it was incredibly hard to write one for me, and a little embarrassing.
Actually, the song even has lyrics. Oh, the comment for the track turns into the lyrics.
In this song that comes and goes between dreams and reality, which is the truth?
そうそう文中のメリーと蓮子の二人は、秘封倶楽部という謎のサークルを結成して、あれやこれ等、オカルトな活動を行っています。詳しい事は一切語られていないのですが、科学が進化すると天然の筍が食べられなくなるのでしょうか? 可哀想に。
I'm not so worried about where the "Sealing Club" is headed, but...
Yes, Merry and Renko, who was featured in the text and is part of the mysterious "Sealing Club" that participates in all sorts of occult activities. While I didn't go into great detail, has scientific progress prevented them from eating wild bamboo shoots? What a pity.
でも、鴇の味噌汁は飲めるのかもしれない。合成で。 But maybe they can have miso soup with crested ibis. Synthetically, that is.
そう考えるとなんて未来は夢で溢れているんだろう。 Thoughts like that make me believe the future will be full of dreams.
外は何かと物騒で満足に遊べない、家の中ではネットの向こうの他人の感情を想像しないといけない(これは大人でも難しい)し、間違ったことを正してくれる大人も居ない。たまに叱るとすぐにキレる。今のネットでは子供には厳し過ぎてとてもまともな人と付き合う能力を育めないのかも知れない。 It's too dangerous for children to have fun outside, so they have to stay inside trying to guess the emotions of other people on the internet (Even if you're an adult, it's difficult to do) and there are no adults correcting their mistakes. So on the rare chance they do get scolded, they get mad. The internet at the moment may be too strict for children to learn how to have a proper social life.
ですが、子供達の心がどんどんと狭くなる一方のこの国でも、もしかしたら街に子供達の笑顔が溢れる日も来るのかもしれないですね。合成で。 Still, even in this country whose children's hearts become smaller and smaller, perhaps the day will come when the streets will be filled with the smiles of children. Synthetically, that is.
上海アリス幻樂団 ZUN (筍好き) Team Shanghai Alice: ZUN (Bamboo shoot lover)


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