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This is a list of abilities given to each character from the Windows era of the Touhou Project.

The meaning of "程度の能力"

In official works, abilities are described with a phrase which translates roughly as "capable of" (程度の能力 Teido no nouryoku). Seen in almost every character profile, this phrase has become a trademark of ZUN and the Touhou series in general; the number of abilities which leave it out (such as Eirin's "natural genius") are rare. As such, it is commonly used in fanworks to describe new abilities as well.

"程度の能力" appears to show the degree, extent, or order of magnitude of the strength of the abilities a character possesses in general, but not much more is known about the meaning of the phrase. Although ZUN could have simply chosen to phrase their abilities as "ability to ~," (~する能力), his choice of the unclearer "capable of ~" might be a way to add ambiguity in its meaning, as he has once said in an interview that he dislikes having everything too definite. Some of this ambiguity can be seen in characters such as Kogasa Tatara (who finds it hard to surprise humans despite that being her explicit ability) and Reisen Udongein Inaba (whose ability is far broader in scope than its name suggests).

Note, however, that ability descriptions are taken from the attached text files and sources such as Bohemian Archive in Japanese Red and Perfect Memento in Strict Sense; the characters themselves almost never announce them in this manner. In Symposium of Post-mysticism, it is mentioned in Kanako Yasaka and Mononobe no Futo's profiles that abilities are self-proclaimed.

Abbreviation List


Character Japanese Translated
  • ゲームを創る程度の能力
  • Capable of creating the games (IN staffroll)

Main Characters

Character Japanese Translated
Capable of flying in the air, Capable of manipulating auras (EoSD)
Capable of mainly flying in the air (PCB, IN, PoFV, MoF, SA, UFO, TD, DDC, LoLK, HSiFS, WBaWC, UM)
Capable of flying in the air (IaMP, PMiSS)
Ability as the Shrine Maiden of Hakurei (PMiSS)
Capable of manipulating magic (EoSD)
Capable of mainly using magic (PCB)
Capable of using magic (IN, IaMP, PoFV, PMiSS, MoF, SA, UFO, TD, DDC, LoLK, HSiFS, WBaWC, UM)

Embodiment of Scarlet Devil

Character Japanese Translated
闇を操る程度の能力 Capable of manipulating darkness (EoSD, BAiJR, PMiSS)
Capable of manipulating cold (EoSD, BAiJR, PoFV, PMiSS)
Capable of mainly manipulating cold (PCB)
Capable of manipulating ice (DDC, HSiFS)
Capable of using Qi (EoSD, PMiSS)
Capable of handling Qi (BAiJR)
Capable of manipulating fire, water, wood, metal, earth, sun, and moon (EoSD)
Capable of using magic (mainly elemental magic) (IaMP)
Capable of using magic (mainly attribute) (PMiSS)
Capable of using magic (SA)
Capable of manipulating time (EoSD, IN, IaMP, PoFV, PMiSS, DDC)
Capable of mainly manipulating time (PCB)[1]
Capable of stopping time (UM)
運命を操る程度の能力 Capable of manipulating fate (EoSD, IN, IaMP, PMiSS, SWR)
ありとあらゆるものを破壊する程度の能力 Capable of destroying absolutely anything (EoSD, PMiSS)

Perfect Cherry Blossom

Character Japanese Translated
Capable of mainly manipulating chilliness (PCB)
Capable of manipulating chilliness (PMiSS)
Capable of mainly handling sorcery (PCB with shikigami, PMiSS)
Capable of surprising people (PCB without shikigami)
Capable of mainly handling magic (PCB)
Capable of handling magic (IN, IaMP)
Capable of handling dolls (PMiSS, SA)
Capable of mainly announcing that spring has come (PCB)
Capable of announcing that spring has come (PMiSS)
Capable of mainly performing on musical instruments without hands or feet (PCB)
Capable of playing instruments without using her hands (PMiSS)

Capable of performing melancholic notes (PoFV)
Capable of performing maniac notes (PoFV)
Capable of performing illusionary notes (PoFV)
Capable of mainly handling sword techniques (PCB)
Capable of handling sword techniques (PoFV, PMiSS, TD, WBaWC)
Capable of using sword techniques (IN, IaMP)
Capable of mainly manipulating death (PCB)
Capable of inviting to death (PCB setting)
Capable of manipulating departed souls (PCB setting, a little before death)
Capable of manipulating death (IN, IaMP, PMiSS, TD)
Capable of mainly using shikigami (PCB)
Capable of using shikigami (PMiSS)
Capable of mainly manipulating any boundary (PCB)
Capable of manipulating boundaries (IN, IaMP, PMiSS, SWR, SA)

Immaterial and Missing Power

Character Japanese Translated
Capable of manipulating density and sparseness (IaMP, SWR)
Capable of manipulating density (PMiSS, SA)

Imperishable Night

Character Japanese Translated
蟲を操る程度の能力 Capable of manipulating insects (IN, PMiSS)
Capable of driving people insane by singing (IN, PoFV)
Capable of bewildering people by singing (PMiSS)
Capable of eating (concealing) history, and Capable of creating history (IN)
Capable of eating history (as human) (PMiSS)
Capable of creating history (as hakutaku) (PMiSS)
人間を幸運にする程度の能力 Capable of conferring good luck to humans (IN, PoFV, PMiSS)
狂気を操る程度 [sic]
波長を操る程度の能力 (LoLK)
The extent of manipulating insanity [sic] (IN)
Capable of manipulating insanity (PoFV, PMiSS, SWR)
Capable of manipulating wavelengths (LoLK)
Capable of making any drug; natural genius. (IN)
Capable of making any drug (PMiSS)
永遠と須臾を操る程度の能力 Capable of manipulating the eternity and the instantaneous (IN, PMiSS, CiLR 2nd)
老いる事も死ぬ事も無い程度の能力 (IN)
死なない程度の能力 (IoM&IoE 18th, PMiSS)
Capable of neither aging nor dying (IN)
Capable of not dying (IoM&IoE 18th, PMiSS)

Phantasmagoria of Flower View

Character Japanese Translated
風を操る程度の能力 Capable of manipulating wind (PoFV, PMiSS, MoF, SWR, SA, HSiFS)
Capable of manipulating poison (PoFV)
Capable of using poison (PMiSS)
花を操る程度の能力 Capable of manipulating flowers (PoFV, PMiSS)
距離を操る程度の能力 Capable of manipulating distance (PoFV, PMiSS, SWR)
Capable of establishing as clear good and evil (black and white) (PoFV, PMiSS)

Mountain of Faith

Character Japanese Translated
紅葉を司る程度の能力 Capable of governing autumn leaves (MoF, SoPm)
豊穣を司る程度の能力 Capable of governing plentiful harvest (MoF, SoPm)
厄をため込む程度の能力 Capable of stockpiling misfortune (MoF, SoPm)
水を操る程度の能力 Capable of manipulating water (MoF, SA, SoPm)
千里先まで見通す程度の能力 Capable of seeing one thousand Li ahead[4] (MoF)
奇跡を起こす程度の能力 Capable of causing miracles (MoF, UFO, TD, SoPm, LoLK, UM)
乾を創造する程度の能力 Capable of creating Qian (MoF, SoPm, LoLK)
坤を創造する程度の能力 Capable of creating Kun (MoF, SoPm)

Scarlet Weather Rhapsody

Character Japanese Translated
空気を読む程度の能力 Capable of reading the atmosphere (SWR)
大地を操る程度の能力 Capable of manipulating the earth (SWR)
気質を見極める程度の能力 Capable of identifying one's spirit (SWR)

Subterranean Animism

Character Japanese Translated
鬼火を落とす程度の能力 Capable of dropping will-o'-the-wisps (SA)
病気(主に感染症)を操る程度の能力 Capable of manipulating illness (mainly infectious disease) (SA, SoPm)
嫉妬心を操る程度の能力 Capable of manipulating jealousy (SA, SoPm)
怪力乱神を持つ程度の能力 Capable of having anomalies, strength, disorder, and spirits (SA, SoPm)
心を読む程度の能力 Capable of reading minds (SA, SoPm)
死体を持ち去る程度の能力 Capable of carrying away corpses (SA, SoPm)
核融合を操る程度の能力 Capable of manipulating nuclear fusion (SA, SoPm)
無意識を操る程度の能力 Capable of manipulating the unconscious (SA, SoPm)

Undefined Fantastic Object

Character Japanese Translated
探し物を探し当てる程度の能力 Capable of finding sought-for items (UFO, SoPm)
人間を驚かす程度の能力 Capable of surprising humans (UFO, TD, SoPm)
入道を使う程度の能力 Capable of using nyuudou (UFO, SoPm)
形や大きさを自在に変える事が出来る程度の能力 Capable of changing shape and size at will (UFO, SoPm)
水難事故を引き起こす程度の能力 Capable of causing shipwrecks (UFO, SoPm)
財宝が集まる程度の能力 Capable of gathering treasure (UFO, SoPm)
魔法を使う程度の能力(身体能力を上げる魔法を得意とする) Capable of using magic (specializing in magic that increases her physical abilities) (UFO, SoPm)
正体を判らなくする程度の能力 Capable of making objects unidentifiable (UFO, TD, SoPm)

Double Spoiler

Character Japanese Translated
念写をする程度の能力 Capable of using spirit photography (DS)

Ten Desires

Character Japanese Translated
音を反射させる程度の能力 Capable of reflecting sound (TD, SoPm)
何でも喰う程度の能力 Capable of eating anything (TD, SoPm)
壁をすり抜けられる程度の能力 Capable of passing through walls (TD, SoPm)
雷を起こす程度の能力 Capable of causing lightning (TD, SoPm)
風水を操る程度の能力 Capable of manipulating feng shui (TD, SoPm)
十人の話を同時に聞く事が出来る程度の能力 Capable of listening to ten people's conversations at the same time (TD, SoPm)
化けさせる程度の能力 Capable of disguising things and herself (TD, SoPm)

Hopeless Masquerade

Character Japanese Translated
感情を操る程度の能力 Capable of manipulating emotions (HM)

Double Dealing Character

Character Japanese Translated
水中だと力が増す程度の能力 Capable of growing in strength when underwater (DDC)
頭を飛ばせる程度の能力 Capable of making her head fly (DDC)
満月の夜に狼に変身する程度の能力 Capable of transforming into a wolf on the night of the full moon (DDC)
自ら音を発して演奏できる程度の能力 Capable of making sounds and performing on their own (DDC)
何でもひっくり返す程度の能力 Capable of turning anything over (DDC)
打ち出の小槌を扱う程度の能力 Capable of using the Miracle Mallet (DDC)
何でもリズムに乗らせる程度の能力 Capable of making anything follow a rhythm (DDC)

Urban Legend in Limbo

Character Japanese Translated
超能力を操る程度の能力 Capable of manipulating psychic powers (ULiL)

Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom

Character Japanese Translated
異次元から弾丸を飛ばす程度の能力 Capable of firing bullets from other dimensions (LoLK)
団子を食べる程に強くなる程度の能力 Capable of becoming stronger by eating dango (LoLK)
夢を喰い、夢を創る程度の能力 Capable of eating and creating dreams (LoLK)
口に出すと事態を逆転させる程度の能力 Capable of inverting a situation by speaking about it (LoLK)
人を狂わす程度の能力 Capable of driving people mad (LoLK)
純化する程度の能力 Capable of refining anything (LoLK)
三つの身体を持つ程度の能力 Capable of having three bodies (LoLK)

Antinomy of Common Flowers

Character Japanese Translated
財産を消費させる程度の能力 Capable of causing consumption of financial assets (AoCF)
自分も含め不運にする程度の能力 Capable of making people unlucky, including herself (AoCF)

Hidden Star in Four Seasons

Character Japanese Translated
鱗粉をまき散らす程度の能力 Capable of scattering scales (HSiFS)
聖域を作る程度の能力 Capable of creating sanctuaries (HSiFS)
神仏を見つけ出す程度の能力 Capable of locating Shintoism and Buddhism (HSiFS)
魔法を使う程度の能力(生命操作) Capable of using magic (control of living things) (HSiFS)
後ろで踊る事で精神力を引き出す程度の能力 Capable of drawing out people's mental energy by dancing behind them (HSiFS)
後ろで踊る事で生命力を引き出す程度の能力 Capable of drawing out people's vitality by dancing behind them (HSiFS)
あらゆるものの背中に扉を作る程度の能力 Capable of creating doors on the back of anything (HSiFS)

Wily Beast and Weakest Creature

Character Japanese Translated
上手に石を積む程度の能力 Capable of stacking stones well (WBaWC)
身近な物の重さを変える程度の能力 Capable of changing the weight of everyday objects (WBaWC)
喉の病気を癒す程度の能力 Capable of healing throat diseases (WBaWC)
逆らう気力を失わせる程度の能力 Capable of making people lose the will to fight back (WBaWC)
忠誠心がそのまま強さになる程度の能力 Capable of directly turning her loyalty into strength (WBaWC)
偶像を作り出す程度の能力 Capable of creating idols (WBaWC)
比類無き脚力を持つ程度の能力 Capable of having unmatched leg strength (WBaWC)

Touhou Gouyoku Ibun

Character Japanese Translated
何でも吸収する程度の能力 Capable of absorbing anything (GYIB)

Unconnected Marketeers

Character Japanese Translated
お金かお客を招き入れる程度の能力 Capable of beckoning in money or customers (UM)
森の気を操る程度の能力 Capable of manipulating forest qi (UM)
煙草の煙で精神を操作する程度の能力 Capable of controlling people's minds with tobacco smoke (UM)
勾玉を作る程度の能力 Capable of making magatama (UM)
魂の弱い所に入り込む程度の能力 Capable of slipping into places where one's soul is weak (UM)
星空を操る程度の能力 Capable of manipulating the starry sky (UM)
所有権を失わせる程度の能力 Capable of letting one relinquish ownership (UM)
龍を食べる程度の能力 Capable of eating dragons (UM)

Unfinished Dream of All Living Ghost

Character Japanese Translated
野生の猿を操る程度の能力 Capable of manipulating wild monkeys (UDoALG)
罠を操る程度の能力 Capable of manipulating traps (UDoALG)
血と火を操る程度の能力 Capable of manipulating blood and fire (UDoALG)
絶対に逃さない程度の能力 Capable of never letting anything slip from her grasp (UDoALG)
虚無を操る程度の能力 Capable of manipulating nothingness (UDoALG)

Curiosities of Lotus Asia

Character Japanese Translated
Capable of knowing the name and utility of any unknown item (CoLA 7th)
Capable of knowing the names and utility of tools (PMiSS)

Touhou Sangetsusei

Character Japanese Translated
Ability of Refraction of Light (SaBND 3rd)
Capable of refracting light (PMiSS)
Ability of Silencing (SaBND 3rd)
Capable of muting sound (PMiSS)
Ability of Radar (SaBND 3rd)
Capable of detecting moving things (PMiSS)

Perfect Memento in Strict Sense

Character Japanese Translated
Capable of not forgetting things seen once (Akyu 1st)
Ability of Gumonji (PMiSS monologue)

Touhou Bougetsushou

Character Japanese Translated
海と山を同一視できる能力 (Halfly Official)
Ability to see the sea and the mountain as the same (CiLR 6th)
Ability to connect sea and mountain (SoPm interview, Comptiq Database, Electronic Play)
Ability to connect mountain and sea (Who's Who of Human & Youkai: Everlasting)
[Note: There is no setting texts of Toyohime. The former ability is quoted from Toyohime's monologue, and the latter one is ZUN's talk. Restrictly to say, both of them shouldn't have been taken as the official ones — even if we can see it halfly official from the shortage of her other ability name — because they aren't in the official format "する程度の能力". But in "Touhou Characters Database ver 1.50810", her ability was listed in the profile as "ability to connect sea and mountain". Another case in Who's Who of Humans & Youkai - Dusk Edition, it was listed as "ability to connect mountain and sea". If we look up to this data, the latter one gets official.]
神霊の依代となる程度の能力 (Unofficial)
Capable of turning herself into a temporary container of a divine spirit (Unofficial)
Capable of calling over divine spirits (Electronic Play)
Capable of being able to call over divine spirits (Who's Who of Human & Youkai: Everlasting)
[Note: There is no setting texts of Yorihime in ZUN's official. Beside her elder sister Toyohime, Yorihime's ability is mentioned in texts of Cage in Lunatic Runagate, but not in the form "……する能力" in the three set of works: Silent Sinner in Blue, Cage in Lunatic Runagate, and Inaba of the Moon and Inaba of the Earth. Not saying about "……する程度の能力". This ability name might be created from a sentence on the main text of that work, which is proved from the fact that Japanese Touhou Wiki lists her ability as "Ability to call over divine spirits" (神霊を呼ぶ程度の能力) quite refered by easy quoters in numerous sites, then this imperfect ability name is so often taken as *the* only official one.
By the way, in "Touhou Characters Database ver 1.50810", it listed blank space about her ability in the profile, even though the ability of her elder sister's was included in the profile to be the official one. And in "Touhou Electronic Play", a would-be official ability was listed to be halfly official. If we look up to this data, this ability got official.]

Wild and Horned Hermit

Character Japanese Translated
Ability to lead animals (Electronic Play, Who's Who of Human & Youkai: Everlasting)
[Note: The ability was dubious. There are several databases published as bonus booklets of magazine. The one released first "Touhou Characters Database ver 1.50810" listed Kasen's profile, where her ability is blank. Next n the mook "Touhou Electronic Play", the brief explanation says that her ability is still unknown. Besides, it could be significant that the form of the ability (michibiku nouryoku) isn't inconsistent with that of the official one "...michibiku teido no nouryoku". And finally in the mook "Who's Who of Human and Youkai: Everlasting Edition", her ability was listed in the official format "...michibiku teido no nouryoku".]

Forbidden Scrollery

Character Japanese Translated
普通には読めない本を手をかざすことで読むことができる能力 (doubtful)
Capable of reading demon books (Comptiq Database)
Ability to read the books normally unreadable by placing her hand over them (Electronic Play)
Ability to read every character (Who's Who of Human & Youkai: Everlasting)
[Note: The ability of "Electronic Play" should be careful to pick up. It could be significant that the form of the ability (michibiku nouryoku) isn't inconsistent with that of the official one "michibiku teido no nouryoku". This point is the same as Kasen's description there, which mentions itself clearly as unofficial.]

Music CDs

Character Japanese Translated
境界を見る程度の能力 (Unofficial)
Capable of seeing boundaries (Unofficial)
Capable of seeing every border of boundaries (Comptiq Database, Electronic Play)
[Note: There used to be no setting texts of Maribel, then no appearances of the format of "~する程度の能力". This ability name might be created from a sentence of Changeability of Strange Dream: "I can see every barrier all over the world, in other words, I can see borders." (私は、世界中の結界、つまり境目が見えてしまうの.) This name has been spread very broadly in all Touhou communities. But in "Touhou Characters Database ver 1.50810", a similar name of ability was listed in the profile. Also it was printed in another mook "Touhou Electronic Play".]
星を見ただけで今の時間が分かり、月を見ただけで今居る場所が分かる程度の能力 Capable of telling the time by only looking at the stars, and of knowing her location by only looking at the moon (Comptiq Database, Electronic Play)
[Note: There used to be no setting texts of Renko, then no appearances of the format of "~する程度の能力". This ability name might be created from a sentence of Ghostly Field Club: "According to Renko, she can tell what time it is by the stars and where she is by the moon." (蓮子は星の光で今の時間が分かり、月を見ただけで今居る場所が分かるらしい。.) So it used to be unofficial. But in "Touhou Characters Database ver 1.50810", that ability was listed in the profile. If we look up to this data, this ability got official.]


  1. Though her ability of IaMP in Japanese is a little different from those of EoSD and the rest in and 時間 ("toki" & "jikan"), they both mean the same thing ("time").
  2. Though her ability of PCB in Japanese is a little different from that of PMiSS in こと and (both "koto"), they both mean the same thing ("that" as conjugation).
  3. Though her ability of PoFV in Japanese is a little different from that of PMiSS in つける and 付ける (both "tsukeru"), they both mean the same thing ("establish").
  4. Li is a traditional Chinese unit of distance. Though it has varied greatly, it has now standardized at app. 500 meters, giving Momiji a visual range of app. 500 km (app. 311 miles or 270 nautical miles)