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天弓 (てんきゅう) 千亦 (ちまた)
Chimata Tenkyuu
Chimata Tenkyu
Chimata Tenkyuu
Chimata Tenkyuu in Unconnected Marketeers
The God of the Unowned
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Capable of letting one relinquish ownership

Music Themes

あの賑やかな市場は今どこに 〜 Immemorial Marketeers (Unconnected Marketeers)

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Chimata Tenkyuu (天弓 千亦 Tenkyuu Chimata) is the Stage 6 boss and secondary antagonist of Unconnected Marketeers.

General Information[edit]


In Unconnected Marketeers, Chimata is initially polite and professional, albeit somewhat full of herself, telling the protagonist that transactions can only occur because of her powers, and through that, humans are "only alive because of her." She seems quite fixated on the rules and regulations of marketplaces, accusing the protagonist of being a "robber" for not performing a transaction with her when they meet.


Capable of letting one relinquish ownership

According to Chimata's backstory, objects owned by humans are never truly released from ownership unless they are willingly parted with in a true marketplace, even if they are thrown away or discarded. Her ability as a god is to facilitate those transactions so that objects can truly have their ownership transferred to a new owner within the temporary marketplaces she creates.

Background Information[edit]


Chimata may be based on ichigami (市神), or the gods of marketplaces in Japanese folklore. Rather than gods of money or economics, they were more akin to gods of physical marketplaces, barter and trade. Ichigami were worshipped as the gods who protect the commercial activities and security of marketplaces. When the traditional marketplaces went into a decline in modern-day Japan, folk belief in ichigami also declined.

Specifically, she is the god of "special event" marketplaces (as opposed to something like a regular farmer's market), which in Unconnected Marketeers is signified by the lunar rainbow. Because of this, she may also be based on a long-forgotten medieval Japanese custom of holding markets when there's a rainbow. It was believed, that the boundary between the human world and the world of Gods is beneath rainbows, so holding a market during a rainbow would please the Gods, because they temporarily receive everything that is being sold there.


Her full name is Chimata Tenkyuu (天弓 千亦).

Her family name, Tenkyuu (天弓), is written with characters meaning "heaven" and "bow" (as in "bow and arrow"). It is written the same way as a literary and dialectal Chinese word for "rainbow".

Her given name, Chimata (千亦), is written with characters meaning "thousand" and "again". "Chimata" can also be written as , which means "the public", "streets" or "crossroads". It was likely chosen due to her status as a god of markets, which are public places where all sorts of people gather.


Chimata's design very closely reflects her lunar rainbow powers, with her dress appearing to be a patchwork of multicoloured fabrics held together with golden buckles and zippers, resembling modernist stained glass, magenta boots with white bows, and the headband in her hair glowing with bright rainbow colours. She also wears a long white cape, white on one side, and a bright blue sky with scattered clouds on its inner lining. On her belt, she carries a coin purse.



Unconnected Marketeers

In Unconnected Marketeers, Chimata is described as lamenting the fact that most commerce and trade occurs less and less in physical marketplaces, leading to issues of unclear ownership during trades, and her own powers waning significantly. Chimata is eventually talked into opening up a new physical marketplace on Youkai Mountain by Megumu Iizunamaru, which she agrees to based on the condition that strict conditions around the trade of any items within it are put in place, so that the ritual of trade itself can be restored. By doing so, she hoped not only to achieve more faith and power as a God but to also restore the faith and rituals in marketplaces themselves. This becomes the basis of how the Ability Cards are traded among the residents of Gensokyo.

Eventually, however, an ideological rift between Megumu and Chimata formed, as Chimata saw the marketplace as an inherent good where rules and regulations should be respected, whereas Megumu saw it as a place of pure business where only the barest rules should apply, and where power could be centralized into the hands of the tengu. Additionally, Chimata recognized that Megumu was largely using her power as a god to further her own economic interests, but assumed that by the time Megumu began to truly threaten her, her power would be restored and Megumu would no longer be a threat.

Their relationship finally dissolved into outright hostilities when the protagonist appeared and ordered them to cease operations, acting as the straw that broke the camel's back.


Megumu Iizunamaru[edit]

Megumu was Chimata's would-be business partner in the creation of the Ability Card marketplace. Their relationship had always been strained, as Megumu had sought to only use Chimata's powers to further the interests of tengu society, and had dissolved into outright hostilities by the end of the Ability Card Incident.

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Additional Information[edit]

  • Her pose in Unconnected Marketeers suggests a dollar sign, with her arms creating the S shape and her fingers approximating the vertical stroke.


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