Chimata Tenkyuu

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天弓 (てんきゅう) 千亦 (ちまた)
Chimata Tenkyuu
teŋkʲɯː tɕimata
Chimata Tenkyu
Chimata Tenkyuu
Chimata Tenkyuu in Unconnected Marketeers
The God of the Unowned
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Capable of letting one relinquish ownership

Music Themes

あの賑やかな市場は今どこに 〜 Immemorial Marketeers (Unconnected Marketeers)

Official Games

Chimata Tenkyuu (天弓 千亦 Tenkyuu Chimata) is the Stage 6 boss and secondary antagonist of Unconnected Marketeers.

General Information[edit]


In Unconnected Marketeers, Chimata appears to be polite but somewhat full of herself and dramatic, making bold claims such as humanity being "unable to survive" without her, and immediately jumping to the conclusion that those who don't wish to trade must be criminals of some kind.

She seems to be singularly concerned with the rules and regulations governing marketplaces, and is highly irritated when they are broken. She accuses the protagonist of wanting to steal and monopolize the cards after she refuses to trade with her, and detests those that place the pursuit of profit over the rituals and regulations she favours.


Capable of letting one relinquish ownership

Chimata's ability is to allow others relinquish ownership of an item. Without this ritual, a given object remains connected to the original owner, such is the case when someone loses, throws away, or gives away something. Only in a barter where both participants are willing to engage in an exchange of equitable value does a proper transfer of rights take place.

As her power is directly tied to the existence of physical marketplaces, it has been steadily diminishing due to the emergence of things like online trade in the Outside World, which prompted Chimata to find a way to establish her own marketplace in Gensokyo.

In Unconnected Marketeers, Megumu Iizunamaru abuses this ability to successfully transfer the special abilities of the residents of Gensokyo into Ability Cards, granting the wielder the powers of those depicted in the cards. While this did help Chimata recover her strength, it also served to concentrate power and wealth into the hands of the tengu.

Background Information[edit]


Chimata may be based on ichigami (市神), or the gods of marketplaces in Japanese folklore. Rather than gods of money or economics, they were more akin to gods of physical marketplaces, or barter and trade. Ichigami were worshipped as the gods who protect the commercial activities and security of marketplaces. When traditional marketplaces went into decline in modern-day Japan, belief in ichigami also declined.

Specifically, she is the god of "special event" marketplaces (as opposed to something like a regular farmer's market), which in Unconnected Marketeers is signified by the lunar rainbow. Because of this, she may also be based on a long-forgotten medieval Japanese custom of holding markets when there's a rainbow. It was believed, that the boundary between the human world and the world of Gods is beneath rainbows, so holding a market during a rainbow would please the Gods, because they temporarily receive everything that is being sold there.


Her family name, Tenkyuu (天弓), is written with characters meaning "heaven" and "bow" (as in "bow and arrow"). It is written the same way as a literary and dialectal Chinese word for "rainbow".

Her given name, Chimata (千亦), is written with characters meaning "thousand" and "again". "Chimata" can also be written as , which means "the public", "streets" or "crossroads". It was likely chosen due to her status as a god of markets, which are public places where all sorts of people gather.


Chimata's design very closely reflects her lunar rainbow powers, with her dress appearing to be a patchwork of multicoloured fabrics held together with golden buckles and zippers, resembling modernist stained glass, magenta boots with white bows, and the headband in her hair glowing with bright rainbow colours. She also wears a long white cape, white on one side, and a bright blue sky with scattered clouds on its inner lining. On her belt, she carries a coin purse.



Unconnected Marketeers

Although Chimata is an ichigami, she is sustained by faith like any other god in Gensokyo. The mere act of buying or selling does not generate faith for her; it has to be ritualized exchange which honors the traditions of Japanese temporary special marketplaces. The lack of such events and the subsequent loss of faith greatly weakened Chimata.

Therefore, she accepted The Great Tengu Megumu Iizunamaru's offer to open a special event marketplace under the lunar rainbow. Using materials unearthed by Momoyo Himemushi that could mimic the abilities of others, Ability Cards were created that could be exchanged for currency under Megumu. The tengu would collect the profits, and the special marketplaces and ritualized exchange of cards would generate faith for Chimata. These rituals include special rules, which are why the protagonist can only buy one card per boss during Unconnected Marketeers, and why Mike Goutokuji refuses to give up all of her cards even when threatened.

However, a rift developed between the two. Megumu wanted to maximize profits, and viewed Chimata's rules as an impediment. For Chimata, these faith-generating traditions were non-negotiable. Thus, by the time of Unconnected Marketeers, the two are each planning to betray each other.


Megumu Iizunamaru

Megumu was Chimata's would-be business partner in the creation of the Ability Card marketplace. Their relationship had always been strained, as Megumu had sought to only use Chimata's powers to further the interests of tengu society, and had dissolved into outright hostilities by the end of the Ability Card Incident.

Tsukasa Kudamaki

Tsukasa is seemingly subordinate to Chimata, with Tsukasa addressing her politely. Tsukasa reports Megumu's betrayal to Chimata, but it appears likely that Tsukasa was playing both sides. Chimata seems to be somewhat aware of this, rudely dismissing Tsukasa from her service when she comes to realize Tsukasa's true motivations.

Minor Relationships[edit]

Momoyo Himemushi

The two were also partners, although not much is known about their relationship. Since Momoyo and Megumu Iizunamaru are friends and neither Chimata nor Momoyo mention the other, they don't seem to be close and may have a similarly strained relationship.

Spell Cards[edit]

Additional Information[edit]

  • Her pose in Unconnected Marketeers suggests a dollar sign, with her arms creating the S shape and her fingers approximating the vertical stroke.
  • Her silhouette can be seen on the cover of the game. Interestingly, there she holds her right hand clenched as a fist, while in the game she points upwards with her index finger.
  • Chimata's dialogue seems to refer the economic concept of the "Invisible Hand" introduced by Adam Smith.


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Official Sources[edit]

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