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The chimera (キマイラ) was a creature from Greek mythology with a lion's front body, a goat's back body, and a snake for a tail. In modern use, chimera can refer to any similar "jigsaw puzzle" creature with body parts from multiple sources.

Chimera in Touhou[edit]

Chimeras are usually created artificially by combining two or more animals into one, but natural-born specimens are not unknown. In either case, most chimeras have a dramatically shortened lifespan.[1]

While the youkai known as Nue is depicted as a chimera-like creature, there is no documentation of what Nue actually looked like. There is no relation between the chimera and the youkai Nue.[1]

In the Outside World a winged feline chimera exists on the abandoned TORIFUNE space station; this is presumably a natural chimera born from one of the normal animals kept there.[2]

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