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The chimera (キマイラ) was a creature from Greek mythology with a lion's front body, a goat's back body, and a snake for a tail. In modern use, chimera can refer to any similar "jigsaw puzzle" creature with body parts from multiple sources.

Chimera in Touhou

Chimeras are usually created artificially by combining two or more animals into one, but natural-born specimens are not unknown. In either case, most chimeras have a dramatically shortened lifespan.[1]

While the youkai known as Nue is depicted as a chimera-like creature, there is no documentation of what Nue actually looked like. There is no relation between the chimera and the youkai Nue.[1]

In the Outside World a winged feline chimera exists on the abandoned TORIFUNE space station; this is presumably a natural chimera born from one of the normal animals kept there.[2]

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